the anabolic supply in your area; Up or down?

Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by hulkhogan, Apr 21, 2012.

  1. hulkhogan

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    I am talking about real pharmaceuticals here not UGL as my area is flooded with that shit. I have seen enough oranges grow on legs that I wouldn't touch that shit with a 10 foot pole.

    Have you found the supply of real juice in your area drastically go down in the last 5 years?

    I live in Canada so we always had a shit load because of the vet stuff was around like crazy because of the # of farms we have in our province. There was a time I could get anything and everything I wanted within hours.
    These days the real shit is handled by a select few (Russian mob etc.) and they usually charge 15-20$ per amp but it's always real and always pharma grade stuff (not even vet).

    How is it in your area? Dry or wet?
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    Sorry my man I think most us people do not do hand to hand transactions if you get caught it's a felony class 3 i believe forgot or 2 maybe and if you have enough they may add charges like conspiracy to distribute, and even more. I know canada is more liberal here if you want a job at mcdonalds the rest of your life a felony doesn't look good on your record.
  3. hulkhogan

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    you're not making sense. If you order from a foreign source you can get importing which makes any of those charges look like mickey mouse charges. same in usa as it is in canada. it's a serious charge.

    You're better off doing hand to hand in the States rather than import... if you get charged. I lived inteh USA and if you order small it's ignored like here in Canada.
  4. mac111

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    can get pharma in ireland easily any time, no change here.
  5. shamrockbear1

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    Well try to beat a hand to hand transaction case in the court system with LE testimony, its easier to beat a package being sent to you, sorry I don't agree and with small amount for personal use they would even bother that's why they do seizure letters.... Not the case when you buy local even a small amount you get arrested and charged.... .
  6. RonnyT

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    There is no UG versus Human Grade since more then 60% of what you think is HG in fact is UG, and thats not an estimation but hard figures
    Not even talking about contracters, or do you really think Norma Hellas (or the Greek authorities) believes their "HG" Testosterones and Nandrolone is only used for medical purposes.

    And some UG labs where and are counterfeited too. Once a lab has a good reputation you'll see counterfiets pop-up everywhere. Best example is BD. its even available now the real owners are dead.
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    I just spent a year in cali and it was almost impossible to get anything. And anyone who could get it were selling 10 ml bottles of test for 150-200$. I'm sure Venice beach area it's quite easy if you know the right people.

    UG is every where in the state I'm in now but there's always some idiot claiming it's from a doctor and then another guy selling the same lab for 40$ less. I think it's best to find a good trustworthy source and stick with them if you do it hand to hand so at least you know what you're getting every time.
  8. hulkhogan

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    You can't trust those figures. A lot of fake HG running around but UGL have an incentive to make you believe that HG is all "fake"- you say fuck it and buy bacteria filled UGL and then you can watch them spin fantasies about "Test flu" while you are being poisoned slowly.

    If you travel there are TONS of countries where can walk into pharmacies, pay an "adviser" fee , and buy what and how much you want- Brazil, Pakistan, Philippines etc. It's hard to believe some of that doesn't make it back to the States. It does because i have personally done it myself. If you are veer in Brazil go to a pharmacy and see what is still available. You'll piss yourself. All real. Why do you think these Brazilian fighters are so jacked up and get popped so often.
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    I agree with you on this one Hulk, that makes no sence...