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  1. Rayger

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    Hey guys,

    I have been reading up about AAS for months now and I gotta say, the internet is not friendly to beginners with a load of websites/people tryna hustle with some obviously fake scam products. Makes me question pretty much everything, which is good I guess... In short I like what I see here at Meso(yes, even the weirdos)

    I'm almost 24yrs old 5'8 and currently at 165lbs. Athletic build. Have been doing sports since I was 12.

    At first my balls would shrink simply thinking of a test injection but after months of reading up I'm feeling much more comfortable about it (not going the typical oral only route haha).

    I have informed myself well but will deffo be asking the experienced folks here before running my first cycle.
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    Whoa.. that's deep, bro... Real deep.

    Welcome to the team.
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  3. Kpaxi

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    Let me know if you plan on running anything besides test on your first cycle. I have a lot of friends that started Test tren or Test dbol it Test Anadrol
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  4. Rayger

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    Much appreciated. I do have a test + dbol cycle worked out but was holding out on posting cuz i'm more interested in tren for the added recovery which is very much needed. The effect tren has on cardio is keeping me back since I do boxing and it is of importance.
    (Recovery > cardio)

    Thanks again, I'm here to learn so any info is much appreciated.
  5. Ozzy619

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    Id suggest Test with oral turinabol if you want to make some amazing first gains while putting your athletic performance through the roof. You will recover fine while on any cycle, Id highly suggest waiting on tren a few more cycle down the road. I personally use it to cut. Let me know if you have any questions and beware of the shitty ugl labs out there. You can check out the anaboliclab to see the results from each lab that has been mass spec'd.
  6. Rayger

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    I've read this somewhere else aswell. What is the reason for this? :)

    I have both test+dbol and test+tbol cycles written. I guess the Tbol would be better because of less water retention and a smaller chance of gyno.

    I will take your advice and wait with Tren for future cycles.
    I will post the test+tbol cycle in the Cycle Log please do let me know what you think of it.
  7. Rayger

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    In the steroid forum. Cycle log when I do start it
  8. Ozzy619

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    For your first cycle you wont need tren, wait until youre more advanced and know what your body can handle. Tren can fuck some guys up. Plus its not the best thing for athletic performance. I prefer tbol over dbol any day. Tbol will give you much better endurance and athletic ability and think it would be better suited for your goals. You can message me anytime for advice.