Test prop vs. test suspension

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by getapickle, Jun 19, 2008.

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    getapickle Junior Member

    Anybody have any experience with these two forms of test? Does either one cause more sides (mainly concerned with water retention or bloat) than the other? Is either one a more painful injection or result in more lingering soreness of the injection site?

    Many thanks!
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    RockHard Junior Member

    Never taken suspension but the guys I've seen on it appear to bloat pretty bad...Prop on the other hand has never caused much water retention with me, I got super lean on prop, didn't notice hardly any water retention. I'd def recommend prop, but it kinda feels like you have sand in your quad the next day...
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    RockHard Junior Member

    And to be honest, I've been told once or twice that suspension is pretty hardcore when it comes to sides...but i've never read anything on it and I don't have any personal experience, so maybe check the steroid profiles on this site and see what you can come up with.
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    Fraggle Junior Member

    Test suspension will cause more water retention, needs to be injected ~3 x day, and unless you have an appropriate means of micronising the crystals or are using pharmaceutical grade it's going to hurt.

    Test prop doesn't have to hurt, I'll post something I've posted elsewhere on how to completely prevent pain. In research studies it doesn't seem to be quite as anabolic as the longer esters, but it also doesn't aromatise at the same rate so you won't experience much estrogenic side effects.
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    LifeSize Junior Member

    What he says!

    Suspension is way too short of a half-life. Who the fuck wants to pin 2-3 times a day, every day, for 8-12 weeks!? Fraggle didn't you open a thread with your diluting technique? What about a thread with your tapering method?

    You should.. I'm going to taper, OR never fucking come off =D
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    getapickle Junior Member

    Thanks for the input, and it sounds like prop is clearly the way to go! :)

    What were the tips you had to make the injections nice and easy Fraggle?
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    RockHard Junior Member

    Prop is def. the way to go! I injected about 12 hours ago and I'm bouncing off the walls right now, it's 2:33 in the morning and I've worked out twice already today and I'm seriously considering doing to they gym right now. It's amazing, I know it's all in my mind but I already feel harder, stronger, and have more motivation to just do anything. The energy levels are amazing, the optimistic attitude that comes while on a cycle is unparalled by anything else I've ever tried. Life is good! Go with Prop!
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    asapnutrition1 Junior Member

    I definitely agree with most everyone else that Test Prop is the way too go as opposed to Test Suspension. Test Suspension is way too difficult to keep your hormone levels stable.

    Plus like what Fraggle says you will have to inject atleast once ever 8 hours to keep your levels stable and that is every day. Plus I am not trying to be funny but you are going to consider trying Test Suspension you definitely better try it from a UG lab that has a great reputation.

    Atleast with most injectiables there is heat involved before and after completion, BA and BB added for microbial protection and then the filtration process.

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