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  1. Hello Meso Members,

    Apologies in advance for the long winded intro but we would rather get all the info done and dusted in the first post so it can be a nice reference stop in the future of this particular thread.

    We have been in the game as a completely private source for many years, specializing in the international wholesale distribution of products primarily from the South East Asian region, serving as a direct on the ground link between the manufacturers and potential large scale buyers the world over, handling all matters relating to the order process.

    We have recently decided to have a go at a concept idea by putting up a small website aimed primarily at mid-scale wholesale buyers but also offering products in retail volumes. The concept is to allow potential buyers and users of these products to finally be able to come to a place where they are guaranteed the original article direct from the source. We hope this idea will get a lot of exposure and will also allow some of the great brands from this side of the world, who we work closely with, a chance to gain their reputation back. Out of all the popular jurisdictions where gear often comes from, the region that has the greatest potential in terms of current top quality brands, easy access to quality raw ingredients and manufacturing ability within the lines of the law is without a doubt South East Asia. Unfortunately this jurisdiction is also the region where counterfeiting is most rampant. This has led to a number of A Grade quality brands being shunned by the AAS community because of the spineless efforts of these counterfeiters to make a buck off the hard work and dedication of others.

    Our current large scale buyers have done their best for many years at educating their respective customers and AAS communities they are involved in regarding counterfeits and attempting to save the reputation of the brands they supply, but the trend seems to thicken and brands are constantly driven into the ground with zero wrongdoing on their behalf besides being quality enough to counterfeit. Some may call this the ultimate compliment but it ultimately trends towards being the ultimate downfall of brands in the digital age.

    From the outset of our concept we are running with only 2 of our most in demand products just to see how much exposure we get and how things go. March Pharmaceutical CO LTD: Danabol DS Blue Hearts & Stanozolol. Some of the most popular products the world over, with people going as far as to say that they put South East Asian steroids scene on the map. These particular products are shrouded in controversy regarding authenticity and are also heavily affected by the counterfeiting of South East Asian products. A highly popular, perfect pair to begin with.

    We chose Meso as all of us involved have over the years seen it as one of the most upstanding, transparent and legitimate sources of AAS info on the net today. Top quality knowledgeable veteran members, highly popular and well ranked in searches and to add to that Millard Baker is also one of the very few board operators who seemingly makes it his priority to remain objective and report only on the facts, with great knowledge and up to date inside info. We are not in the game of the whole “board sponsor” set up. The majority of these setups offer zero transparency and hide the truth from viewers of the net by giving sources free reign on their spamming and moderating abilities. The Steroid Underground forum on Meso offers a unique, transparent platform and gives us a place not only to generate exposure for our concept but also a place to help educate viewers on the brands coming out of the jurisdiction we specialize in. Not to mention a place for customers to openly and honestly review our service.

    On a side note we do not expect to generate a huge amount of sales from our posting on Meso. This is not our aim. Education and worldwide exposure on current and future products is our objective as this will ultimately benefit our wholesale clients. We have also made it our duty to protect the best interest of our current clients, employees and partners and are therefore not offering sales to the USA through our site. The reason for this is obvious with the long arm of the USA steroid law in recent years. It would be negligent and careless on our behalf to open ourselves and current customers up to a potential bust from going public with our service. The demographic of Meso members is primarily USA based and to all of you we apologize that you are unable to take full advantage of our offering, you are however able to use our offering to educate yourselves and others on the products from our region and safe guard yourselves in the event that you ever seek to purchase these products.
    We run a very busy setup and employing reps goes against the grain of our concept, so bear with us in regards to replies on the forum. We are here on Meso and we are here to stay. Please check out our site as it should cover any questions you may have about us and please direct any questions related directly to our service to the contact section on our site. General discussion about products from South East Asia or any other non-service direct questions you may have may be posted up here on the forum, we are happy to answer any and all questions and we will reply when available!

    Thanks for the read and I hope we are of some use both to the Meso community and with our services provided.

    Best Regards,

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    neat intro, sounds good to me- except the lame part that says I cant order.
    Hated it.
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    Those are some pretty cheap blue hearts. Not trying to be cynical but as the saying goes, if it sounds too good to be true it.... you know the rest
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    Decided to edit my post. Didn't want reveal too much of my past.
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  5. Hey Johnny Ballz,

    I rate too good to be true might include some US shipping (lots of lost customers for a scammer?), maybe credit card payments aswel? Free GH and a pet tortoise;) And thanks for the compliment on the pricing, those levels on the site were thoroughly debated and ultimately think we came in at a decent sweet spot for the volumes. Imagine what large volume pricing is like;)

    As stated wholesale is our thing and when we say direct from source that's not bells and whistles banter like some other sources out there, we could send a member to go and watch some hearts being made in the lab right now if we wanted. I understand your skepticism and who can blame you with the current trends in the AAS world but give us a shot (not in terms of sales, just support), we are here for the greater good and we are the real deal with MANY years and MANY supplied sources under our belt... If there is one community in particular we would like to prove this too it is Meso.
  6. Attic,

    As stated we very sorry about this! Got to keep our current customers best interest at heart and on mind! Ever any questions about SEA gear legitimacy, quality or other questions related and we'll be at your service on Meso.
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  8. That a good or bad thing coming from a senior member?
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    well its not bad, id say neither, but its quite possibly good for you, since it might draw interest to you.
    to be honest, im intrigued too, but im gonna stay away, mostly because of not knowing anyone with experience in dealing with you.
  10. Skofan, see you from Scandinavia a welcomed customer. Fair play and we understand, we wont be getting any "shills" or whatever they call them on Meso (surprised how prevalent they are on some of the threads, a bit sad) to convince you so might be a while, hang in there! Not much we can say to convince you unfortunately. Thanks for checking us out though!
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    If I had to guess, and that's all it is..."a guess". I suspect your legit. Distributors are prevalent in Asia and India. So many Farang's wanting to live in Bangkok....and looking for a way to make a living. Can't blame em... I almost went that route. Although I suspect your op is not that big, in fact you might just be starting out. I'm sure you'll protest.
  12. Hey Superman4hire,

    The intro skepticism is to be expected and its obvious that we are going to be dealt our fair share in our early stages on the Meso Forum. I could urge you not to make unfounded and to be honest demeaning comments about your thoughts of our potential profile, but hey its an open forum isn't it? Everyone is entitled negligent of their grounds.

    However in light of your generalization which you suspect or presume i will protest, you are wrong. Protesting a post like yours is pointless, you're a higher ranked member and prospective users of our service and followers of our advise will on the whole take your post in higher esteem on Meso. Sad unfortunately, but true. Sucks for us but your right at the end of the day to say what you wish and all things considered maybe a sign that we should take a look at the professionalism of both our activity on here and the structure and professionalism of our website considering we can be classed with "Farang's wanting to live in Bangkok....and looking for a way to make a living" oh and this part "I suspect your op is not that big, in fact you might just be starting out."

    Hope your initial profile of us is not shared by a large percentage otherwise the list of purely speculative negatives against us is going to keep growing. We accept the challenge however this prototype is not a piss in the dark its something we intend on carrying through. :notworthy:
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    Sucuri says site is clean but malwarebytes blocks access to it.
  14. Hey Millard,

    Will have to consult our computer guy in that regard. Potentially have something to do with our hosting service, anything goes, great privacy but obviously abused by their customers. All I can tell you is that we are not the culprit and I know there was some issue in regard to ddos attacks across multiple servers under their control a few months ago which was their first issue in regards to feedback dating back over 4 years. So yea no expert myself maybe you can shed some light on the relevance of this.
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    He didn't like your saying they are just starting up. I thought he was saying it was a start up when he was trying to show off his slick style of writing by calling his company a "Concept" company.
    Superman, If I had to bet I would go with your thoughts are closer to the truth than the OP who tries to paint a mysterious and exciting life he and his cohorts lead in SouthEast Asia. Where all the finest gear has come from over the years.
    Didn't this guy say the board decided to serve up only 2 products as a revolutionary way of thinking and doing business. Please. Your putting a little bit to much on it there Mr World Traveler and business man. I'm pretty sure this is just another drug dealer that spun a silly story and is sticking to it.
    You can extend your shelf life by being able to cover your true situation online. You're certainly not built for the streets. You'd get slapped for fronting like your a big shot. It's all downhill after that.
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    I think you need to contact malwarebytes to have it resolved:

    Website Blocking - Malwarebytes Forum
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    Been there, so prove me wrong. Can't for a host of reasons, I get it. Legit or not. No refs...yikes.
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    I'm sure I'll get a seemingly reputable, and well articulated retort composed mostly of bs.
  19. Not referring to the company as a concept.. Referring to our idea of direct to market wholesale and authentic brand exposure as a concept, pretty simple goes in line with the definition of concept as well so ill take your sense of hostility towards it as senseless forum banter on further speculative opinions.

    No slickness, no revolution, if your interpretation draws a response from you like that then so be it. Mysterious excitements, World traveling, Drug dealing and slapping motherfuckers? A bit bizarre. Excited for the next post that has a go at us;) The only person sending anything down hill is you with hostile and totally speculative insults, based on unfounded opinions posted on an open forum. What is your aim? To insult and bash "someone" or a "concept company" that you know absolutely nothing about? Does it give your HPTA a boost or something:rolleyes:? Mr forum big shot? Unreal...