Testosterone and Penis Size

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by JoeyNess, Jun 27, 2005.

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    JoeyNess Junior Member

    Is it true that testosterone can increase penis size
    I found an article that says it can be possible

    I also found it odd that Africans have the most testosterone and the longest size.

    Physical changes that occur soon after treatment begins include an increase in the rate of hair growth, particularly on the chest and in the pubic area, and sometimes improvements in general hair and skin condition. Other men report an increase in penis size and an increase in genital sensitivity,
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    Sparetire Junior Member

    it is true that when steroids are administered to children it will cause their penis to grow, but at the expense of their physical height. On a side note, I ran EQ and had incredible erections and prolonged erections..
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    Bob Smith

    Bob Smith Member

    ONly if you are prepubescent. Once youve gone through puberty then your johnson is as long as it'll ever be.

    The research doesnt support the notion/myth that Africans (blacks) have the longest equipment.
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    Blue09 Junior Member

    Not prebubescent, but around the first stages of puberty will determine penis size. This is where african male's usually get ahead of everyone else. On average, their test. levels are higher and thus are more athletic and have larger penises. After this point tho, there's really not any amount of test. you can take to make it grow anymore....tho I have heard from some people that have taken hGH that they have seen some extra size (and just as many saying it's they haven't).
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    Bob Smith

    Bob Smith Member

    Again, see my post about the research not supporting the idea that blacks have, on average, larger penises than whites or other races.

    Except maybe Asians. :D
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    J DUB

    J DUB Junior Member

    On average, their test. levels are higher and thus are more athletic and have larger penises

    Your testosterone levels have nothing to do with your athleticism nor your penis size. I and many others on here have taken plenty of test before, and trust me, if it even gave you 1 inch on your rod then there would be a lot more arrests for steroid use (or might be legal because the politcians would want it along with their viagra).
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    Bob Smith

    Bob Smith Member

    It does, but only if you are between the ages of 0 to about 14..
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    CyniQ Junior Member

    So... If I want my son to grow up to be a porn star... :eek:
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    Bob Smith

    Bob Smith Member

    I was bored last night and decided to search PubMed for studies on penis size. Lots of them, but a lot relate to surgery, deformities, etc. The most interesting one is a toddler (~2 years old) that needed to use hydrocortizone cream for something. Well, the cream was contaminated with testosterone. At that young age he started growing pubic hair and the size of his penis increased.

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    Deacon Member

    WTF was the point of this post to begin with?
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    CyniQ Junior Member

    Hmmm. How often do you get "bored" and scour the internet for ways to increase your penis size?? :D
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    Bob Smith

    Bob Smith Member

    Im a mod at www.thundersplace.com , so pretty regularly. :D
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    PDP Junior Member

    My penis is too big, will estrogen shrink it?
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    abs3 Junior Member

    isnt that what the transvites do to shrink their weenie..... anyway, so if you give test shots to ur pre pubescent kids they will become a regular john holmes??
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    Bob Smith

    Bob Smith Member

    I think a test cream would be better for kids. I dont know how many 10 year olds like getting jabbed with needles. Not that I would ever actually advocate doing something like that, but its interesting to postulate the results.
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    JoeyNess Junior Member

    yea im curious about this one too,does estrogen have any effects on mr penis size

    I found some links regarding estrogen and penis shrinking
    Estrogen also shrinks the penis and testicles, so the decision to go through with hormones is a fairly permanent one

    You must be on hormone therapy for
    6 months before surgery.
    Male to female transsexuals use the hormone estrogen to feminize their voices, faces, and body characteristics. This hormone changes their fat distribution, increases their breast size, and decreases their body hair. One thing that this hormone does not do, however, is to eliminate facial hair. Estrogen also shrinks the penis and testicles. Any medical doctor, including a psychiatrist, can prescribe hormones once they determine that their patient is suitable for them.

    I dont believe the article could be true but then if anyone has time,they can talk to a liscensed professionional doctor about sex change and if Estrogen shrinks the penis
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    Beefy Junior Member


    Dammit, Joey :confused:

    How old are you? I'm not trying to flame you, although I have many times before, but do you huff paint before you post here? :p

    Seriously, bro. I don't want to sound harsh. :eek: I just really don't like you. :D
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    JoeyNess Junior Member

    I didn't mean to bring out the info this way but you dont like me because i just pointed out the fact effects of steroids may shrink the penis and you couldn't quote that because their is scientific proof.

    not everyones penis shrink from steroids it's only those that use androgenic gear for years and dont use Anti-Es

    P.S my birthday is in my public profile
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    Bob Smith

    Bob Smith Member

    1) you didnt post anything about testosterone (or other steroids) and penis shrinkage.

    2) what you did post had to do with transformers / transexuals / whatever you want to call them and estrogen, not testosterone. Last time I checked, estrogen wasnt a big seller among male athletes and bodybuilders.

    3) Even what you did post doesnt qualify as "Scientific proof"

    Again, you didnt post anything that even remotely addressed that issue.

    That explains a great deal.
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    JoeyNess Junior Member

    1)Some steroids change to estrogen and Too much estrogen, and the penis either shrinks or fails to grow as much as it should
    (Although steroids arent estrogen so i cant say steroids shrink the penis)

    2)Athletes dont use estrogen but some get estrogen related side effects from anabolic steroids but not as harsh as from estrogen therapy.

    3)I will post it now and It is in fact, the hormone estrogen feminizes males by changing their fat distribution, increasing their breast size and estrogen also shrinks the penis and testicles ask any medical doctor.

    Most steroid users dont have estrogen related side effects because they
    are using Anti-E medications

    without going through surgery transvites use estrogen to shrink their penis
    if estrogen in its purest form will shrink the penis then what will estrogen from aromatising steroids do to you.You probably wont get bitch tits from steroids but just gyno.
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