Test/NPP advice.

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  1. Picked up some NPP in my last order and was thinking of running a 10 weeker of 300 mgs/week of both.

    Then i read about Test needing to be higher because of Deca dick, and that 300 mgs/week of NPP isn't sufficient enough to reap the full benefits of the compound.

    Color me clueless at this point.

    This won't be happening for a while, so i have plenty of time to retool and draw up something different, should the advice i get here dictate so.

    @Roger rabbit i know NPP is one of your favorite compounds. So i'd especially like to hear your suggestions.
  2. Morefyah

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    Low Test - high NPP is awesome with Mast.
  3. bolder

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    I’m on my 3rd wk on NPP and test e. First two weeks was doing 750mg of test and 300 NPP. Raising the NPP to 400 this week and lowering the test to 500. I cannot stop eating lol. Doing 12 wk of test and 10wks of NPP.
    First time running NPP and liking it so far!
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  4. bolder

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    As for deca dick I never had an issue but would always run test higher. Been taking cialis last three weeks 10mg two-three times a wk and it’s definitely doing it’s thing lol. Also first time taking cialis. My fiancé seems to like it more than I do lol :D
    I’m at work so been trying to hurry and type lol. Just my experience thus far.
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  5. TRT@40

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    I have been running NPP and Test at around 325mg per week for a while and have not had any dick issues that I don't like. I do notice my dick is little less sensitive now (but not at the cost of pleasure in any way) and as a result, I am having fun with my wife for a longer time which she sometimes does not like but I am loving it LOL
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  6. johntt44

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    Im thinking about doing this my next cycle.
  7. TheH0517

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    Test - 525mg
    NPP - 350mg

    Dropped NPP at 14 weeks, running Test through 16 right now. Nothing bad that I can remember. High libido, high appetite, great results.
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  8. TheH0517

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    Edit - dropped NPP at 12, Test at 14.
  9. bolder

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    I have some mast p and considered throwing it in the last six weeks. Not sure if I should or just wait til a later cycle.
  10. 4 weeks into test Blend 650mg/wk and npp 450mg/wk. no issues with deca dick. Strength, fullness, and weight have been gradually climbing since week one. Appetite is STRONG. Overall good feeling. Low water retention. No real sides whatsoever tbh. It’s an awesome combo.
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  11. Roger rabbit

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    My first run with npp/test was right at where you are with 300/300.

    I loved it.

    But I personally really love 600npp / 300 test.

    Never had issues. But like @bolder said you can last a long time lol.
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  12. Bigboy727

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    Dude.. 100mg of each EOD. Do not very from this. I have tried it every way and just put a buddy on this. You’ll get great results and be side free if you keep your E2 in check.
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  13. Roco Bama

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    do 600 test and 450 for 10 weeks
    I'm currently running
    var 50 week 1-6
    NPP 400 week 1-10
    test e 600 week 1-10
    HGH 5iu
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  14. That was the plan. 100 mg/each, M/W/F.
    Was thinking of sticking with Asin, 12.5 mg, M/TH.

    Or should i bump it up a notch with 6.25 mg, M/W/F?
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  15. Roger rabbit

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    If using aromisin , and this is based off a great conversation with @doc to use less, more frequently.

    I would start with 6.25 eod.

    So on shot days just take your 6.25mg
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  16. Roger rabbit

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    I wouldn’t argue this at all. At 100eod of each sides would be very minimal if any.
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  17. Bigboy727

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    Well EOD equates to
    I usually don’t take anything the first week and would start with 12.5 M-Th is exactly how I did it and my E2 was 37 6 weeks in. Btw that eod schedule equates to 350 of each a week. It’s a perfect starting point and you’ll get results with that and should feel amazing. It’s just hard to control hunger.
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  18. Bigboy727

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    Honestly never tried it that Low because I am not gyno prone. Makes sense though!
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