The day you start lifting is the day you become forever small

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    i think the gym pump makes us all keep chasing that "pump" look. like fk me when im in the gym i love what i see , i actually get so confident in my gains and how im looking at the gym but come the next day i feel smaller then i should because i want that gym look. I believe the bigger we get the more we want and its just a cycle that keeps repeating... I notice when i go from blast to cruise i notice how much i really grew on cycle when im off but when im on i dont really notice it but everyone else does! its strange....
  2. Chicken or egg is an important question. The psychologist I'm working with says that people with OCD are attracted to bodybuilding, but quite a few bodybuilders have told me they've developed dysmorphia because of bodybuilding practice
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  3. Yes it seems to me that the pump makes (at least some) people permanently dissatisfied
  4. You feel this way?
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  5. :D
  6. Yes I expect it is used much more liberally in the community than it is by psychologists, but I'm primarily interested in community use of the term
  7. You sound like you have body image distortion. When do you think that started? Before our after lifting?
  8. I think you may have a point as some guys tell me they grow/ mature out of it
  9. Thanks for your response. I suppose the question is can you be satisfied with what you have and strive for more, some guys seem to think self hatred is the only motivation
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  10. Completely agree. You can be satisfied and still strive for more
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  11. I'm not sure, I swear I think I look better than I actually do!
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    I can never get big because of my constant brojobs. Damn that burns a lot of calories.

    And when I was younger I wanted to be huge, and when you are bigger you do get some sort of respect.
    Now I only need to be better than other 48 year olds which is really easy to do. So now its a hobby that I enjoy rather than something I was so serious about before.
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    I answered this query in The day you start lifting is the day you become forever small

    There is more to respond to in that post. I am sure you were struggling with the anti spam filter when responding to these posts.

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    Denying is the first thing we would do though wouldn't we?:)
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    Most definitely.
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    I'm OCD
  16. Laughed so hard my daughter asked why. Um, not sure what to say
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  17. Do you feel that contributed to your choice to bodybuild?
  18. When do you think that feeling started?
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    Answer is no for me.
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    Perhaps....I think being an addict definitely did. I'm sure there were times where my OCD wouldn't let me skip a workout even if I felt like shit