Test U and BT hgh

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  1. Diesel10

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    My pre cycle bloods.

    Been off cycle for 3+months, cruising on 900mg test undeconate a month.
    Hgh 3iu a day pinned before bed. Reconstituted as 15iu per vial. Batch 38

    Blood drawn 30 days after last test U injection.


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  2. rpbb

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    so you finally got a good igf score, was always wondering that you were a non responder
  3. Burrr

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    Very cool!
    was wondering how a 30 day pin schedule would look with test U.

    thanks a bunch for posting.
    Is it pharma nebido or UGL stuff? in castor oil?
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  4. Diesel10

    Diesel10 Member

    I originally started with nebido, I started at 1000mg once a month and got 775. Bloods drawn 30days after 3 months at 1000/month.

    I'm only doing 900mg/month to keep it to one injection. Im now running ug test u at 300mg/ml, 3cc per month.
    Been using test u for about a year and a half now.

    Very happy with once a month shots. I shoot first of every month and have forgotten and even a week late felt no ill effects. No complaints, no horrible sides
    Not sure you could convince me to go back to once a week injections for trt.

    I'd be happy to answer any other questions.

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  5. JackSmooth

    JackSmooth Member

    How steady is the release? How would TT from week after injection compare to week before next injection?
  6. Diesel10

    Diesel10 Member

    It's amazing what you can achieve when your shit is real.

    Stay tuned, plan on doing mid cycle bloods in 4 weeks to see any change in igf with ai, nolva, test e, npp and dbol in system.
    I'm guessing no, but we'll see......

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  7. Diesel10

    Diesel10 Member

    I'll have to check, but I think I've done bloods 2 weeks after injection and tt was the same as 30 days. Very very close iirc

    As stated above I've missed my 1st of month shot couple times now and haven't noticed anything out of ordinary.

    BUT having said that, I was also functioning perfectly normal with a natty test level of 300 before ever cycling.

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  8. TRT@40

    TRT@40 Member

    Thanks @Diesel10 for sharing your results. After seeing your results on test U, I will try it when going on just TRT.

    Was this test fasted? if yes, your glucose is high probably due to hgh. You may want to split the hgh pinning, or lower the dose, or use metformin.
  9. Diesel10

    Diesel10 Member

    Yes fasted, I noticed that also.
    I'm pretty conscious of my bg levels, I've a child with type 1 diabetes.
    My bg is within normal range fasted in morning, so it's something I'll be keeping close eye on.
    Thank you.

    Any experience with split dose and lower bg levels?

  10. JackSmooth

    JackSmooth Member

    Seeing this defiantly makes me want to try cruising on Test U. I imagine you wouldn’t want to blast with test u because of how long it takes to build up and clear. I probably would just throw test e/c on top of it for a blast, even though those are longer ester they’re still shorter than U. How do you personally go about your blast.
  11. Morefyah

    Morefyah Member

    Hmm, so it takes 1000mg a month to achieve 775 TT. That’s where I sit at 150mg test cyp a week. So It takes 400mg more of TEST U to reach the same TT numbers that you could get by just running test E or C. Not much of a trade off unless your scared of needles or you travel for long durations and don’t have access to your gear.
  12. Diesel10

    Diesel10 Member

    I don't alter my trt, 12 test u shots a year.
    I cycle on top of my trt, only down side (if you want to call it that) is an elevated test level because of adding (for me) test e on top of trt. I don't worry about hitting a certain tt level, so my tt is not an accurate depiction of the test e I've added on cycle. Make senseo_O

  13. Diesel10

    Diesel10 Member

    Yup Pretty much everything you said.
    Not having to pack shit on vacation is pretty nice.
    Also remember the undeconate ester is a large part of weight. If memory serves 60mg hormone 40mg ester for 100mg test u ? I think!?

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  14. Morefyah

    Morefyah Member

    I have gone three weeks between shots of 500mg of test E and felt absolutely amazing no crash at all.
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  15. Burrr

    Burrr Member AnabolicLab.com Supporter

    Any PIP or discomfort from pinning 3cc of test u in one spot?
    Do you split it up, or load it all into one injection?
    I've got some 22g pins that I plan to use, hopefully castor will flow through them
  16. Diesel10

    Diesel10 Member

    I only pin glutes, delts and ventroglutes.
    I pin 3cc with no problems in glutes with very minimal pip, only slightest discomfort.
    I only try to pin 2cc in other locations.

    I'd say test u is pretty painless even at 300/ml.
    I've had test e with more pip than any of the test u I've pinned.

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  17. cousinmuscles

    cousinmuscles Junior Member

    Nebido/Undecanoate lasts a long time, I would be pretty certain your levels build up higher and higher over time. From friends blood work 10 week intervals (that is, 1000mg every 10 weeks) keeps levels over 600 before pinning. Obviously this is after both loading and being on nebido for a while.

    Personally I am on 12 week intervals though close to a year on it now, I don't think I'd adjust unless my trough levels make me feel crap, I'd rather just start using hcg and still make sure my test levels won't keep hematocrit too high, I'd rather not run to donate blood all the time if I feel the same on a little bit less test and only need to donate occasionally.

    Interesting though I'd like to see how you fare after a longer time on, best of luck. Undecanoate is king for TRT :)
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  18. Diesel10

    Diesel10 Member

    I've been using test u for trt pretty close to 2 years now. Never been over 775 every 30 days. I know I've done bloods at 14 days and 30 days after 3-4 months of being on test u. I would think that things would start to level off after that amount of time on. Both tests came back nearly identical.

    I'd be interested in seeing your levels 12weeks after your last pin.
    I've never seen a difinitive half life for test u. Multiple sites have very different claims, which is why I continue to check my levels.
    All I know is 30 day schedule works for me, with minimal pinning and sides.
    I'd encourage everyone to experiment for themselves and find what works for them.
    Hopefully my blood work will be helpful to someone considering test u trt.

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  19. cousinmuscles

    cousinmuscles Junior Member

    I got got bloods close to pinning and they weren't that good. 11 weeks post pin/a couple days before pin I had 12nmol/L, this is at a 12 week interval with 4 pins of nebido total. Didn't feel crap or lose any gains but after pinning my sex drive went up, I didn't even notice the slow changes as my test level dropped. Funny thing is the previous blood tests were 4 weeks post pin and 8 weeks post pin, which were both over 20nmol/L, even maxing out the tests limit. It seems 12 weeks wasn't enough I'll ask for 10 weeks next. I'm aiming for averaging about 800 ng/dL or 30nmol/L throughout the interval. Luckily I can talk to a doctor that's helpful but they can't prescribe as they want in my country they have to follow strict (and crappy) guidelines. At least I have it scripted :)
  20. TRT@40

    TRT@40 Member

    This is good experience to hear about; thanks for sharing. I like the idea of pinning once every 10 to 12 weeks as long as I dont experience any issues related to levels dipping severely between pinning. I will try test U when I am cruising next time.
    Are you using Nebido, some UGL or you brew your own?