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Discussion in 'Men's Health Forum' started by Megazoid, Nov 12, 2006.

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    Megazoid Junior Member

    Before i became hypogonadal i had an above average penis size and great libido/erections. Being a 23 year old guy i didn't have a single problem in the penis region. With that said I was also pretty small when flaccid but when erect i was a good bit above average.

    I've only ever had one good testicle all my life but it did me well until it got injuried and i ended up with low testosterone.

    A varicocele caused progressive testicular damage which resulted in my low testosterone. During the time when my testosterone level was dropping i noticed my penis was also shrunk up and really thin looking (like "out of gas"). I also noticed some strange "dots" (like bruises) appear on my glan's which were never their before (i showed this to the urologist). At this point i was taking any TRT and wasn't sure what was going on.

    By the time my levels were in the 450/500 range my penis looked alot smaller than normal. Erections were weak and not as powerful as before either.

    I am also pretty sure i noticed a slight reduction (maybe half an inch way) in size. Once i started on androgel everything bulked up again and my penis looked normal again but still loosing half an inch each way. Getting erection's was still tough but alot better than before.

    I am curious to know the relationship between testosterone and the penis? I am aware free testosterone has a role to play in flaccid size. I have heard that the penis can shrink if your testosterone level is low for a long time (maybe years?).

    I have heard their can be tissue loss with really low levels (below 500)? However at the other end of the spectrum i have heard about guy's with no testicles getting no shrinkage at all (and that's without TRT).

    Just looking for some information/experiences regarding this!
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    dano79 Junior Member

    I'm really curious about how common this is, expecially the responses in the previous post. Do alot of guys suffer from penile shrinkage with low T?
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    ForemanRules Member

    testosterone levels in Adult men have no effeft on penis size. Libido is another story.
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    dano79 Junior Member

    Then hod do you explain the shrinkage then?
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    ForemanRules Member

    It is probably psychological, he seems overly concerned with the size of it I can tell this by him mentioning twice that he is bigger than average. It is not a fact we need to hear once let alone twice, and it is irreverent to the topic. I would recommend he go see a urologist. A doctor would be better suited to answer these kinds of questions.
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    pmgamer18 Member

    This has to do with the ratio of T to E2 when this falls off like T levels go down and E2 stays where it was. Adding T brings E2 up and this messes with the ratio. Best to keep Total and Free T up into the upper 1/3 of your labs range for a young man and your E2 down between 10 to 30 best at 20. As for the penis this allways comes back to what it was before the low T mine was like that for over 10 yrs. and getting my e2 down it came back.
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    Megazoid Junior Member

    Phil, you are always the man to ask regarding thing's like this.

    Marianco mentioned that having low testosterone in the long term will result in tissue loss in the penis. I think he said the levels have to be below 500 for this to happen though. Worrying my level's are below 500 but above it when i take androgel. I didn't feel too bad with androgel to be honest but i was worried about the side-effects i was getting. However even after stopping androgel for 2+ week's i am still getting the same side effects so i think this is somewhat related to the low testosterone itself.

    I also think it's wise to go back to the androgel until i get my surgery. Strangly after a few week's on androgel my own system didn't shutdown and kept working away (LH at 3.0). I guess this might be why i was getting so good result's from the TRT.
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    pmgamer18 Member

    Dr. Shippen talked about rebuilding the penis in his book doing a very low dose of T cream on the boys 3 times a week. I feel the cells rebuild. Yes do the andorgel untill you all healed up from the surgery. I don't understand why you would not want to be as strong as you can for surgery. I had surgery some time ago different problem but my Dr. Upped my does just before I had the surgery.
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    JanSz Junior Member

    IIRC, the mornig wood have phisiological function, as it keeps penis tissue in good shape. There is a danger of scar tissue buildup if pines stays flacid long time.

    Variations in pines size is probably a function of hardnes of erection.
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    PointBlank Junior Member

    From what I understand higher DHT levels do have some correlation with flacid size, probabaly more to do with blood flow than anything.

    I have had your problem. I found the best fix to be some hcg. If your balls are 'big and hanging' then your penis will have a hard time remaining shrunken. Simple as that.

    And absolutely your estrogen is also likely too high, nail it with a little arimidex.
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    noahneo Junior Member

    Re: androgel on penis...

    Hey guys,

    Just wanted to chime in on something I'm going through. I'm 50y/o and been on testostrone for 40 years. now on 10mg of androgel for past 6mo. I sort of like the androgel better than injections only because of no fluid retention. the gel makes me more energetic and i feel much younger. workout everyday. but I found that my libido and ed never returned.also dealing with gynecomastia maybe facing surgery for that. My endocrinologist and I have been trying to balance the whole e2 and t levels. but mean while he kept telling me the whole ed thing might be headed toward a implant device. that scares me to death!. So I had read about applying a little androgel on my penis just like in europe they do for ED. Now even my doctor is convenced
    that there is a etiology behing this. for some reason after 10 years with no morning wood no extra visits from my little friend this started to happen. I feel like a 20y/o again. I can finally start trying penial exercises and have some sort of response. I'm sure this can possibly be different per person but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I was going to become a monk. Just a FYI...
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    amar7 Member

    Re: androgel on penis...

    with implant device, did you mean penile prothesis?

    btw, congrats, that you found androgel to be giving you such a good feeling again
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    liverandonions Junior Member

    I've been suffering from shrunken penis for over 3 years. When I was 18 I took prohormones like testanate50 and xtreme tren. First I loss erections, and then my penis loss 2 to 2.5 inches in both flaccid and erect. I also took accutane after this. I'm thinkin since accutane is a 5-AR inhibitor that maybe I'm low in dht. A few months ago my Total T was 249 and Ultra Estradiol at 38. After being on 50 mg/ed of clomid for a month my Total T was 1381 and Ultra Estradiol at 69. I cut back to 25 mg/ed. I'm 21 now. Should I give andractim a shot? I'm very interested in seeing if more dht will bring back my penis.
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    noahneo Junior Member

    hey check out the andractim closley, the dht does help for erections check enrope studies. but carefel too much dht causes hairloss. there is a fine line. yes and I am possibly facing penial implant surgey. but not without a fight! trying eveyrhing else first. also anyone trying any meds for gynecomastia? that another unwanted surgery....
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    amar7 Member

    with small gyno, andractim is useful sometimes too. But in most cases its not harmful and therefore not an important surgery to do if they havent grown to be real tits.

    To me it doesn't seem that you are in need of a prothesis anymore, as you get erections back and I believe it will get better in time with the therapy
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    UFgrad777 Junior Member

    Re: androgel on penis...

    Do you have better luck keeping E2 down with the gels or with injections?
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    v4lu3s Junior Member

    i had bilateral varicoceles (grade 3 and grade 2, the grade 3 was about twice the size of the testicle on that side) from mid teens until about 3 months ago (20+ years), test levels have not been over 400 in at least 5 years, and in the past year or so dipped to about 300. never had an issue with penis size, its always been larger than average. with test levels as low as mine and e2 sitting between 10-20 if low total test caused smaller penis size i would for sure have a problem...but i dont and never have.

    I have a hard time believing that test levels below 500 for the long term will ALONE be capable of shrinking your penis.
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    DragonRider Junior Member

    You are correct. It's elevated estrogen or estrogen levels out of ratio with your testosterone that causes this problem.
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    D12 Junior Member

    I know this is an old thread, but I have a question relating to a theory of mine. I took the drug Dilantin for many years, and after switching off of it, for another seizure drug, I notice my sex drive fell way off and my balls and penis seemed to shrink up.

    The docs had no clue, but after some internet research, i was wondering if the Dilantin had inflated my testosterone levels for many years, and then when I stopped, they fell off again, but left a high E2 behind (as can also happen with long term dilantin use). Again, before I stopped DIlantin I had a great sex drive and not erection problems, and penis and testicle size was normal.

    This sounds like it would explain the problem. Do any docs on the site have an opinion?

    I am frusturated and my neurologist's only suggestion is to go back on Dilantin since that is when I felt best. However, I don't want to do that if that is only going to make the problem worse when I inevitably have to change to another seizure drug again.

    any thoughts are appreciated.
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    turbo_223 Junior Member

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