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Discussion in 'Men's Health Forum' started by SinginHawk, Mar 2, 2006.

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    SinginHawk Junior Member

    Is there a better application site to get higher absorbtion of Testim?
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    stat1951 Junior Member

    No, not really.

    Absorption seems to be an individual matter with how well one's skin will absorb the transdermal product through the skin and then how well it leaches from the dermal layers under the skin and into the bloodstream.

    At 10 grams of AG, my Total T was 500 right on the nose. With 10 grams of Testim it was just over that. With 100 mg of Test Cyp - which contains 70 mg of actual Test so averages 10 mg a day - the same amount supposedly being delivered by the transdermal gels. Yet my Total T level went up to just over 1100 (reference range of 260 - 1000 on all of these).

    Any increase that might be squeezed out (say by using a very thin skin area) would likely be insignificant... and then the slight amount of more Test being absorbed could end up leaching into the blood much quicker, so defeating the purpose.

    If gels not working, give the IM shots a try.

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    dave48326 Junior Member

    Hey Hawk,

    I am on Testim also. What is do is shower in the morning, then apply the Testim after I have dried off. I apply it to my chest , stomach, shoulders, neck , and legs, ( a small tube but it sure seems to be ALOT in there!) . I am hairy so I don't know if I am defeating my own purpose by not shaving my body hair. I am a hairy guy so I'd be shaving for a while. :(

    It also MUST be applied IN THE MORNING.

    Being the inquisitive soul I am, I even tried some on my penis and scrotum. No massive surge in libido but also no ill effect either.

    My urologist wasn't very clear about application directions. Oh well, he won't be my urologist anymore either. :mad:

    I hope this helps.

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    SinginHawk Junior Member


    I know with androgel you basically lay it on the skin and with Testim you rub it in. I really rub it in almost till it is dry. Is this NOT a good way to do it.
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    pmgamer18 Member

    Dave when I was on Testim the insert says not to put on your belly. I am hairy also and I went to Wal-Greens and got this trimmer "MicroTouch" cost about $10. I put the testim on my upper arms and shoulders going up from the elbo to my neck and down the front to my collar bone and down the back of my shoulders as far as I could go. I use the trimmer to cut off the hair on my arms and shoulders about onec a month. Don't shave but this cuts close and no nicks or itching. My levels went up 100 point doing this.
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    pmgamer18 Member

    Yes your doing it right rub it in well when using Testim but if Androgel spread it around good but let dry from wet. Also eat breakfast first then put on a shirt.

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