Testosterone levels and One testicle

Discussion in 'Men's Health Forum' started by JoeyNess, May 18, 2005.

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    JoeyNess Junior Member

    hi i was wondering if its true that my testosterone levels stay exactly the same even if someone loses a testicle and is left with only one testicle because my doctor said a 'person with one testicle will still have normal testosterone levels

    ''example'' if a person had 2 testicle and currently has 700 ng/dl of testosterone in his blood test and then he loses entire one of his testicle will his testosterone stay at 700 ng/dl in his next blood test 5 years later

    or did my doctor mean 250-700 ng/dl of testosterone is normal levels
    and a person who had two testicle might have 700 ng/dl and then he loses
    one testicle and ends up with 350 ng/dl which is still perfectly normal levels for testosterone because its not in the low zone so its considered normal by a doctor
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    earthdog Junior Member

    Talk to BigRagu. I'm sure he'll see this and answer. I don't think that was the case for him, as he's currently on TRT.
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    Weatherlite Junior Member

    I think the theory is that your body will see the reduces production and increase LH which will then increase production back to normal levels. This is theoretical though and is not always the case. Sometimes it does drop.
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    BigRagu Junior Member

    hey how you doing........... i also have one testicle......... the other was hacked out due to testicular cancer.......... and 3 doctors told me that my test lvls would go right back to normal......... WRONG............. unless u consider a peak of 291 (300-1000 forget the range of that test i belive that was it)......... my LH was also way up....i had to fight them to get tested..... if i were u go get tested and don't listen to the doctors.......... i think your doctor ment that u would prob still be in the normal range....but from my experience u wont be were u were with 2........ if u want more detailed info pm me.................... i'm on hrt and feel much better even though i'm still not on hcg..................
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    greyowl Junior Member

    I lost one of my balls due to trauma when I was a teen. My test levels were very low at one point in middle-age but now they are well within the noraml reference range for a man my age. Also, my sex drive is stronger now than most of my pals my own age (mind you, they're married and I 'm single).

    Fertility is entirely a different matter. Tried to have kids when I was in my late 30s and it was no go. My sperm level and motility were abnormally low. But I was a chain smoker in those days, so it could have been due to to the tobacco.
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    BigRagu Junior Member

    yea the reason your lvls are ok now is because as u age the normal ranges change and require less to meet the desire............ since u need a lower lvl to meet that the one testicle can keep up with the production........but when it needed the to meet the desire when u were younger it couldn't do it.........and yea i have a feeling it's going to be hell to have a kid........atleast for now i wont have any girl calling me and telling me she is pregnant...........
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    Adamchick Junior Member


    I was born with one testicle, I am 38 years old, I have 3 children all boys! I am very tall at 6'5" and most would consider me to be a guy that looks quite masculine. One of the only things that might be different to other males of my age is that I still look very young. I am constantly told by girls that I look about 28 years old. My brother is 18 months older than I am and there is a very big difference in how old we look. He looks like a man of 40 years of age...I don't. I do not know if having one testicle since birth has anything to do with this at all, or if it simply genetics or lifestyle choices. I smoke (not heavily), I eat moderately healthy, I do not exercise often at all due to having a back injury from an accident when I was 17. Either way, I do not think that I have low levels of testosterone in my body, I have not checked as I have never had any reason to.
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    Chillwynston Junior Member

    Hey dude, I lost mine in an injury when I was 13, a very growth spurty type age, I'm 5ft5 and 150lb Im pretty muscular now at 31, but its ok my parents are 4'11 and 5'4 so I surpassed them, I also get told how young I look, for a 31 yr old I dont have any wrinkles or hair loss or and always asked for ID in night clubs (uk), the only thing that makes me come here to look for answers is I have real skinny wrists and pretty small hands and feet only size 6 feet, same as my dad but he has denser bones than me... my sex drive is pretty high so I dont think my test levels are low, but I wonder if at the time of the injury the test levels were low at a very important age... maybe im looking too far into it but am interested to get checked out!!

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