Test npp dbol 5th cycle

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    5th cycle
    40 years old
    260 been working out 20 plus years on and off solid for the last five. I'd run test and tren together I've run test NPP together and I've run dbol and test together.
    This cycle plan
    600mg test e week1-12
    100mg eod NPP week 1-6
    30mg dbol ed week 1-5
    aromasin 1mg eod
    Letro on deck if needed
    pct clomid 100/50/50/50/25 a week
    I'm thinking of throwing in Tren a at week 9-12. What do you guys think?
    All pharmacon gear
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    Hi, u dont take hcg during your cycle ? And ur pct is less..u use a nor19 with npp so you need a power pct !
  3. I really don’t see the point of only throwing tren in there for 3 weeks to be honest. Why not stretch out the NPP longer and put some size on this cycle then worry about getting cut down and seeing what you’ve packed on and are working with or vice versa (not sure what bf% your currently at right now)?? I’m not sure what your goals are here either.. add size... cut... but considering using dbol as well I would assume you want to pack some size on.
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    I never used hcg,never had to ,my balls shrink then comeback.I bounce back pretty easily.I'm trying to pack on mass but have a hard time staying lean. I talked to a few other people and I think I'm going to save the trim for another cycle and just run npp like you suggested. I know I'm going to be seriously shut down what do you suggest I add to my clomid for pct?
  5. Me personally if I were to pct after a cycle as the one your running just to be safe and even though you don’t have any issues with your nuts id rather be on the safe end and be precautious and take steps to prevent anyways with hcg.

    Some people run clomid alone, some run nolvadex alone, some run both, I personally run both and also take proviron on top. (Personal choice)

    Due to the half life of test e I would wait about a good 3 weeks personally to take first pills of pct. One week after last pin start 1000iu EOD for 5 shots (1x5000iu vial/amp) with 20mg nolva ED starting the same time as hcg (gyno prevention and something to do with helping prevent de sensitization of leydig cells, cant remember exactly i just read it years ago and ive done it since tbh lol). Finishing that up and waiting 4 days to start nolvadex and Clomid protocol over the next few weeks would look like this for me:
    Clomid 50/50/25/25/12.5
    Nolva 40/20/20/20/10

    Now knowing the health risks and possible consequences as well if I’m planning on jumping back on cycle within the following 6 months (depending on what my actual goals are if in competitions or just for personal use and past experiences with cycling and what natural levels from Bloodwork look like and etc) then cruising instead of taking PCT drugs which can be pretty harsh on your body as well as PEDs would be an option and may opt to run 150-200mg of cypionate up to next blast (still using hcg and keeping AI on hand at all times just in case and checking bloods regularly)
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    I appreciate any help I can get and definitely consider anybody that stalking out of experience. I'm going to take at least 6 months off after this cycle I'm not trying to get on permanent trt. I get blood work before my cycle that way I can gauge where I'm at and everything comes back normal then I do my cycle everything gets out of whack Take 6 months off or less sometimes I'm not going to lie then I get blood work again once a year I know the right thing to do would be getting it before after and during the cycle I just don't have the money to get it done I do what my insurance will pay for. My wife left me after 6 years and this will be the first summer that I am single I'm just trying to get right. In your opinion should I add the hcg or Nova for ptc, on top of clomid
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    Do you think 300 a week of NPP is a good dose I cannot that I got enough gear? I just never ran it before and I see so many different dosages I want to get the full maximum benefit but I don't want to overdo it, as far as wasting gear
  8. I personally run HCG twice a week while on cycle. And if I were to run test e like your planning still would. And would start nolvadex and Clomid about 3 weeks after last pin. That’s just me personally I’m sure others on here have different opinions/experiences.
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  9. Right now I’m running 450mg of npp per week on top of a test Blend and it’s a good moderate dose IMO. Some people go higher with it. I don’t think I’ve seen too many go under 400mg per week unless just using for joint librication and etc.i figure why add more drugs while I’m already making good progress. I’ll increase food intake before more drugs then go from there
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    Four one, you're the man I appreciate your time brother!
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    I was actually about to start a similar cycle. NPP @ 300mg a week for 8 weeks, test c at 600mg a week for 10 weeks, and dbol @ 30mg a day for 4 weeks. Think it's should be pretty gainstastic.
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    Two and a half weeks in swelling up nice massive pumps strength increase 40 lb up on my incline bench my only complaint is I ride a bike for cardio and the pump I get in my legs it's almost unbearable
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    Another weekend up about 13 lb I'm shoulder press and 80 lb dumbbells for a 8 count. My estrogen is in check I'm not holding any water starting to see veins starting to bust out my pump Stay With Me. Starting to break out on my chest . I swing a hammer for 11 my tendonitis in my elbows is gone my joints feel awesome. I feel like a shill but this s*** is good for real best cycle yet.
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