Test prop anavar cycle

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  1. Mohamed hesham

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    Just want your opinions guys if i'm missing anything in this cycle.

    Week 1-10 Test propionate 100mg eod
    Week 1-10 arimidex 1mg eod
    Week 1-10 proviron 50mg ed
    Week 4-10 Anavar 40-60 mg ed
    hcg last 4 weeks 2x500iu ew

    pct : week 1-2 clomid 50mg / nolva 40mg
    Week 3-4 clomid 25 /nolva 20

    Now when should I start pct ? And should i take anavar all at once or split it ? And after food or on an empty stomach ?
    And please if there's any comments or opinion tell me.

    My goal is to go from 15% bf to 12-11% and might add clen too, and to gain some lean mass , not focusing on putting expectations as I'm focusing on my diet to be in check and cycle to be safe and well prepared and I could increase test and anavar dose but with this diet and plan I think I can make gains natty so with the gear I'll be getting the most I can get .

    Supplements ( liver protection for anavar, omega 3 , multivitamins, iso100 whey , bcaa )

    Diet : breakfast will include oats and 8 egg whites and the rest of the day will be eating at least 5 meals each will include protein from tuna, salmon, chicken breast and sometimes red meat also will include green viggies and broccoli and snacks will be whey protein scoops , i'll discuss the carb part later and the cardio with a trainer I know because i'll be cutting.
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  2. ironwill1951

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    you don't need the proviron, at 350 mg test a week you probably don't need the adex I would do bloods and only take adex if your e2 is high,
    split your var into 2 doses .
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  3. Mohamed hesham

    Mohamed hesham Junior Member

    What makes me so serious about it is that long time ago I was uneducated person and I made a huge mistake and used dbol only as cycle without knowing anything about gear or AI and after I stopped using it for 6 weeks I've developed an early stage of gyno, so I want to make sure to finish this cycle without doing the same mistake again .
  4. ironwill1951

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    do bloods .
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  5. Melly Mel from hell

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    @ironwill1951 's advice is solid.
    Drop the proviron. Do bloods to see if you need the adex before you start taking it. You don't want to crash your e2. Your plan is good and safe otherwise.
  6. BuckEighty

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    So you're basically recomping? What will your calories look like?
  7. c_natty

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    Why not drop to 10% BF natty then lean bulk with the test and var? The end result would give you a MUCH better recomp IMO. Doesn't make sense that you'd want to put these drugs into your body and go on a DEFICIT when they have SO much more potential than simply holding onto some extra mass for your "cut/recomp" or whatever. Feed the hormones and let them work.
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  8. Mohamed hesham

    Mohamed hesham Junior Member

    Makes sense , i'll do blood work after 4 weeks and i'll see my estradiol levels .
  9. Mohamed hesham

    Mohamed hesham Junior Member

    That might be a great choice too, the thing is i didn't talk to the trainer I know yet about the diet but I'll make sure it's perfect, for now I'm trying to set up everything about the cycle and make sure that I didn't forget anything and it's a safe plan