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    Hello all. I'm ThaChef and I'm a professional chef and nutritionist. I help my clients achieve the physique of their dreams through proper nutrition. I love to help people achieve their goals. Food and bodybuilding are my life. I'm here to help anyone who has any questions about nutrition, so please don't hesitate to ask. I look forward to meeting you guys and gals.
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    What's the catch??
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  3. ThaChef

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    I'll take all of the AAS advice I can in return. I'm here to grow with you guys. I have the food part down but have a lot to learn as far as AAS.
  4. ThaChef

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    If anyone has questions feel free to ask. I'll be picking everyone's brains about how to read my lab results, cycle advice, and general fitness information.
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    I saw that thread. It looks great but I'm afraid the trolls are already trying to get rid of me. Haha. I don't think my help is wanted here. Have a good one Boiler. Thanks for the kind words.
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    Didn't see this before, your post in the steroid forum. But my welcome was sincere. Was just saying you gotta have thick skin here man ! ;) Again welcome to Meso man.
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    You do need thick skin here brother as we are all very suspicious of the trolls, shills and retards. Make good posts and be helpful and then you'll earn the respect of the others. That's how this board rolls.

    As for AAS, you can peruse the Steroid forum and ask questions in there.

    Don't let the trolls ruin your stay and OGH is good people...he eats trolls for lunch haha.
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  9. rubisean

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    I am definatly down with you being here and offering your help
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  10. ThaChef

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    I appreciate it man. Let me know if I can help in any way.
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    Fucking a! Welcome- great intro. Post a list of simple recipes with a grocery list for a 1 week diet at 6000 calories a day 450-500 grams protein per day free of chicken breast and I'll make sure the trolls leave you alone.... I'm the head troll asshole last time I checked.
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  12. MythotiK

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    I would love a "Good" cutting menu, low carb, high protein!!!!! Taste yummy kinda thing
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  13. ThaChef

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    Wow! That's a lot of work. I'll spend some time This week putting together exactly what you're looking for.

    Sick of chicken, are we? Also, are you lactose intolerent? This will require a lot of milk to get some extra calories.
  14. ThaChef

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    I can come up with something for you. Give me a few days to come up with a menu. I'll make a thread.
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    My feeling are hurt :( lol !
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  16. MythotiK

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    Thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  17. Mr.B66

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    Im very happy to see someone with your credentials has joined us, and look forward to learning a lot more about nutrition.
    Welcome to meso chef its great to have you here
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  18. ThaChef

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    I appreciate it.
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  19. greenddog1

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    Welcome and looking forward to your thread!
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    Welcome ThaChef. Any bit about your workout and cycle history?