test+masteron (enanth)

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  1. ManK

    ManK Member

    What about a cycle 500 Test E and 500 Mast E?
    Any experience?
    Thank you.

    DILLIGAF Member

    Test and Mast is great. I've ran the two together lots. What exactly are you asking?
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  3. ManK

    ManK Member

    Side effects on lipid profile?
    Results if compared to 1000 of Test only?
    Sex drive?
  4. ManK

    ManK Member

    i always mad test and tren, but would avoid use tren every cycle

    DILLIGAF Member

    I never really found Mast to be that bad on lipids. Highest test I've ever ran is 800 and I can tell you that 500 Mast does not compare to 500 test for strength or size.

    I did find it to give a little more strength than I think most people give it credit for, and it keeps you looking good.

    Far as sex drive, I've been an absolute degenerate since my balls dropped and the gear makes it worse lmao.
  6. ManK

    ManK Member

    Bill Roberts write mg x mg masteron give like all others injectable aas (not tren) but i read many user say not

  7. WHAT?
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  8. ManK

    ManK Member

    Bill Roberts on this site writes: "When included as a part of a steroid stack, masteron's contribution to milligrams is as great as that of testosterone, boldenone (equipoise), nandrolone (Deca), or methenolone (Primobolan.)"
    But several users on this forum or other sites, say no, which is less powerful than other aas like deca or equipoise or testosterone.


    Masteron - Steroids Profile
  9. phenominal34

    phenominal34 Member

    masteron isn’t even close to test or deca , it’s a cosmetic steroid , similar to proviron .
  10. DonaldPump123

    DonaldPump123 Member

    Yes it is a cosmetic steroid but that's not all it does. It's great for strength as well and libido.
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  11. ManK

    ManK Member

    so Bill Roberts is an idiot? :-D i don t think so
  12. ManK

    ManK Member

    don’t you think it depend only by dosage?
  13. Turbo charged

    Turbo charged Member

    Mast is no were close to test or deca or eq.
    Mast is cosmetic like op said.
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  14. SteroidsBro

    SteroidsBro Member

    masteron is weak as fuck and it won't do shit for you after taking tren

    I took 350 prop and 350 tren then after a cruise I took 200 cyp and 700 mast e and I hardly got any gains for 9 weeks until i threw in 200 tren and superdrol.
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  15. Savagesteve

    Savagesteve Member

    What’s your weight and bf%?
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  16. Monstar

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    Aesthetics and libido yes. Feel good and lower E2 sides...sure. Strength and anabolism...mast does nothing or so close to nothing for me I don't notice it at 600mg or dropping it totally from my cycle.

    Where strength and muscle are concerned it's like shooting olive oil for me. Sure it could potentate test some by lowering shbg but nothing I really notice.

    I wouldn't compare it to test, deca, var, or winstrol in size or strength regard. YMMV but it's by far the weakest shit I've ever run and I get all the ancillary effects similar to proviron so it is very much masteron.
  17. johntt44

    johntt44 Member

    It just makes me hornier and veinier. It also make me feel good.
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  18. Mast is an aesthetic drug.

    You probably misunderstood.
    It's not 1:1 with test in terms of effectiveness.

    Just like any other drug, it's great and has its place.

    Like saying in going to get jacked from 50mg Proviron (350MG per week)

    I'm not, like Mast, that's not what Proviron is for.

    Want to get jacked?
    tren/deca with Drol. lol

    Want to look great for a show? Mast, Proviron, some Var.
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  19. ManK

    ManK Member

    i am trying to find something to add to 500 Test some cycles, avoidin in this waybuse always tren or always winny. And i don t want use long injectable as deca or bolde.
  20. ManK

    ManK Member

    Obviously, if most of you guys consider mass and muscles, simply the weight (of water) on the scale given by text or deca, the speech is not worth