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    Happy Friday Meso, I represent The Anabolic Store and I would like to introduce our website to the members of MESO. We are based in the UK and we offer worldwide shipping, we currently stock oils, orals, HGH, pct products and more.


    We have a close relationship with the Labs that we stock in our store though we are not involved in the brewing process we are very confident in the quality of their product and we assure you after you give them a try you will be impressed with our gear.

    Our Products
    We sell all your expected Injectable products, a wide range of Oral steroids, Fat Burners, HGH, viagra and PCT as well as products for On Cycle Support. Our PCT and OCS products are sourced from a pharmacy and come in their original packaging.

    Currently on our website you can find special offers such as 3 for $120 on all Alliance products, you can pick and choose which compounds you would like.

    We currently accept Card Payments (through a third party payment app), Bitcoin and Western Union. We do not store any of your information or take any payment details on our website. You will be emailed payment instructions immediately after placing your order.

    Your orders are shipped from the UK and packages are vacuum sealed and Mylar bagged to ensure successful shipping.

    USA: (5-12 Days) $20

    Europe: (3-5 Days) $15

    Rest of World: (5-15 Days) $20

    All Orders Over $150 = FREE SHIPPING

    UK: (1-3 Days) FREE

    If your order is seized by customs we will re-ship for free.

    Testing / Bloods
    Any members of Meso who would be interested in posting bloods or testing our products please let us know as this is something we are very interested in doing.

    The first 3 people to post uncapped bloods in this thread as per the regular guidelines will receive $150 in store credit.

    Special Offers

    If you place an order by the 31st of January 2019 you will receive a discount code with your order that will entitle you to 20% OFF ALL future orders with us for life.
    Any 3 Alliance Injectable Products for $120:
    Jenapharm Somatropin HGH (10 x 100iu) for $180:
    Anavar (100 x 10mg) for $49:
    Dianabol (100x 10mg) for $25:
    Winstrol (100 x 10mg) for $35:
    Test P (100mg) for $35:
    50% Off Bulking Stacks:

    How To Contact Us

    Or fill out the contact form on our website.

    Exclusively for MESO-RX members (Until 01/31/19) we are offering a 15% discount on your order.
    Use the code 'MESO' when you checkout.

    In closing I would like to say that we are a fairly new business and so as we do not have much of a reputation on this forum I do expect a lot of questions and an intense vetting process. I will try my best to answer all your questions and provide the best possible service to MESO members.

    We will be making a donation to TheAnabolicLab at some point over the next few weeks.

    Our Website
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    1st mothafuckas
  3. TheAnabolicStore

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    Hahaha man I'm fucking dying.
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    Yea this was a good way of handling my dumb jackass post of being 1st. Nice job @TheAnabolicStore welcome to MESO, I hope you’re ready.
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    So you are just a reseller of dynamic and alliance? And why do you have that shit on your site that pops up with "someone in this city and this country just placed an order?"
  7. eje1990

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    Debit and credit cards....
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  8. Got typos on your site. Says tren e 100mg but picture on box says 200mg. Same with test e says 100mg but picture shows 200mg. Do yall pay as much attention to detail with your opsec as you do with web design? Just curious...
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    Don't think anyone can quite be ready for the onslaught of MESO, but thank you brotha.

    Was a fancy little addition by our web design team, I might take it off if enough people complain that it is annoying.

    Regarding card payments, they are taken through a third party app meant for sending payments to friends/family. The same concept as Western Union / Moneygram just more convenient for a lot of people. 100% not connected to our website so the payments cannot be traced back to your purchase.

    Thank you for letting us know. Has been fixed.
    Typos can happen but we do not slip up when it comes to opsec.
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    Emailed you
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    Diving right in huh?
  12. Waduhek

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    Shooting him an email I assume for an order?
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    Ahhh yes sorry bro didn't catch you.
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  15. Well damn, I guess it is Friday.
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    And here we go for New Source Friday so let the games begin!
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    Lol yeah that's all I meant by diving in. They show up this morning. I'm usually pretty cautious jumping on a new source. Usually a good sign is if they donate to Anabolic Lab.

    @TheAnabolicStore you should really consider a nice donation to Anabolic Lab. @rpbb would be very appreciative of your efforts for doing so :D
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    Your girls butthole pics asap
  19. tengtren

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    And when will be see a banner saying you've donated to anabolic labs .com?
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    Yeah, has any of their gear been tested
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