Testicular Hypertrophy?

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by KBD, Aug 9, 2009.

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    KBD Member

    When they say your balls shrink do they mean the nuts actually shrink down to size or they go up in you?
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    m_ob Member

    Hello my name is Matt O'Brien. I am a 16 year old in highschool and recently I had some blood work done because for the past year I have been feeling the following symptoms: Fatigue, weakness, constant hunger, cold body temperature, frequent urination and overall lack of enjoyment in everything I used to do. The blood work came back with extremely low tesosterone, high cortisol, and little pituitary function. What triggered all of this happened a year ago in the summer of 2008. Starting the summer around June I weighed 130 lbs and just got done competing at state wrestling. When that was over I decided to cut down for next year right away to have a better chance at doing better in wrestling. I started eating less and less, and eventually all I ate was mostly protein, verry little carbohydrates, and little to no fats at all. All of this ended around September, so from June-September around four months I had pretty much developed an eating disorder from my favorite sport. Before I had my bodyfat taken for school, I was at 7% so I was naturaly lean anyway. Recently I have noticed that the six pack I normally have is covered in a layer of fat. Not only that but I am losing weight but gaining that bodyfat... I don't understand if the low tesosterone and growth hormone is causing bone and muscle loss, but I lift three times a week at the school and have not noticed many strength losses, I just can never get any stronger. It kills me to know that everything I do will only make me worse, I have no idea how to correct this hypothalamic/pituitary problem. It would mean so much to me if you could help me with this, I think my doctor is running out of ideas for me. He has sent me to an endocrineologist in Des Moines, IA and she took seven serums of bloodwork showing all this. I should probably tell you that I'm not Nutritionally defecient in any way, I eat around 2,000 calories a day full of the right protein, carbohydrates, and fats. I even supplement healthy fats like fish oil omegas to try to help it. I take a multi-vitamin and an extra b-vitamin complex everyday to try and help. Nothing works. Not only did all of this mess with my quaility of life, my favorite sport, wrestling, is now being taken away from me because I don't have the energy to practice or compete... This whole thing luckily has not taken my good group of friends yet, but as I get more down about it I start telling them I don't feel like hanging out with them more and more mostly because I can't keep up any more. Could it be secondary Hypogonadism Please help in any way possible.
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    Is that a trick question ?:)
    They just shrink.Some people have more shrinkage than others.
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    You should start a new thread.Using the thread starter.
    Post one in the mens health forum as well.
    I will ponder your predicament myself
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    Bigdaddy, they will actually "suck up" if they get small enough. This is due to the lack of mass in them. The chords they hang by will actually pull with more force than the weight they are designed to hold. If you juiced heavy enough and long enough, without some relief from hcg, they could potentiall reccess. Mine sucked up pretty damn good my first go. It took about 10 weeks. I was at 800 mgs week for last 5 of those. FYI. I cant seem to get that kind of reaction anymore. Seems like a receptor down regulation for sure. Hell i couldnt even get them to suck up now of 2 grams of test a week.. Further note. THIS IS NO INDICATION AS TO WHETHER OR NOT YOU ARE DOING DAMAGE. The ledig section that is actually affected is miniscule. You can cause severe long term damage EVEN WITHOUT SIGNIFCANT SHINKAGE....
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    Thanks BBC I did'nt know that.
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    Still confused.. lol ANyways am i gonna notice anything serious with 250mg test and 300mg deca?
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    Reinheart Member

    Not likely but everyone's different and reacts differently. I would use hcg no matter what the cycle would be. You should be fine with 250ius twice weekly!

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