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  1. TheAnabolicStore

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    A dosage of 50/50/25/25 for Clomid and 25mg throughout for tamoxifen would be the first step in a HPTA restart.

    HCG would be needed for most people (I've heard of people being successful without HCG). As for dosages it would be at least 500iu twice a week.

    Would definitely be worth asking around to see if anyone has run a successful hpta restart and what dosages they run
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  2. Gaynz39

    Gaynz39 Member

    @TheAnabolicStore is the 20% off sale, and BOGO on Orals still going on? I wanted the Organon Sust. When will you have those again, and what’s the price per box? Looking to put an order in.
  3. T-Bagger

    T-Bagger Member

    Did you see he has German pharma GH at good prices?
  4. Gaynz39

    Gaynz39 Member

    No, I’ll go check the Website out. I put the brakes on the GH for now.
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  5. TheAnabolicStore

    TheAnabolicStore Member Supporter

    You receive a 20% Discount code for life when you spend $250 in one order.

    Right now you can use code MESO for 15% off.

    Expired Sustanon has sold out but we've got some which is in date at a very good price.

    1 Box [$30]
    2 Boxes [$55]
    4 Boxes [$100]
    10 Boxes [$225]

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  6. TheAnabolicStore

    TheAnabolicStore Member Supporter

    Updated price list for anyone browsing

    Test400 (Test Blend)
        ↳   Brand dynamic-labs    $70.00
    Get Ripped (Blend)
        ↳   Brand dynamic-labs    $65.00
    tren Enanthate
        ↳   Brand dynamic-labs    $65.00
        ↳   Brand hi-tech-pharma    $69.00
        ↳   Brand omega-meds    $73.00
    Test Enanthate
        ↳   Brand hi-tech-pharma    $65.00
        ↳   Brand omega-meds    $72.00
    Sustanon (Test Blend)
        ↳   Brand alliance-healthcare    $70.00 $65.00
        ↳   Brand dynamic-labs    $67.00
        ↳   Brand hi-tech-pharma    $70.00
        ↳   Brand omega-meds    $78.00
        ↳   Brand alliance-healthcare    $65.00
        ↳   Brand dynamic-labs    $60.00
        ↳   Brand hi-tech-pharma    $71.00
        ↳   Brand omega-meds    $77.00
        ↳   Brand dynamic-labs    $63.00
        ↳   Brand hi-tech-pharma    $65.00
        ↳   Brand omega-meds    $70.00
    Tri-Tren (Tren Blend)
        ↳   Brand dynamic-labs    $67.00
        ↳   Brand hi-tech-pharma    $73.00
        ↳   Brand omega-meds    $85.00
    Test Cypionate
        ↳   Brand alliance-healthcare    $62.00
        ↳   Brand dynamic-labs            $58.00
        ↳   Brand hi-tech-pharma         $67.00
        ↳   Brand omega-meds             $70.00
        ↳   Brand dynamic-labs    $68.00
        ↳   Brand omega-meds    $75.00
    Test Propionate
        ↳   Brand alliance-healthcare    $57.00
        ↳   Brand dynamic-labs    $57.00
        ↳   Brand hi-tech-pharma    $65.00
        ↳   Brand omega-meds    $67.00
    Tren Acetate
        ↳   Brand alliance-healthcare    $67.00
        ↳   Brand dynamic-labs    $62.00
        ↳   Brand hi-tech-pharma    $70.00
        ↳   Brand omega-meds    $72.00
    Organon sustanon 250
        ↳   Organon Sustanon 1-box           $30
        ↳   Organon Sustanon 2-boxes        $55
        ↳   Organon Sustanon 4-boxes        $100
        ↳   Organon Sustanon 10-boxes      $225
    Omega Meds
        ↳   Omega Meds deca-300mg    $77.00
        ↳   Omega Meds equipoise-250mg    $70.00
        ↳   Omega Meds masteron-100mg    $75.00
        ↳   Omega Meds primobolan-100mg    $97.00
        ↳   Omega Meds sustanon-300mg    $78.00
        ↳   Omega Meds test-cyp-200mg    $69.00
        ↳   Omega Meds test-e-250mg    $72.00
        ↳   Omega Meds test-p-100mg    $67.00
        ↳   Omega Meds tren-a-76mg    $72.00
        ↳   Omega Meds tren-blend-250mg    $85.00
        ↳   Omega Meds tren-e-150mg    $73.00
        ↳   Omega Meds aqua-winstrol-50mg    $76.00
    Expired Alliance Healthcare - Buy Any 3 for $120    $120.00
        ↳   Test C
        ↳   Test P
        ↳   Sustanon
        ↳   Tren A
        ↳   Deca
        ↳   Equipoise
        ↳   Novark 5mg $68.00
        ↳   Dynamic 10mg    $65.00
        ↳   Dynamic 50mg    $95.00
    turinabol 10mg    $47.00
    Anadrol 50mg    $85.00
    Dianabol 10mg    $38.00
        ↳ 10mg   $42.00
        ↳ 50mg    $75.00
    clenbuterol (Magnus) 40mcg    $55.00
    t3 by Uni-Pharma    $52.00
    Modafinil (200mg)
        ↳   Modafinil Size 10-tablets    $30.00
        ↳   Modafinil Size 20-tablets    $55.00
        ↳   Modafinil Size 30-tablets-1-box    $70.00
    Steroid Cycle for Beginners    $275.00
        ↳   2x Test E / Test C / Test P
        ↳   1x Bayer Proviron
        ↳   1x Anavar 50mg and 1x Anavar 10mg
    pct Stack    $225.00
        ↳   1x clomid
        ↳   1x tamoxifen
        ↳   1x arimidex
        ↳   1x Proviron
        ↳   10x viagra
    Viagra 100mg
        ↳   (10 Tablets)    $25.00
        ↳   (1 Tablet)    $3.50
    Cabaser (Caber) 1mg   $55.00
    Arimidex (Anastrozole)   $47.00
    aromasin (aromatase inhibitor)    $72.00
    Proviron    $37.00
    Pregnyl hcg (5000iu)    $35.00
    Clomid    $37.00
    Tamoxifen (nolvadex)    $38.00
    Somatropin HGH (100 IU)     $275.00
    Buy Injection Kit for Steroid Cycle
        ↳   Injection Kit Size 8 Weeks     $25.00
        ↳   Injection Kit Size 16 Weeks   $40.00
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  7. TheAnabolicStore

    TheAnabolicStore Member Supporter

    We've sold out of the expired Organon Sustanon but have plenty of Expired Alliance Sustanon which only expired in March 2019.

    We are planning to run a raffle or something similar again for the Alliance Sustanon this time.

    Alliance Test Blend.jpg

    ONLY $35
    For 10 x 250mg Ampoules

    Visit our website for full information.​
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  8. TheAnabolicStore

    TheAnabolicStore Member Supporter

    Quick question guys, would love you hear your opinions..

    Which brand holds the most value around here from;
    1. Alpha Pharma,
    2. Magnus Pharmaceutical
    3. Swiss Remedies
    4. Malay Tiger
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  9. SpicyGains321

    SpicyGains321 Member

    I’ve never tried any of them. The only one I’ve heard of is Magnus. People seem to love their clen. Go with the brand that you can find the most positive reviews on, brother. Just don’t change things up too much because you have some great gear on your hands with Alliance.

    I haven’t started the Omega Primo yet. Waiting until next cycle. Can’t wait to try it though. Expect feedback in 3 or so months. It’s just sitting there tempting me every time I go to inject...
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  10. TheAnabolicStore

    TheAnabolicStore Member Supporter

    Our BOGOF Promotion is back by popular demand, this weekend only.

    BUY 1 GET 1 FREE

    Get 1 FREE Oral from the following;
    Anavar 5mg
    Anavar 10mg
    Winstrol 10mg
    Dianabol 10mg
    turinabol 10mg
    clenbuterol 40mcg


  11. TheAnabolicStore

    TheAnabolicStore Member Supporter

    Also bringing in some new stock next week, mainly Magnus Pharma. We will have all the main injectables and a few orals. Everything comes with a verification code so you can authenticate your gear online.
  12. TheAnabolicStore

    TheAnabolicStore Member Supporter

    New website is coming next week and we will be having a huge 4th July sale for MESO.
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  13. Blakeyy

    Blakeyy Member

    Am from the uk also thinking about giving the GH a try if it was legit would save me a fortune in the shipping all the time. Never heard of the brand though anyone tried it or seen good or bad reviews on it ?

    Never mind scrap that stupid price $275 and not a single trace of that brand anywhere on the internet apart from on a website called simply steds or something and it doesn't even exist anymore when you open it. and it doesn't even say on there official website about making HGH??
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  14. TheAnabolicStore

    TheAnabolicStore Member Supporter

    The brand is Jenapharm which is a very well known brand in Germany with hundred of millions in revenue, see more here: Jenapharm - Wikipedia
  15. ScruffMcBuff

    ScruffMcBuff Member

    I placed an order yesterday and was wondering how long it takes to receive the following email confirming order and amount? Also, can anyone tell me what size needle i would need for pinning hcg? First time ordering but now not sure what size needle to get.
  16. TX_Hempknight

    TX_Hempknight Member Supporter

    29-30ga x 1/2" insulin syringe is what I use for all peptides and hcg.
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  17. midland2009

    midland2009 Member

    I use insulin syringes. Since you mix and inject with BAC water, it goes right in. No need to use bigger needles and build scar tissue.
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  18. ScruffMcBuff

    ScruffMcBuff Member

    Appreciate it thanks
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  19. ScruffMcBuff

    ScruffMcBuff Member

    Awesome thanks. I’m finally attempting a power pct to see how it goes. Hoping for the best but if not it’s the trt for life for me.
  20. TheAnabolicStore

    TheAnabolicStore Member Supporter

    Follow up emails are usually sent within the hour. Everything go smooth with payment?

    And as mentioned above insulin needles are good for HCG. PM your order number and I can have a pack thrown in with your order.
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