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Discussion in 'Men's Health Forum' started by gemini, May 9, 2005.

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    gemini Junior Member

    I believe the absorption of testosterone cream or gel varies depending on the application site. Is this correct?

    With androgel, the recommended application sites are the shoulders and outer upper arms or abdomen. I have read of T cream recommended to be applied to the inner part of the bicep between the elbow and arm pit because the skin is thin there. Onother site that is recommended is the

    If you are using gel or cream, where are you applying it and what is the dosage?
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    mranak Junior Member

    When I tried androgel, I applied it in one of the areas indicated on the package insert.

    Unless the cream or gel has been formulated and dosed specificly for the scrotum, do not use it there. Doing so will likely elevate DHT levels far into supraphysiological levels. It is unfortunate that many guys believe they know something that the professionals do not and they apply such things such as Androgel to their scrotum, not realizing the likely consequences.

    If the cream or gel has been specifically formulated or dosed for the scrotum, then that is a different story.
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    gemini Junior Member

    My question is whether testosterone absorbs slowly over a 24 hour period when applied to the shoulders and upper arms as described in the androgel insert, whereas if it is applied for example to other areas like the inner bicep, the absorption might be much higher and quicker, for example all the T is absorbed within 5 hours into the blood stream.

    I am trying to determine whether applying T to different parts of the body affect the rate and time of absorption into the blood stream.
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    zaarel2 Junior Member

    That is very intersting info. I know that androgel converts to DHT at a higher percent than injectable due to the 5-alpah reductase activity as i breaks the skin barrier. Why does it spike the DHT so high if applied to the scrotum?
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    SWALE Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine

    If you want some REAL entertainment, put some Testim on your scrotum. The phrase "fires of hell" will immediately come to mind. You will also discover how fast you can get the water on and into the shower.

    It is a mistake to put the T gel--or cream--near the area where they draw the blood from. For that reason, I do not encourage putting it on the forearms. But there is no difference between the gels and creams with respect to areas of distribution.

    I have found that you do need to spread the cream or gel over a larger skin surface area for doses above 5gms though (at 1%).
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    SWALE-Follower Junior Member

    I have just started applying AndorGel on my thighs instead of my arms. It's summer time and I'm wearing tanktops and short sleeve all the time and I'm scared to transfer the stuff onto my precious 2year-old boy. I would be devistated if he started growing a beard and mustache. Is it wrong the way I'm doing it??? Please someone let me know!!!

    I'm just scared for my baby boy... He loves to ride on my shoulders and he's wearing shorts all the time now... etc...
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    pmgamer18 Member

    I know a lot of guys that do it that way for the same reasion. They seem to do good there levels are good. But most of them shave there upper legs so the gel gets into the skin better. I have allways put the gel on my upper arms and shoulders. But I am hairy so I cut the hair off with clippers.
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    toc67guru Junior Member

    i believe the gel is absorbed into the skin in minutes and it is then slowly released into the body over approx 24 hours.
    shoulders and upper outer arms are preferred over stomach unless you are pretty lean and the sides of the stomach(flanks) should be used as fat round the abdominals has an impact on either absorption or dose delivered.

    swale can give exact reason for this.

    as swale said the crook of the elbow should be avoided in regards to blood being taken as it will confuse the results.
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    SWALE Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine

    Good advice, guys, as always.

    We avoid areas where there is a lot of fat because aromatase lives there.
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    SWALE-Follower Junior Member

    My thighs are very lean.. I can actually see the vains under the skin. When I compete, the vains are very visible due to ultra bodyfat %.
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    SWALE Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine

    Okay, now you've got us all jealous!
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    SWALE-Follower Junior Member

    heheheh... You've made me laugh SWALE.. Thank you.... I needed that after what I've been dealing with for the past few weeks.. :D
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    James23 Member

    With scrotal application a MUCH higher percentage of the testosterone is converted into DHT. This is undesirable when striving for a balance.
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    Crazy Crew

    Crazy Crew Member

    The reason, as I understand it, they recommend application to the shoulders and upper arms because these areas normally have less hair. Hair tends to upsorb the gel rather than the skin. I apply the gel to any area that has less hair. I rotate even between the areas. So application to the upper leg area should be fine.

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