Test Prop (100mg/mL) Tren Ace (100mg/mL) Anadrol (50mg/mL)

Discussion in 'Steroid Homebrew' started by -vegeta-, Aug 23, 2018.

  1. -vegeta-

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    Holding after 3 days 20180821_154826-3984x2241.jpeg
  2. ChaulieO

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    What did you use and how much to get all three to hold?
  3. JackSmooth

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    Anxious to hear how it shoots. Nice looking oil
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  4. TRT

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    Can't see the picture. Did you brew all that into a single ml?
    Like 100mgTA,100mgTP, 50mg Anadrol/ml?
  5. -vegeta-

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  6. LordSamuilo

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    Sweet blend , wish i would have thought of that myself ! Let us know how its pins bro !
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  7. TRT

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    So if you don't use at least 10-15% BB in both Propionate and T. Ace alone they'll crash. How did you get both of those compounds plus 50mg of anandrol to hold? Oil carrier? Sorry if it's been mentioned. Never brewed it before but sounds unlikely to me.
  8. Monstar

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  9. -vegeta-

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    22%bb 1.5%ba 100%eo 3% guaiacol
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  10. superbane

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    The super solvents must be key!

    I had made a blend of 240mg per ml of (test p / mast p / tren a) and it held at 1%BA / 19%BB in MCT oil
    but the pip two days later was ridiculous.
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  11. bebeav

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    Have you pin that magic stuff yet?
  12. Keep us posted please
  13. Kpaxi

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    Holy PIP Batman?
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  14. DrDylan

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    Strange... my Anadrol crashed at 50mg ml with 40%bb and 30% guaicol + sesame oil im guessing EO is the key?.. I tought guaicol is stronger
  15. JackSmooth

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    30% guaicol:eek:
  16. DrDylan

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    And it crashed
  17. master.on

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