The Basics of Ordering Bloodwork

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    It comes up often, and I thought it would be helpful to have links all in one thread.

    For best results, get bloods taken pre cycle, mid cycle, and a couple months after pct.

    Pre cycle and post cycle bloods can be done the cheapest, You can order the "female hormone panel" from This test will give you blood info, LH, FSH test and estro numbers that are correct if your not on a cycle. This test costs $62 and often has discount codes available. also offers a female hormone panel and costs about $70.

    Mid cycle bloods can not be done as cheaply. The testing method needs to be LC/MS.
    The privateMD female panel cuts off at a test level of 1500.
    You can use the female hormone panel from

    If your cycle does not include deca, tren, or similar 19-nors you can use a few different tests from privateMD. PrivateMD will often give false readings from blood containing tren or deca. The tren shows up as E2 and the deca shows up as grossly exagortated test level.

    This hormone panel costs $99 and will give an accurate test number over 1500. uses Quest Diagnostics for there blood draws and lab work. uses LabCorp for blood draws and lab work.
    The company you order from functions as your DR and orders the tests for you. There are labs all over the country, it should be easy to find one near you.
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    Excellent post. I'll be referring back to this for sure. Thanks, burrr.

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    Yes good post Burrr. Thanks for the information bro.
  4. Excellent post. This topic comes up often. Good job, Burr.
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    Great post but if you can include the recommended dates to take pre mid post cycle blood work that will make it perfect , like for example take post cycle blood work 5-6 weeks post pct
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    How are guys getting bloods in ri, ny, mass? Without going to the doc..would be nice to have the option to get bloods as often as you felt needed.
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    The trick to getting labs in these statesis this. Purchase a amex gift card, use a fake address to a neighboring state which allows testing. Use your real name and dob. There is no address registered to the gift card so this works. Schedule a test in your neighboring state and bring your passport as I'd which does not have your address. I know this is a pain but it works. Pm me if you have questions.
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    @movingiron88 have you done that successfully? It's a fantastic idea if it would work without any problems relating to the fake address thing.
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    My buddy has done this and I am scheduled for tomorrow morning. I can post how it goes. I don't forsee any problems.
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    Awesome that's good to know. I guess you get your results via email since they don't have your real address to mail them?
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    Yes they email you a link and you sign in with email and password. Nothing is mailed. Results within 7 business days.
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    Too bad I dont have a passport. Do they definitely check for Id? Have heard yes and no.
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    I've never been asked for an ID. Most of the blood draw facilities are just one girl that works the counter and also draws the blood.
    I think it's very rare for them to ask for an ID.
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    Just got my blood drawn, it was easier then I thought. Like burr said just one woman working there and she didn't ask for I'd.
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    That looks familiar
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    Ny,NJ,RI residents, looks like directlabs/access dot com is the way to get labs without having to visit a doctor. I will be looking into a whole Lot more.
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    I used them last time @pmac928
    did the basic testosterone, Total, Hormone which gave me my baseline prebloods.

    for mid-bloods I ordered the Testosterone, Total, Women, Children, and Hypogonadal Males, LC/MS-MS

    cost me 24.00 for the order, 10.00 for the draw fee and the chart amount for the test
    basic blood testosterone level took aprox 36hrs for results with online viewing of the results

    blood draw was done through labcorp
    I took my Canadian passport with me just in case (didn't need it), but they did check and record my drivers license
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    So your total was 34.00? And did you do it in nj?
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    Nope NY. In Canada to get bloods you have to have a drs requisition for it. I'm close to NY so far better for me to go there for my bloods.
    Total was 34.00 US plus the price listed for whatever test you choose
    little pricey but in my books its worth it
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    Privatemdlabs emails you a link after you make payment. The link is a couple of pages of paperwork which shows what tests you are having done and that you have paid.

    You print it out and take it to the Labcorp location. As others have said there are only one or two people working in each office, all they are looking for is your paperwork not your ID. In and out in 10 minutes or less. In my area test results back in two business days.