Test, Primo, Anavar and maybe something else?

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  1. Hey guys.

    I'm looking for some help crafting the ultimate cycle for health and well being for next year. I'm currently taking one year off.

    I'd love your suggestions on dosing, duration, and what to add in if anything...

    My current idea is
    Either 12 or 20 weeks on the injectables...

    Test C 200 or 350 1-12 or 20
    Primo E 1G 1-12 or 20
    Anavar 50-100MG 1-6 (or maybe longer)

    The goal is health and aesthetics. Thanks guys.
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  2. JC Grifter

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    Just my humble opinion...for the most health I’d drop any oral. Primo should be run for a long time so 20 weeks would be good. Running the test that long I’d keep it at 150- 200 and let the primo do all the work.

    I’m of the opinion of running the lowest dose you will make gains on and have a longer slower cycle with lot of time off. I forgot your age but I think I remember you being young. So it’s good to hear your taking your health into account and taking the approach of a marathon vs a sprint. If you do this responsibly, you can cycle for years while minimizing the bad effects.
  3. taco33150

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    Test primo eq
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  4. Thank you, that's fantastic advice. Low test and primo all the way. What dose and duration would you run the primo. I know you said test 150-200.
  5. Ive heard so much about EQ making your blood thick, and I'm not interested in it really for that reason.
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  6. taco33150

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    You should be giving blood every 8 weeks.. of your on cycle or trt.. it shouldn’t be a problem..
    My blood pressure is 118/75 normally and it didn’t change..
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  7. ManK

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    And do you think is healthy donate blood each 8 week?
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  8. Eman

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    However, this isn't really a health cycle... It's healthier than most cycles but it's not going to do make you healthy if that is what you're trying to accomplish.
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  9. Right. I'm just trying to have a healthier cycle. Not a cycle to make myself healthy lol
  10. Theworm

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    There was a really smart poster on here, Erin, he was a medical researcher..

    He said healthiest blast for him was 200 test and 250-300 deca for months on end, constantly checking BP and labs...
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  11. I wonder if he ever tried primo.
  12. Theworm

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    His response to that is that primo wasn’t studied over 100 mg a week and I’d be crazy to pass up us pharmacy obtained nandrolone for UG primo.
    He said sides from nandrolone are known cause its one of the more studied compounds. He said other than test, one of the least harsh (ie safer) compounds. Especially since I’m scared of hair loss etc. he said also less risk of prostate cancer...

    Speaking of prostate cancer, I know some guys in their 50s and 60s who had it, are impotent and have to wear diapers cause of incontinence
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  13. Swolemonkey86

    Swolemonkey86 Member

    Keep it simple, test slightly above trt range 400mg/week, and primo at 800mg... you’ll feel like a god.
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  14. Swolemonkey86

    Swolemonkey86 Member

    Ok maybe test at more than double trt range lol
  15. With his argument, I'd say although primo has been studied less than Deca, Deca has studies that flag a reason for concern. Primo also seems to be raved about everywhere for being the most friendly steriod.
  16. JC Grifter

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    You’re very welcome. I’d do 600-800 primo.
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  17. Yeah I'm now thinking one 12 week cycle per year :

    Test 350
    Primo 800
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  18. Theworm

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    How do you know it’s real primo?

    How do you if it’s under dosed?

    How do you know there’s no heavy metals in it etc? See old md article from William Levellyn stating UG labs have high levels of contaminants (most here will disagree on this cause they love their UG labs etc)

    Those things concern me. If I could get primo scripted, I’d def run it.
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  19. ManK

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    TRT range is not 200 mg week like most part of people of this forum think.....
    real trt is really a lot less test.
    I am on trt and i havd never less then 900 ng of test level using not more the 80 mg week...
    with 200 mg i have 2100 ng and is more then double of the maximum value of reference range...
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  20. ManK

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    There are Ugl and Ugl
    and there are also pharma products from others country: in 6 years of reports on anaboliclab.com , to make an exemple, in balkanpharmaceutical never found any contamination