Test levels too high after PCT

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What to do?

  1. Nothing - let time pass

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  2. Go to the endocrinologist

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  3. Take Caber

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  4. Start a new cycle immediately and do no PCT to crash your test levels...

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  1. Tryptamine

    Tryptamine Junior Member

    Hey guys,
    bit of an unusual problem, but still dangerous in my doctors opinion.

    I did a Test P - tren A Cycle for 9 weeks.
    Cycle with
    Test P 33mg ed
    Tren A 50mg ed
    After that followed a pct with
    -100mg ed Week 1
    -50mg ed Week 2,3,4
    -nothing Week 5
    -3 days 40mg nolva ed
    -7 days 20mg Nolva ed

    Bit of an unusual PCT, i know.
    3 weeks or so after i went to my doctor to get my LH, PROL, PROLRET and TEST checked.

    LH and PROLRET were ok, prolactin a bit higher (23.6ng/ml) than usual (3.0-14.7ng/ml) but i think this is usual after a tren cycle.

    What really surprised me is that my Test was at 17.49ng/ml with normal range being 2.5-8.0mg/ml.

    My doctor wanted me to admit that i was on steroids but i was not. He did not really want to believe me so i said if i really was on cycle my Test would be a lot higher and i would be stupid if i let him check the value and then not admit it. I think he still does not believe me, but whoi cares.

    He said that such a high value might lead to heart muscle hypertrophy, cardiac infraction, etc. and gave ma a referral to an endocrinologist.

    -How is this even possible? Thought Test is lower after a PCT.
    -Is this really dangerous and will the levels return to baseline by themselves?
    -What about the prolactin? Also, i did not use Caber during my cycle. Should i use it in the next cycle or maybe before the next one to get the levels back to baseline?

    Thanks in advacne!
  2. Eman

    Eman Member

    ^ Was clomid what you were taking at first here.

    I'm having trouble following your timeline but it sounds like you may have still had exogenous test in your system when you had blood pulled.

    The moral of the story here is, stop using steroids... You're going to get yourself fucked up because you don't know what you're doing.
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  3. GymRaccoon

    GymRaccoon Member

    Need to see labs for SHBG, Free Test, or preferably both. Your total T may be high to compensate for sky high SHBG. If this is the case then your SHBG may slowly come down and so will your T. SGBG could be high from pct drugs.
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  4. Tryptamine

    Tryptamine Junior Member

    Yes, forgot to say, clomid.

    Why do you have trouble following my timeline? It is in chronological order, like any timetable you used back in school. Not really difficult, i could not even explain it simpler.
    I Am pretty pleased with what i am doing, also this is simply my decision. I am not going to discuss the moral aspects of steroid use with you - replies like this do simply not help at all.

    Thanks Raccoon, i will get that checked. Any opinion on the prolactin?
  5. Ryno1980

    Ryno1980 Member

    Sounds like you might have been pinning long ester test vs test p in my opinion... very strange indeed
  6. Eman

    Eman Member

    Oh no? Allow me to blow holes through that bullshit statement:

    I don't know what kind of school you went to but this isn't even a bad timeline, it's not a timeline at all.

    How many days after last pin did you start PCT?

    How many days after last pin did you draw bloods?

    How many days after PCT were the bloods?

    Where ARE your bloods? Post them so I can begin to help you...

    I didn't suggest you stop using gear out of morality... I suggest you stop due to stupidity. One of your ideas to combat this "issue" is to run another cycle, then purposely stop without PCT in the hopes it will crash your test levels? Give me a break...
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  7. Tryptamine

    Tryptamine Junior Member

    Thnaks for the reply. Was long ago, i know, but has gotten actual again now.

    I did another cycle, 13W of tren E 400mg Test E 500mg / ew

    Sorry that i said i could not explain it simpler, i did not know what you did not understand, now i know.

    i calculated an ester transition for stable blood levels with the half life times of E and (A or P) to the end of the cycle.
    Simply put, i stopped the long esters and gradually incresed the short esters (Tren A, Test P) until i only used short ones, then i stopped the cycle.

    3 days later began PCT:
    100mg clomid, 40mg nolva day 1
    50mg Clomid, 40mg Nolva Week 1 and 2
    20mg Nolva Week 3 and 4

    Sex drive was low during PCT but is normal again now.

    Then i stopped for 3 Weeks. Checked my hormones 3 days ago, the values are:
    LH: 10.5mIU/ml
    prolactin: 2.0ng/ml
    testosterone (total): 13.6ng/ml

    Different cycle, same story: Test too high.
    Do you have an explaination, should i add more detail or should i get other hormones checked as well?

    Thanks in advance

    Oh, forgot to mention... "Start a new cycle immediately and do no PCT to crash your test levels..." was sarcasm. I though that was obvious, but it it's hard to spot that in text only, i know.
  8. Morefyah

    Morefyah Member

    Simply put, how many weeks was it in between your last shots of Test E and tren E and the start of your pct?If it wasn’t three weeks or longer you have your answer right there.
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  9. Gbro

    Gbro Member

    You started pct after three days?!
  10. Tryptamine

    Tryptamine Junior Member

    I used SteroidGraph - Graph your cycle to calculate the blood levels.
    I made it so my test levels of long and short esters combined were at ~8% (which is below natural testosterone levels) before i started with pct.

    -Stopped long esters about 25 days before the last pin
    -Gradually incresed short ester dosage to compensate long ester breakdown
    -did one full week of only short esters
    -stopped the cycle
    -started PCT 3 days later.

    Here is an example of what i mean:
    in my opinion this is the smartest way to end a cycle because you combine the benefits of long esters (e.g. less frequent pinning) with those of short esters (shorter break before PCT)
    Like this, i started PCT 3 days after, as suggested for Proprionate and Acetate esters by multiple sources, like NOLVADEX, CLOMID and HCG in PCT (Post Cycle Therapy)

    I calcualted this extremely accurate, made custom syringes with like 44mg of Test P and pinned every day.

    This is not the problem.
    Also i also had elevated test levels after the previous cycle which used short esters only and started PCT 3 days after last pin.
    So this is not the problem.

    Further help is welcome
  11. Gbro

    Gbro Member

    Obviously it is a problem, because your blood work came back fucked up. Am I missing something?
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  12. Morefyah

    Morefyah Member

    Maybe your sources Test prop is contaminated with Test e or c.
    That would be one explanation.
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  13. Oldman.

    Oldman. Member

    I have found test d in products labeled as test c and test e. Without HPLC testing there is no way to know what you were on. Test d can take 45 days to clear or more.