Testoviron depot bayer..real or fake

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  1. Shujaat

    Shujaat Member

    Hi all,
    I just got a pack of testoviron depot (Thailand) and wanted to know if it looks legit. The liquid is very thick, all amps have same texture of labels, same liquid quantity.....let me know if it looks legit ..

    Thanks .....

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  2. Bradly

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    they look like the ones I tried:
    Fake Testoviron Depot?

    I lost my natty card to these from 24 back in the day. I dont know if they were legit or fake but there was definitely test in em. ymmv
  3. Shujaat

    Shujaat Member

    Thanks brad....I have used Pakistan bayer test before those are good to go but Thailand is new stuff for me....I used meditech test recently (last shot 28th Feb 2017) but I guessed it was under dosed by far....
  4. Shujaat

    Shujaat Member

    Any one?
  5. seventhltd

    seventhltd Member

    These look good to me brother I've used Bayer Thailand manufacturer in Germany test e for years from what I can see they look good to go..amps shape with squared off shoulders of amps to square cut labels.. you say oil is thick blue dot looks good..with that said counterfeits are getting better and better but from my experience they check out..only other thing to do now is use and get your levels tested and see where they put you at..how much you planning on using brother ?
  6. Shujaat

    Shujaat Member

    Many thanks seventh....my source is ifbb pro and more of a workout partner so I am hopping that it's legit...I will use 500 mg for 10 weeks along with tren hex 300mg for 10 weeks....seems a low dose but I am getting closer to 40 and health and recovery is a priority as well....
  7. seventhltd

    seventhltd Member

    Welcome shujaat...def feel you brother as we age it's just nice to stay in shape and not go after the overly big muscle look Def feel you on that...I think the hex and test dosages look perfect man... you'll def see your body change on this cycle can't go wrong with a tren and test cycle lol...happy growing my friend keep us updated how you like the thai version of Bayer test brother
  8. master.on

    master.on Member

    They are fake/counterfeit
    absolutely no BIG PHARMA lab uses printed labels
    they all have ink (usually white) glued on the glass vial and very hard to scratch off.

    that 'Berlin, Germany' is BS
    Bayer will surely outsource production meant for a crappy country like Thailand.
    i.e. I've been in Mexico and EVERYTHING be it Primoteston, Sostenon (mexican Sustanon), Nebido, Deca
    everthing is made in either Mexico or Brazil
    and they all had embossed ink
  9. seventhltd

    seventhltd Member

    Brother have you been to Thailand before?? They sell these in pharmacies there.. these are the number one test they prescribe to Thai population... If you contact Bayer themselves they can tell you these are made in Berlin Germany and imported by Bayer Thai Co Ltd there is a Bayer facility in Bangkok I belive it is.. . There is a shit load of fakes/counterfeit in Thailand as well and there is certain ways to spot real vs fake /counterfeit but these look real to me they have been importing paper label Testoviron for years now to Thailand ... Also rotex medica is another test e imported into Thailand they use clear sticker labels not all big pharma company's use ceramic writing on there amps.. Also Bayer pushes out Bayer rimobolan with paper labels
  10. Shujaat

    Shujaat Member

    Seventh it's confirmed good quality stuff ...No pip and the liquid is above 1 ml take hell of draw them in 3cc syringe....my weight is up by 3lbs in a week...sex drive is getting better .....
  11. Lauderdaleboy

    Lauderdaleboy Member

    AC56D4BE-D83C-41AF-AC27-9F1610AFE058.jpeg Good Gear running this Bayer Testoviron from Pakistan shit is like syrup it’s so damn thick even with a 22g
  12. Shujaat

    Shujaat Member

    yeah that surely is I am from pakistan and have used those test which we get over the counter....it was my first time on thialand gear and so I ask the question.....I am using paki testosterone 750mg a week, 50 mg drols turkish pharma quality for 6 weeks, and 300mg tren enanthate thiager pharma this cycle will be 10 weeks in duration...
  13. NewTEX

    NewTEX Member

    Looks like what I buy in Bangkok ,,never seen fake testovirion as of yet.i go every year.
  14. Shujaat

    Shujaat Member

    yeah those thialands were good stuff for sure 100 percent legit

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  16. ironwill1951

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    please don't reply to posts unless your asked to. everyone is tired of your shitty posts.

  17. kirkdrosin

    kirkdrosin Junior Member

    It is fake! I was prescribed this by a Dr in Pattaya January 2018. Had the stuff tested in March at the Mayo Clinic in the USA. The results were weak/positive. The Thai's are selling a watered down version!
  18. kirkdrosin

    kirkdrosin Junior Member

    They are fake. I had it tested at the Mayo Clinic in USA March 2018!
  19. pharmasource

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    In Thailand is only one real Testoviron.
    Manufactuer is Bayer Thai Co.ltd - Bangkok
    Distributor is DKSH Thailand - Bangkok

    Original pack 20x1ml amp
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  20. Shujaat

    Shujaat Member

    it worked well but as of now I am using bayer pakistani testovirion and I got them from pharmacy I cant see much diff in the two