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    Any use in ordering such an accurate lab test when total test is in the 700s with the standard lab?
    Is it just used to detect small amounts of test or can it isolate test molecules from others better than in the standard test, like LS/MS/MS does from estrogens?

    Reason I’m asking is because I feel like shit although my total and free test are high, and I want to make sure that the standard test is not mistaking other molecules in my blood for test, and showing a falsly elevated result.

    Asking here first as it’s rather expensive
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    The only real benefit in the more expensive test is to get a more accurate "up-capped" number. With you being at 700 or less I see no reason to spend the money.

    Most doctors offices don't bother with the more sensitive test either to assess your physical well being during a yearly physical. So don't see it providing you with any useful information related to your current poor feeling.

    I'd think that blood glucose (A1C), thyroid function, liver enzymes, kidney function, RBC and any other system check would all be a better testing area to see if anything was "off" as all of those could potentially effect how you feel daily.
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    You’re right fodsod!

    I do have a semi-constant dull pain deep in the kidney area and have been feeling quite nauseous and light headed.

    Gonna check that kidney function first
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