Testosterone Deconate?

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  1. DroxYung

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    I recently made a purchase to a local source, i asked for test-e. But instead gave me what seems to be testosterone Deconate? Ive never heard of it and am suspicious of what it could be. Source is giving me all sorts of issues already, but will not get back to me on my questions. Can anyone provide any insight?

    On the vial (sealed) it says “Testosterone Deconate” 400mg/ml

    Tried attaching a picture but would not let me
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    Will neee a picture to determine.
    Clear vial amber vial ?
  3. DroxYung

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    Clear amber vial yes, and there is no brand. Just a white label that says “testosterone deconate”
  4. Praeceptorem

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    Like is Vidal clear not brown?
    And that’s kinda of odd t should be shot like test e from what I know maybe some other member more educated could help. I would ditch this lab and search for a better source ASAP.
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    Decanoate is just an ester that has a half life between cypionate and undecanoate.

    It very well could be legit, but it will make your pct more complicated if you PCT.
  6. DroxYung

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    I lied, its Brown vial. Its sealed and all. I trust the source in general, i do believe its legit ane not bunk or anything like that. I was just curious on what the deconate ester was, finding very little info online about it. Im thinking its because i told him i wanted 400mg, a week. He then proceeded to go to his source and asked him for test 400, and this “deconate” version was the only vial that carried 400mg/ml so thats what he got. I think my middle man guy got the wrong impression, as i was hoping for enanthate 2/wk injects of 200mg

    He did get back at me and told me it was once a week injection as deconate has a longer halflife then say E or C
  7. DroxYung

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    When do you reccomend me starting PCT, 14 days after last inject?
  8. Burn bright

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    Well it seems the recommended time for people who are using sustonon which has deconate in it is 3 weeks. So 21 days. But the amount of the deconate being done would be lower with the sustonon so common sense would say to wait a little longer with pure deconate. So, somewhere between 21-30 days? Most people don't cycle with deconate so I don't think there are as many clear cut answers.

    I would not cycle with deconate. If you started I would highly recommend switching to a shorter ester. cyp, or enth for a minimum of 6 weeks before the end of the cycle.

    Disclaimer: I'm not a doctor.
  9. MuscleAwesome

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    Here's something for you to consider

    Half Life of Esters.
    • testosterone Propionate: 0.8 days
    • Testosterone Phenylpropionate: 1.5 days
    • Testosterone Isocaproate: 4.0 days
    • Testosterone Enanthate: 4.5 days
    • Testosterone Cypionate: 5.0 days
    • Testosterone Decanoate: 7.5 days
    • Testosterone Undecanoate: 20.9 days
    So basically little less than double the half life of Test E.
    Good thing is you can pin even more less often
    Bad thing is your gotta switch up your timing for pct
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    This is a Very conservative half life chart.
    I would not go by this!
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    I recently used labmax to confirm. Any thoughts?

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    I’d use it to cruise.
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    OP it's the test version of deca in terms of how long it takes to kick in and clear.

    If that isn't a good reference for you here,

    Decanoate ester carries a half life of 15 days. So you inject 1ml, 30 days later it will be out of your system.

    So 1x your desired dose every 7 days will provide the most stable blood levels with the least amount of injections.

    Have you still not ran it?