TestE, tren ace and Tbol cycle

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by FutureMrO, Apr 28, 2017.

  1. FutureMrO

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    Hey guys just thinking about doing a 12 week cycle that goes like this and want to see if someone's done something alike or if it'll be a good cycle.

    Test E-500mg wk- 12weeks
    Tbol-40mg everyday- week 1 to 5
    tren ace- 75mg- mon/wend/Friday- week 5-10
    arimidex 0.5 EOD
    nolvadex 40/40/20/20

    I'll be looking to make some gains on this so I'll be eating extra, but at the same time keeeping my cardio in 3-5 days a week. Should I run caber when running tren? I want to run the tren at a low dose as it'll be my first time.
    Any tips ect just let me know not 100% about the cycle yet need to buy the gear soon so Iv been thinking long and hard! ;)
  2. Marcus

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    Cycle looks good, my first tren cycle was similar, I think mine was 100/Mg EOD. I actually like tren ace for short periods like 4-5 weeks.

    Seems people are split on Caber, not needed if E2 is good, but some like to have it anyway. Good luck man!
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  3. FutureMrO

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    It's fucking expensive here in Australia lmao... I'm not sure I might get it just to be safe as I did get gyno from my last cycle. Lucky I had a Al on hand
  4. kosta jeezy

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    I would go higher on the tren myself. Atleast 75mg for each day. Also taper it up. Since you won't be running any test to support it until week four. Also your pinning schedule should just be every other day rather then sticking to m/w/f
  5. FutureMrO

    FutureMrO Member

    75mg everyday is a decent amount of tren for someone who's doing his first tren cycle! I start feeling test e around the 4th week and I'll have the tbol to kick!
  6. ironwill1951

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    75 mg tren ed is 525 mg a week that is a heavy dose for a first tren cycle.
  7. Genghis K.

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    @FutureMrO, your cycle looks good. I'll offer one thought. You might consider using Dbol instead of Tbol. Maybe drop the dosage to 30 mgs? Only run the first 4 weeks? It's hard to be overly cautious with one's liver.
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  8. mohdab

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    looks good but I wouldn't run tren higher than 400mg a week and add hcg last 4 weeks I would've posted a youtube video for you to check about tren but idk if I am allowed to or not
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  9. FutureMrO

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    I thought about dbol but I'd rather less water and mass and just straight up hard gains and keep then lean as possible
  10. FutureMrO

    FutureMrO Member

    75mg 3 times a week only doing 225mg a week get the most out of the lowest dosage! I'll see if I can get my hands on hcg
  11. Test_Subject

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    I've found that once the water weight comes off, the gains from dbol are better than tbol. It's your cycle, though.

    The real advantage of tbol lies in its inability to aromatize.

    I like that you're keeping your tren dose low. That's smart until you know how you'll react.
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  12. mohdab

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    pin either ed or eod pinning 3 times a week is doable but the sides are going to be worse because your hormone levels are going to be all over the place.
  13. FutureMrO

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    I'll be doing it every other day then that's true lol didn't think of it like that
  14. Brolloks

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    Best is to import from India. PM me if you want more info.