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Sharing my research on Testosterone Synthesis.

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I think I'm going to pay to have this patent translated by someone:


Unless someone will do it for free? Either way, this is a very popular patent and I think we need it.

A kind of synthesis testosterone method

The invention provides a kind of synthesis testosterone method, including: step 1, androstenedione is dissolved in the mixed solvent system of 5 15 times (weight ratios), is cooled to less than 10 DEG C;Step 2, is dissolved in potassium borohydride in the pure water of 8 15 times (weight ratios);Step 3, solution step 2 configured is added in feed liquid that 5 15 times of (weight ratio) steps 1 obtain, 5 DEG C to 10 DEG C;Step 4, reacts under the conditions of 5 DEG C to 10 DEG C to androstenedione reaction completely, adds the glacial acetic acid of weight is described potassium borohydride 15 40%, to destroy the potassium borohydride of excess, then decompression and solvent recovery, add water, filter, obtain crude product;Step 5, crude product obtains testosterone fine work through ethyl alcohol recrystallization.

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