Test usage and prostate issues

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    I have cycled t for three years. I should know this info better but I don't. I experienced ED before I took t, which is part of the reason I was initially interested. It helped for awhile, but obviously is no cure for that. I am curious if anyone else has developed prostate issues/prostate disease through use of t. Doctors see nothing so far- but ED is consistent and everytime I have a bowel movement, my penis will become partially erect. (Not a weird, psychological kink, definitely physiological. Initially, I thought perhaps the prostate has swelled so much its creating an issue- but the doctor basically shuts down when I mention I have cycled before and hands me viagra. I am 33 years old and in great shape with low e levels and high t levels and good blood pressure. There is no reason I should be taking 100 mg of Viagra to have sex right now. Does anyone know of anything I can order to counteract a possibly swelled prostate in the meantime before a doc finally sees me again? (I am American and have terrible insurance while being a uni student).
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    This will probably not be that easy. Do you have problem to urinate?This would be most probably sign of prostate problem.

    In my opinion there is other disbalance. If you want to cure just your dick (libido) simply try melanotan 2. Otherwise post your blood results.
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    You have a high TT yet attribute that which is almost always poorly defined as "ED" to a swollen prostate, try again and take a closer look at psychosocial issues or drug use, bc more often than not, these factors are major contributors to sexual dysfunction in young adults.

    Finally stop barking up the same old hormone tree searching for a cure to that which is NOT broken since by your own admission your values are within NORMAL limits.
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    What are your PSA levels? Ask your dr for a prostate exam.
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    No urination problems. That's why they've figured no prostate cancer etc. Yes, M2 does make it possible to have great erections- I just have to plan ahead like 7 hours. Which sometimes feels very annoying but I'm very grateful to have the option. It's allowed me to have a functional sex life for years and mostly hide any ED issues until I stopped using M2 or PT141. I stopped using M2 because it basically turned me black and I was darker than any of this Hispanic people around me, and calling myself a "White man".
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    Will do. thank you for the reminder.
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    I cycled t mainly because I wanted to gain some mass and compete. The sexual benefits were an added bonus. T also "treated" my depression in a way no pharmaceutical drug has been able to do- I can basically set goals, focus on them, pay attention and follow through in a way I never could before. I was on psych meds since I was 16 for depression. I believe its a combination of t and simple life experience that has changed my brain away from the depressed person I was for a decade. As far as barking up the wrong tree- I hear what you're saying. But the ED was there before- although perhaps the cause back then was purely psychological. I have specifically stayed away from tren, deca and have nolvadex and adex on hand. I have used primobolan, d-bol, proviron and a tiny bit of Anavar although I started getting "Ragey" on it fast and didn't care for that.

    It's possible I made a complex issue more complex. I love bodybuilding. I am looking forward to a competition in May. I get up every morning thinking about the workouts I will do later that day and I love the achievements of gains I can make. But using comes at a cost. I don't believe the anabolics I listed above have made anything worse but anytime I try to discuss how to not die on anything the US doctor just freezes up and shuts down. When I was abroad, the docs were more helpful. I would've stopped it all had I never had Ed before and t usage had caused it. It's just for half the past decade before I had touched t, I was on welbutrin and lamictal and had no desire for sex whatsoever. I appreciate your advice.
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    The value of a screening PSA level in an otherwise healthy 33yo w ED close to zippo.

    And since few males rightfully ask for a prostate exam, the OP should be ready to explain the rationale
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    You saiid, admitted DEPRESSION. Pop some saw palmetto for a placebo affect on your prostate, and get your head in the game. Are you treating ypur depression with any meds?
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    For many, depression and sexual dysfunction are synonymous!

    And since those with depression often refuse to believe an organic cause is not responsible for their ED, they complicate matters with self prescribed "TRT", as these folk end up with TWO problems; depression and hormonal dysfunction. And the complications of TRT, esp when not prescribed and followed by a physician, tend to worsen in due course.

    It's for these reasons the risk of PEDs exceed the benefit in those with depression, with few exceptions.
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    How common is swelling of the prostate in bodybuilders? I mean BPH. And do they take medications while cycling? Once you have been diagnosed with BPH and put on medication is it never again time for any cycling? I am sure I'm not the only man to run into this issue...
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    Could always go for a prostate massage, get those juices moving :)
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    lol a girl recommended this and I was like oh hell no you are not.
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    last month of cycle I had blood tests. results finally In. everything looks within range except for t. Yes, I'm an idiot.
    T: 1690
    Sodium: 140
    Potassium: 4.3
    Chloride: 108
    CO2: 26
    Anion Gap: 6
    Glucose; 81
    BUN: 24
    Creatinine: 1.34
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    A creatinine of 1.34 is NOT normal fella, see your DOC
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  16. Why? Afraid you'll like it? :D
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    You mean a GUY, rec the message , time to come out of the closet admit your gay leanings and solve that ED once and for all.
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    That's why many older guys switch to no-testosterone cycles (just some hcg to keep some natural T during cycle).
    And stay away from DHT-like drugs like Mast, DHB and maybe Proviron too.
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    Thank you. I see him on Wed. What complications can that cause?
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    No, for whatever reason any girl I get with wants to finger my butthole in the past year. Funny man lol
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