The 40-Rep Method ? ~OGH

Discussion in 'Training Forum' started by Oregongearhead, Feb 29, 2020.

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    Looks like a great way to break through a plateau
  2. Demondosage

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    I believe this stuff and it's very similar to how I train now. I take my rep count into some sick shit sometimes.

    I have "openers" in a workout such as a single set of cable flys x 100 reps straight through
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    I actually REALLY like this idea OGH,

    My opener for EVERY workout is usually between 30 and 40 for my warm up.
    Shocks the muscle really nicely.

    I find chest and triceps respond very well to this method.
    My tricep growth since I've started doing this is wild, even while being off gear and on pct.
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    lol that's insane
    100 reps would gas me the fuck out
  5. Demondosage

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    Hers one for you guys I came up with on leg presses. Take a low stance and go all the way rock bottom

    Set 1- 45 lb plate per side x 100 reps
    Set 2- 2 plates per side x 50 reps
    Set 3-3 plates per side x 25 reps
    Set 4- 4 plates per side x 12 reps
    Set 5- 5 plates per side x 8-12 reps
    Optional sets 6 & 7- go up an additional plate each set and try for at least 6-12 reps if you can

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  6. Demondosage

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    It changes your mentality, when you go back to standard sets it's easier. I find that starting my chest with a chest opener exercise benefits me and keeps injury risk lower
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    Funny that this should be brought up, I recently went to this method somewhat.

    I use push / pull days where the first push and pull days in the week are heavy and the remaining 2 push pull days are light with a minimum of one hundred reps.
    Been doing this for 4 weeks and I'm getting results where before I was stuck on a plateau.
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    I'll have to lower the weight and try it.
    Might be able to do it lol.

    I'm just usually sucking air and sweating like a beast on my usual workout, let a see if I can actually kill myself with 100 reps as an opener lol
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  9. Demondosage

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    Start with 20 lbs per side.

    Now, here is another twist I throw into them;
    Start your first 10 reps standing in line with the weight stacks, next 10 reps take a half step forward, next 10 reps take another half step forward. After each 10 rep mark you step out another half step so by last 10 you are standing about 5 or 6' out for the most maximum stretch possible
  10. LeoTC

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    Tend to do accessory work in high rep ranges. Always seen the most growth keeping sets to 25-50.

    Especially if you start at a reasonable/moderate weight to acclimate and steadily bring it up. Legs and arms respond like crazy, seen a lot of widening targeting my late with cables as well.

    If in feeling really good I'll do 100 rep sets, but still keep it to 4 total.
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    This also.

    Started with a version of CTs triceps gauntlet for years. Dumbbell Floor Press, Rack Rows, Leg Press.

    It definitely wakes you the fuck up.
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    Genuinely asking here: doing this even for a few months, wouldn't you imagine it would begin to take a huge toll on your joints?
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  13. Silentlemon1011

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    My joints feel better than when I lift heavy for sure.

    I have 2 partial torn triceps
    They respond well to the higher reps, the heavier weight hurts like hell.

    Our bodies are quite simply not meant to lift as heavy as we do lol.
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  14. Demondosage

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    No, it's the opposite. You're creating a new stimulus and intensity without heavy weights.

    As someone who had his tricep tendon surgically reattached last summer I can tell you that I didn't lose a bit of size training like this. From June until now my tricep is still recovering, it's about 75% I would say, MAYBE it'll be back close to 100% in another 6 months. I had to find different ways to train and I can attest to the effectiveness of these two schemes for ppl who have built a solid foundation. Anything less than abt 5 years in the gym then no, but for the ones who are more injury prone from years of heavy training it works. Remember, even when form is spot on, nutrition is spot on, recovery is spot on, our joints are like door hinges. Eventually that hinge is gonna creak and wear out
  15. Mac11wildcat

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    I use this methodology regularly, just called cluster sets.

    I choose a weight after warmups and a rep total. Looks something like this:
    warmup to a working weight that would be failure at x reps

    choose a rep total
    choose a per set total (something like x-2 or 3)

    do sets of those number of reps with 20-30s breaks, go until you can’t or you reach that rep total. Ideally you reach that rep total +/-3 reps right when the weight becomes failure at that x-2 or 3 reps.
  16. Silentlemon1011

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    Kind of like this?

    (Side note, I'm a huge John Meadows fan, the guy is awesome)

    Watch "How To Use "Cluster Sets" | High Intensity Techniques" on YouTube

    Obviously playing with the rep counts of course
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    This sounds like rich Pianas feeder sets he would do at night. He’d focus on a body part at night for a few months and do 100-300 reps I think with real light weight. I do something similar. I start everyday in the gym with a 100 reps of 50 lbs on the leg press. Having been moving the weight up as I go but always 100 reps straight. The idea is to pump blood into the muscle. Over time the body will make new vessels and viens. Your not really building muscle doing this. You’re building the highway to get blood in and out. The more roads and highways you have the more muscle building you can do later because you’ll be able to get the nutrients in and waste out.
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    It almost seems like some guys haven't even bothered to read the link.
    If you can rep a weight for 8, subsequent sets are usually lower in reps, especially if rest time is shortened.
    In the article, you can lift x amount of weight for 8 reps. But don't get 8 on the others. Instead of lowering the weight to get 8 reps, you continue, with however many "sets" you need. 8 reps × 5 sets = 40 reps, or x reps × y sets = 40. I've always trained in a similar fashion.
    Another variable is to throw in is time. Pick an exercise, a weight, and rep it out. 40 reps in 15 minutes is better than 40 reps in 20.
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    My knees and shoulders be screaming by then, lmao.

    Interesting program though and thanks for sharing this @Oregongearhead! Something like this with light weight be a good thing for us oldsters.
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