TEST Suspension vs TEST Prop: Strength Gains?

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by borrachopower, Jul 19, 2004.

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    borrachopower Junior Member

    how would you all compare strength gains from
    Test Prop vs Test Suspension

    how long does it take for PROP to kick in after first shot?
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    andruw251 Junior Member

    ive never used suspension, but im using prop now and it kicked in abot the 3rd day, im using 70mg ed
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    georgie24 Junior Member

    just took my first shot tday of prop. ill keep you updated
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    MJM Junior Member

    Keep us updated, I hear Suspension has mad strength gains.
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    conan Junior Member

    you wouldn't think that these two compounds would effect much but i can tell you they do...the first time i ran suspension, my bench went from 315 for 7-8 on a good day for 1 set to 365 for sets of 6-8 for multible sets in about a months time....prop has never had strength gains like that ever....plus you hear all these stories about suspension being hard on your system, i say bullshit....the only thing its hard on is your ass because the shots hurt, for days at times....plus it has some stimulant force to it...i swear you get a buzz from it...i would do 100 mg a day until you get tired of the daily shots and then switch to a longer ester, prop or cyp....i love test suspension more than any kind of steriod, i feel its even better then tren, but i am not a fan of tren anyway....
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    muslhed1971 Junior Member

    I'm with Conan on this one. Haven't used it in about 8 years but was the BEST I've ever used, bar none. Closest thing has been tren and the susp. shots are kinda painful, burn real bad. Strength gains are pretty much immediate and plan on having some serious wood all day every day!
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    quedog123 Junior Member

    i love suspension and i like prop i would say better strengh with susp and slighlty better gains with prop. IMO
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    MJM Junior Member

    When you got that wicked ass strength gain from Suspension did you keep most of your gains from it, or is it kind of like anadrol where you bloat up and get strong as fuck then lose basically all of it?Thanks.
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    conan Junior Member

    it depends what you run afterit.....run suspension for a month and then prop or cyp for a month, then some test eth with some winny to come down and you should have some solid gains that way....
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    Elephant Junior Member

    I run 100 mg Susp ED and 200 mg Prop ED and love that combination more than anything else.

    I have used 1500 mg Cyp with 100 mg Susp ED in the past without the same effects.

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    MJM Junior Member

    Sounds good.Thanks for the replies.
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    dumbbellpress Junior Member

    Elephant, those are some huge amounts of test. 2100mg/week of test is a ton. How big are you??

    dumbbellpress Dallas Cowboys - America's Team
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    borrachopower Junior Member


    after i read elephant's post, i wanted to ask him the same thing! LOL
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    SLick Junior Member


    a good batch of water based suspension will hit u like a ton of bricks...u will feel immidiate strength and your body will actually begin to look totally different in less than 10 days....but if u dont back it up with some enanthate or cyp, you will piss it away....Ive always found it hard to keep suspension gains but damn u feel great on it.

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    Elephant Junior Member

    I am 5'10", 290 lbs at 12% BF with 22.5" arms (measured first thing in the AM).

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    borrachopower Junior Member


    damn, i hope you are some Pro BB incognito...
    you're a big mofo!
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    MJM Junior Member

    Damn that's huge!
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    bostonpaul Junior Member

    Ahhh that ain't so WHAT?
    So your 5'10'' with arms the size of Hulk Hogan?

    Very Impressive...seriously.
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    chriswhat Junior Member

    At least we know you can use the search button.

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