Testosterone Troches for Women

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    Has anybody here used testosterone troches 2 - 5mg daily?

    I was just prescribed 2mg daily and I am in my early 30s. Would 2mg do anything to a woman?

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    Hey I saw ur post in another thread along w this one and if u dont mind I'd like to ask u a few things. My girl was prescribed the 2mg troches did em for a month felt zilch upped it to 3mgs been doin that for a week and a half. Nothing yet. I see in the other post u got zilch as well. You also said u switched to injectable from your bf. So I guess what I wanna ask is how long did u take the troches? How high did u ever go on them doelse wise b4 u stopped? Did u feel anything? And my gf is down for injections but I'm not sure if her dr will give it to her. I have 210 mg/ml test cyp from a RX that I take. Is that similar to what u take of your bf stuff? I was thinking of using an insulin needle and doing like between .15ml and .2mls weekly of mine. That would be around 30 to 40mgs a week. Is that roughly similar to what ur doing and what results have u seen? Shes beyond frustrated and she eats good tracks her macros works out like a champ w me 6 days a week but cant seem 2 get anywhere. Any help or feedback u can give me would be awesome thanks!!!!
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    Since essentially ALL gonadal/ovarian E-2 is derived from TT the statement is physiologically CORRECT, but very misleading, and wo clinical relevance, bc females rapidly convert TT into estrogens or other organ specific steroids, before much of the former exits the cellular matrix.

    To that end one could also argue
    Progesterone is the most abundant hormone in males AND females since PG is the precursor to all endogenous steroids.

    As for the other gotcha debunked myths the the majority seem unreasonable bc once again the authors failed to gualify their statements, “assuming therapeutic
    dosages of TT are provided by practioners

    Some PEER reviewed journals are not worth the paper they are printed on and THIS is one of them.
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  5. Thank you for taking the time to analyze that article, much appreciated!
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    Many curious statements such as "true masculinization is not possible". The transgender community would not like such thoughts but changing gender is a fantasy no matter how many hormones and surgeries one has. If it walks like a duck it might not be a duck.

    It would be interesting if any female BB would post a response to whether they have permanently become 'male-ish'. Of course the author states from the outset that T is not to be compared to synthetic androgens.

    As for bias, yea articles are and the author could have spent time to make it more appetizing to peers. Let the peers roar. Considering the enormous bias against androgens of all sorts and all causes, it was rather refreshing. And his references are as valid as any anti-T articles.

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    I think it’s a travesty few, if any LOW dose, clinical trials have compared the utility of testosterone rather than estrogen as female HRT.

    Proof positive medical dogma can be more difficult to overcome than Bro lore.

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    My endo said they don't give women T. But my sister-in-law has it in her HRT. But you are right, if aromatization works the same after menopause, then supplying T might do the trick.

    The contradictions and hysteria from docs about T replacement make no sense. Its like questioning the 'trinity' and 'hell-fire'. They seem to have adopted a little tune from religions: "Low T loves me this I know, cause the FDA tells me so ..." And studies dare not contradict the deacons of science. This goes on in most medical subjects, not just hormones.

    Bro lore just made me cringe. Ironically, its demonstrates a relative safety of androgens. The way they are taken, often without a plan or even knowing what they are swallowing is amazing. If T was the poison that its painted to be, then BB should be dropping like flies in a DDT rainstorm. There are a few dead flies on the windowsill (and who knows about longevity effects) but most get by.

    Good luck overcoming the lore! But your efforts are appreciated.
  9. Gender is social or cultural, so basically what society says is male vs female, sex is biological and can’t really be changed. If I’m not mistaken things like deepening of the voice, breast atrophy, hirsutism, facial hair, scalp hair loss, clitoral enlargement possibly are irreversible. Could be wrong on some of those.

    Here is a female BB Denise Ruthowski, before, during and after

    2720C68C-3359-4005-AC69-0FEB8DE9EB0C.jpeg 02759A41-34A3-4939-8387-8CD898AEBB5F.jpeg

    Quite a manly look while she was juicing.
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    Most of the masculinizing effects
    of AAS are reversible with discontinuation and in due course except one, vocal changes.

    But once again the cumulative dose being cycled plays a major role in preventing their development.

    An ounce of prevention IS worth a pound of cure in this instance for sure.
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    The 1st and 2nd pictures show a person who cares about her appearance albeit with different goals in mind. The 'after' picture shows a person who appears depressed or otherwise no longer attempts to groom. Looks a bit like a meth user.
    Most women I know wax their face, shave their legs, and style their hair. About 10% of the women in the region where I live look similar to the 3rd picture. They are not former BBers. They are post menopausal, have health/hormone issues, and don't care about their looks. Usually feel poorly and depressed and often are not out in public. Some look like that and are active and happy. (She looks like my neighbor who is an artist, activist and happy).
    Do we know the whole story of Denise Ruthowsk? Why did she stop AAS? Did she hit the limit and have a midlife crisis that is so typical of men (some who start using recreational drugs)? Did she decide it was futile and 'hollow' to care about looks? What are the medical measurements of her voice, breasts, facial hair, clitoris, etc. before, during and after? Did she mess up her hypothalamic function as can happen with men doing AAS? Exactly what androgens and what doses and combinations did she use in each cycle?

    The pictures of are typical of the medias attempt to vilify androgens using emotionally shocking pictures or stories. Or are we to believe that once a woman starts to 'juice' she will eventually loose the ability to use a comb and wax?

    Dr. Josefina Monasterio is 71 years old whereas the above is 56 years old. Clearly there is more to the story.

    Albert Einstein looks like this. Is this because E=m(c*c)? Maybe too much math? Looks like a math-head.
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  12. Yea idk her entire story, that last photo is a mugshot from her evading arrest arrest. I think she got into booze or drugs, but I doubt that goatee is from the drugs and alcohol but the unkempt appearance probably is. She was an Olympia runner-up, and in the 2nd photo looks like a straight up dude so I’m guessing she was using the more potent aas.
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    Oops, I think I am kind of late to the party. Let me know if you still need a response, I know its been a while.
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    On a related note, clitoral enlargement isn't necessarily a negative.

    One of the girls I hook up with has a clit about the size of the very tip of my pinkie. Mind-blowing and multiple orgasms.

    When she started she got a ton of shit advice from the 'bros' and did way too much too fast.

    That and a slight deepening of her voice are the only noticeable side effects that've endured though.
  15. Yes, yes it has been awhile. Good to see you back on the forums. We're always in need of another female that lives the lifestyle and knows what she's talking about. Hope to see you around more often.
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