Testosterone and Erectile Function

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    Its a good article doc.. Rounded and informative.

    Its ALSO an interesting article. I DON'T like their use of the expression "testosterone REGULATES". Clearly Testosterone DON'T "Regulate" jack shit. Else we would all be walking around with raging bones after a simple Pin-o-sUm-CYP... The whole notion places too much emphasis on TESTOSTERONE as a Predominating Control, RATHER than a "Biological Growth & Service Hormone" - Which it really is...

    FURTHER PROOF of this failure is the fact that the article is discussing more in terms of ANDROGENS, the primary male derivatives of testosterone as they relate. So consider the proposition - Does testosterone turn into derivative hormones (Androgens/estrogens/etc.....)? OR do the cells create/metabolize the derivative as a result of FEEDING? and...:

    (1) STRICTLY due to the interaction of Testosterone at a given ANDROGEN GENERATING TISSUE TYPE?
    (2) In the blood and IN ROUTE to the tissue where it is required as an androgen, and via enzyme action PRIOR to interaction, IN COMBINATION with some mystical DIRECTIVE FORCE..?
    (3) OR - Is it really all some DIABOLICAL MASTER-PLAN with UNKNOWN FORCES like Cellular DNA encoded and effected due to GENETICS (Most likely scenario:rolleyes:)

    But the Proof is that TISSUE that does NOT YET EXIST - Can NOT Derive or Generate Hormones..! This would be the part of life referred to as the GROWTH PHASE that Medical Science STILL TO THIS DAY Completely Ignores... I think the most consideration Med Science is even capable of mustering with regard to this, is to refer to it as "A period in life where the body is a cascade and myriad of hormonal activity".. L.......... O..........L...........

    *** The obvious truth of the matter of Mens Health, all "health" for that matter - is that IF YOU DON'T KNOW HOW ITS BUILT - Then how the hell are you going to fix it...!

    So the real question IS - What is regulating the TESTOSTERONE...? And of course we dont really discuss this BECAUSE NO ONE KNOWS...!!

    - I think we do know that specific tissue types can metabolize testosterone into androgens and other derivative Hormones.
    - I dont think we know what happens to these hormones at the point of interaction (how long they are captive/useful, and to exactly what qualities remain once they have completed their mission)
    - So under the pretense this GENETIC premised and controlled tissue development is occurring in the growth phase of life, the magic act MUST be regulating and balancing the delivery of master hormones like testosterone, and then properly "cleaning up the mess" for the next dance.
    - There is a CLUE in the above sentence somewhere. Like, What has changed since then...?!?
    - So what if the dance lasts too long as - perhaps the blood is so full of "shit" be it other hormones, fat, protein, hormone derivatives not yet eliminated; the a hormone is "Held Captive" at receptors..?
    - So what if their is just not enough to go around? How important is proper diet in the growth phase of life as to determining proper DESIGN IMPLEMENTATION in the growth process..?!? And what is the out come if poor designed body tissue results from failures at either end of the spectrum. And even if do to OVER or UNDER Supply of other required hormones/ or even basic calories (food).?

    So for a good Chicken or Egg argument. What is more important to life, longevity, and health - Genetic Encoding, DNA, etc.. OR The Brain which is stated to be the "Master Controller of the body".. Does it really tell DNA what to do, or isn't it the other way around. While the brain is created and made by and BECAUSE OF DNA, could it become the TRUE MASTER and "wag the dog one day".?!? After all, it can sure as hell cause a body to go to shit...!

    But in short its pretty clear that the brain is designed by genetic predisposition, and will grow to meet that POTENTIAL given proper care and sustenance. HOwever, it would also appear to have the same effective time coding, and just as any tissue as designed by this particular encoding. Its funny I seem to recall the final successful mapping of the human DNA/ genome structure a few years back. So what makes one person different from another in terms of HEALTH (See above paragraph pertaining to DEVELOPMENT STAGES again NOW)

    The article brings up all kinds of HS ranging from DHT, Estrogen, prolactin, Dopamine, and potential Prostate cancer hormone activity. And not at any time does it EVER consider that perhaps Erectile Dysfunction could be in fact caused as a result of an unhealthy prostate. When in fact all of the above mentioned principles are MEASUREMENTS of CONDITIONS going no in the body. THE MORAL OF MY STORY is that they are just throwing darts, rather that looking for the real cause. I'm certain all research groups appreciate FUNDING and Pink Floyd Puts on a great LIGHT SHOW TOO.. In Consideration of Erectile Dysfunction - SOMETHING IS FAILING/HAS FAILED. The measurements of conditions are really ONLY a bit better than SYMPTOMS as best. What is CAUSING the blood profile to look the way it is should be the issue.

    So here is my new proposed Slogan for Medical Science Today...:
    Look where you can LOOK.
    Poke where you can POKE.
    Apply "Seasoning" to preferred taste.
    CUT what you don't like or can understand.
    Shit in your left hand.
    Hold out your Right hand for Money$.
    Get out your notebooks, and sit back and watch the show.:p

    ** The failure is that its the same old set of eyes watching. OVER AND OVER. A puppet regime and demigod to the mighty DOLLAR.. Its a damn good thing the RICH NEED FIXIN...!

    It should be noted that while I bash medical science constantly as being negligent in the "Wait and See" approach. The TRUTH is that it wouldnt matter it they told you how to stay healthy, cause they do. WE DON'T LISTEN OR WANT TO. So we FUEL this beast as "The things that kill us are the things which we like best".... So you see - Its what we want. Party till sun up and a tylenol the next day..

    LET THEM EAT CAKE....!;):D:)
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    I can get to total testosterone of 650-800 by using androgel.

    I watch E2 fairly carefully but I still mostly need cialis, viagra or Levitra for good sex sessions. I have no complaints because these drugs are pretty easy to get and don't have any side effects (that I know of) except a stuffy head.

    So in a nutshell TRT has been great for me but it is not a cure-all for ED at least for me.

    After a lot of experimenting I am beginning to think that generic Cialis at 10 gram/day is the best bet/buy for us guys (I will be 64 very soon) that need "some help" getting a solid erection that works for a long time!! Side effects from Cialis is a small price to pay imho!
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    Have you thought about throwing some proviron in your daily regimen? 25-100mgs are what most people use. I use 25mgs a day but bump it to 50 or 75mgs if I know I am going to be doing some major pounding like I did this past weekend. The wife and the girlfriend at the same time in the Big Easy was a blast.
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    Double post