Test P, Tren A, Winny Kickstart

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    DAAA2CB1-1125-426C-8C86-C6A20D2F49AF.jpeg Last cycle blew up to 215 LBS from 185. Took 5 months off because I got engaged and was tight on money for a ring and the wedding. Back at it now 184. Lost a lot of gains from coming off and being out of the gym a lot in the last 5 month. Work and personal life got in the way. My new goal is to be a lean 185. I’m at about 13% bf right now if I predict correctly.

    Current stats:
    13% BF
    All weight upper body. Lower body injury in the marine corps with nerve damage. Can not do lower body exercises.


    Week 1: 200 MG tren A EOD; 100 MG Test P EOD
    Week 1-4: 50-60 MG Winny Oral ED
    Week 2-12: 150 MG Tren A EOD; 100 MG test P EOD
    Week 2-12: ECA stack 3* daily or as permited by blood pressure.

    I’ve been 215 lbs I know what it’s like to be pretty big for my size (keep in mind 215 at 5’10 with no legs at all is pretty big in my opinion). Now I just want to get shredded and have a good physique body. Picture is taken after work no pump last week. Having been off gear for months this is the closest to natty I’ve been and definitely isn’t impressive. Sorry no shirtless. Too many identifiable tattoos. Lighting isn’t the best either but oh well.
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    How come your lowering tren from 200 to 150? Or am I reading that wrong?
    Aside from that it looks like a solid blast
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    I’m kinda hesitant to run it 200 MG eod as my last cycle was 400 a week. Going from 400 to 600-800 seems like a bit of a jump. Do you think I’d see a difference running 200?
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    Since 2004 that I use aas and I have never exceeded 300 mg/week tren. I use manly tren hexa... I think that for your level are more than enough 300/400 mg week of tren.
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    2 and a half weeks in. tren 220 MG EOD. Test 100 MG EOD.

    Down 2% BF, up to 193.

    Side effects 700-900 MG/WK Tren-

    I went through 3 days of intense depression early in the cycle. Had to constantly tell myself it was the Tren. Literally cried one night.

    Nose bleeds every other day. Blood pressure is good. I do have allergies so maybe that’s what it is. I’m sneezing a lot.

    When you get depressed you can easily channel it into anger if you’re smart and know it’s the Tren. It’s really crazy honestly. You can change your mental status on a dime. Never experienced this with Tren. Never ran these dosages either tho.
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    Never run tren and winny bad combo for health
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    4C9E006D-E944-487A-B41D-D2D49164AB76.jpeg One month of this cycle results so far
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    Where'd you go @TorroXL? Haven't seen you on here lately.
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    200 lbs. dropped body fat so fat as well
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    7A611B17-4474-4527-A167-1A2037F8AF28.jpeg 200 lbs. dropped body fat so fat as well