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Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by Jironman717, Jan 27, 2020.

  1. Jironman717

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    Getting ready to start another cycle, so I just received my labs and my estrogen is @ 24 and my total test is 280. It’s been 8 months since my last cycle.
    So, my question is, do you think 280 is too low 8 months after cycle? pct was clomid/nolva.

    HIGHRISK Member

    It’s definitely on the low end as a number. What were your numbers before your last cycle? Did you pct?
  3. Human_backhoe

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    Without pre cycle numbers it is hard for anyone to answer. Definitely pretty damn low though. Have you used sarms or anything like that as a bridge between cycles? How long was your PCT?
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  4. Jn2k2

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    Are you having any low T symptoms?
  5. Turbo charged

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    280 is way low at that age that long after cycle period.
  6. kosp

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    Let me guess

    probably you have a long history of steroid use, such as doing cycles very often with not much rest, or blast and cruise for a while?
  7. mindgame1516

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    Dont sarms still crash your test when you come off?
  8. Chronostatic

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    I would lean toward HMG and another run of clomid so far.

    If I was concerned with natural levels coming back at any time, I would definitely run some more intensive pct. If you can raise your natural production to at least near 400, you want to let your HPTA reequilibrate at that level for quite some time (6 months perhaps).

    Have your labs drawn again to include LH and FSH, free and bound test, e2, the whole shebang. Why not do CMP and CBC while you're at it. Thyroid panel? The more data you have, the better.

    Also take care of your health in the meantime, eat well, drink less, sleep more, stay hydrated, reduce stress, meditate, stay active, get laid..... all in a day's work.
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  9. 280 is too low. I'd blast and cruise at that point.
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  10. TheAnabolicStore

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    It certainly is not the highest but could work? I would try upping it though.
  11. Human_backhoe

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    Considering the cause of the low T is unknown that seems like a foolish decision for OP to make. All that's going to do is mask the underlying problem and make it impossible to find. Problem solving requires a root cause, not a bandaid. Find the reason for the low T and make a informed decision from there... seems more logical.
  12. Human_backhoe

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    Aren't you a source?
  13. Maybe. I just think that with 280 after 8 months you might as well just Trt because your natural test is basically useless for maintaining your physique or strength, which is the whole reason we cycle in the first place. Seems counterintuitive to pct with numbers like that in my humble opinion.
  14. JMpMasterSteve

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  15. Human_backhoe

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    There are some great options out there these days... guys have come back after 12 years blast and cruise and ended up with higher test than when they started. Things are rapidly changing on our community....
  16. Human_backhoe

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    Just noticed... OP asked the question then hasn't been seen since.
  17. Silentlemon1011

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    Just fucking no.

    HPTA is 3 separate items.

    His H and P could be functioning but his testes could be atrophied.

    So, instead of doing a Fertility hcg or HMG protocol... for a month..
    Then proper PCT....
    Which could very well recover the op to normal levels.

    You suggest he take testosterone injections for the rest of his life???

    Everyone here that knows me... knows I'm not a guy that gets into arguments...
    I also sont inuslt anyone but sources....

    But that is the fucking dumbest piece of 'Advice" I've ever heard.

    Dont gice advice like that, its fucking irresponsible.
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  18. kosp

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    Anyway 8 months off it´s definitely enough for recovery, I would be worried something´s happening.
  19. Silentlemon1011

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    The only piece of SOLID advice that should be followed here is this.

    Blood work
    and possible solutions to kick start his own HPTA function.

    Guy on this board have recovered from worse shit and worse levels than the OP.
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  20. Sven_Northman

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    Exactly and I completely agree. We don't even know how old the OP is, or if he wants kids, etc.
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