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Discussion in 'Training Forum' started by MikeIronTyson, Jun 5, 2019.

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    Does anyone have experience with test prop back pumps? I’m on 240mg/week Test Cyp(TRT) and 50mg/day Test Prop and the back pumps are absolutely excruciating the past few weeks (in week 8 now). My leg day starts with squats and on my 3rd set the pump kicks in and wrecks the rest of the leg day. I’m nearly crawling to rack the plates after the 4th set. I’ll roll out between sets and it alleviates it somewhat but on the next exercise I do it’s just game over.
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    Wow on just test? Try some Anadrol lol.

    Working on strengthening and loosening your lower back so tension isn’t as high and relative work capacity is lower during squats.

    Can also start with leg Press or a squat machine to preexhaust which would help reduce the odds that your back is the weak link by the time you get to a squat set.
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    If you do low bar you can always switch to high bar for the duration of your cycle. Less back involvement.

    Alternately, try supplementing with taurine or magnesium.
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    Hit the machines first today and it worked like a charm thanks for the advice.
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