Test Prop in Quads? Glutes have had enough!

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by youngBuilder, Nov 7, 2013.

  1. youngBuilder

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    Any of you Test Prop users out there inject in your quads? If so, where exactly on the thigh do you do it?

    Been injecting over 2cc's in my glutes, EOD alternating sides, for 3 weeks so far because they're usually painless and convenient. It's about time I use other sites bc my ass is starting to bruise! Lol

    Getting it wrong hurts like a b*tch! If you've done T prop you know what I mean. So I just wanted to hear from you guys where you like to pin.
  2. ebkallday

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    I prefer ventral gluteal injections. I don't go quads unless I ran out of spots. I always feel like I've been hit with a sledge hammer the next day.
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  3. calvare2

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    I have the same problem with pip, but when I heat up the oil before injecting there is really no pip. I like injecting the quads, but might look into injecting the glutes.
  4. weekend

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  5. flex001

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    I'd never pin Prop in quads. A rule my mentor passed on to me. I've seen and talked to guys that can barely walk the next day. With Prop, I stick to glutes unless it's part of a blend.
  6. youngBuilder

    youngBuilder Member

    I hear ya. In glutes, the pip is mild and dull and barely noticeable. I tried pinning in delts a couple times way back... Could barely move my arms...
  7. Demondosage

    Demondosage Member

    Try hitting your lats, it's my favorite site! So easy and lots of space up and down them
  8. foreveryoung

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    I can't do quads, get the most pain there and resulting inflammation, I'd rather go into the crunchy scar tissue of my glutes than go into my quads

    I actually had some luck with triceps lately
  9. weekend

    weekend Member

    i'm pinning testosterone acetate in my quads, no PIP.

    i would expect biologic prop to go in fine for my quads with the reviews i've seen!
  10. skywalk

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    which UGL are you using for prop? I get negligible pip from prop. its the damn sciroxx tren at 200mg/ml that hurts like a bitch. prop doesnt even come close.

    anyway, i've done prop in calves, pec, glutes, quads, delts...no issue. just pick and poke.
  11. youngBuilder

    youngBuilder Member

    Biologic's prop. It's pretty smooth...for a T prop.

    Funny how split everybody's opinion is on this.
  12. I'm running prop m/w/f.

    Ventro/ventro/ alt shoulder every week.

    All slins (yay, I'm new school now)

    I've pinned everywhere but quads. Quads have never taken nicely to pins for me. To many nerves and shit in there.
  13. radcon

    radcon Member

    I use 27g 1/2" in mid to upper vastus lateralis. They got a little more sore than my glutes did but it was tolerable. Quad pip was not too bad after the first time - first time was kind of bad. It helps me if I somewhat cover the needle with my fingers so I don't really see it going in and I sort of tap the needle in with the other hand. For some reason if I try to push it in slow and smooth and watch the needle I feel all twitchy.
  14. I love pinning quads. Place your hand above your knee and your other hand below your hip. Then inject anywhere in the middle. Hard to explain but I've never had problems. Easy to aspirate and easy to see any veins.
  15. Ravtech

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    I pin 50mg of tren ace (.5ml) ed and alternate between quads and delts. I usually do 5 quad pins and 2 delt pins per week, my Monday/Thursday pins are always in quads since it's 1.5ml with test cyp added and my delts don't like anything over .75ml. I alternate between inner, mid, and outer quad muscle pin sites to reduce pip and scar tissue build up. I'm pretty sure there are 4 acceptable pin locations per quad so you have some options to find what's comfortable for you. I'd personally like to add glute pins to my rotation but due to flexibility issues I can't safely aspirate. Maybe ventro glute since it's easier to reach.