The Depression Support Thread

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by eminem93, Nov 8, 2014.

  1. eminem93

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    Shit.. I feel like im trying to just deny my own problem
  2. pmac928

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    Once ou admit it you can start to get better. But for me it took real willingness. I've been to countless rehabs, prison, and finally I was just tired of being sick and tired. I was ready to do whatever was necessary to change. It can be done bro.
  3. eminem93

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    Shit someone explained it to me rrally well, all addiction stems from escapism, aka escaping reality. Hence, why im surfing the internet on my phone right now, im escaping reality.
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  4. eminem93

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    People aare addicted to their phones
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  5. BBC3

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    The Word "REALITY" FYI I have recently been informed is a MISNOMER with regard to WHAT IS US....!

    The word IMPLIES that it is OPPOSITE "SANITY". This is NOT TRUE.
    The word IMPLIES it is where you MUST BE. This is NOT TRUE.
    The word IMPLIES that it is SAFE. This is DEF NOT TRUE.
    The word IMPLIES that you must be there to successfully navagate Time/Space/Matter. THIS IS NOT TRUE.

    I have found that reality appears to have the most primary RELATIVE MEANING as to THE PLACE our PHYSICAL BODIES can be PHYSICALLY AFFECTED DIRECTLY by other SIMILAR MEANS.

    Thats about the nearest I can make of the word yet...;)

    The word I THINK you were searching for is that you are "attempting to escape GRAVITY". This is a philosophical term for a philosophical SENSATION.

    ** We attempt to escape MOMENTS IN TIME where THE "Gravity" of the MATTER is Too much to BEAR for just that moment and with consideration for ENERGY APPLIED...!

    In short. We are Bidding to BUY TIME....:)

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  6. Had580

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    Going to gym and work out makes me tired enough to think of many other things, and that prevents me from the depression.
  7. eminem93

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    Yes id agree with what you wrote here. Interesting.
  8. eminem93

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    Im running bronkaid/clen at the gym right now for the next few months on the stationary bike till my arm is g2g, its annoying because I get really bad heightned anxiety from the combination of the stimulants and my benzo withdrawal. So I have to dostract myself by watching a movie while I peddle lol.
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  9. BBC3

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    Yes brotha. I STILL agree with it too.

    The weirdest part is that while these are the same hands who joined here way back when and the same fingers a pecking. I HAVE NO FUCKING IDEA WHO IS WRITING...!! Some of this shit / I read it later / and for the life of me don't know how my mind arrived at the place where I constructed it, or HOW I did it.

    Lately, I am praying it will pass.... Strange dayz indeed... Strange dayz...!

    The proof of it all being the simplicity of this Beasty Boys Production. Look at it. how those kidz generated that freggin WHACK at that age... Beyond me...!


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  10. Beast11

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    I'll just post this here.

    I was with a girl for 4yrs and we inevitably went our separate ways a year ago. But lately I've been having dreams about her and it always puts me in a depressed mood. I'm with a new girl but I constantly compare the two and it makes me miss her more.

    You would think I'd be over her, but I am relatively young and I spent every day for 4 yrs straight with this girl. I can't get her out of my head and its fucking with me. Maybe I need to raise my ai lol
  11. jymis

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    I've heard it can take up to 6 months for every year you were with some one to get over them, this isn't uncommon. @Beast11 its pretty normal bro and it will go away for the most part, heck sometimes I catch myself missing an ex from years and years ago, emotions they are tricky sometimes.
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  12. pmac928

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    I caught my ex blowing my roommate while in active addiction. I put a hurting on dude and that gave lots of satisfaction tho the pain was great for a long time. It wasn't for almost 2 years later and Couple months clean that I had some goo pussy and all the hurt was finally gone. Today my ex myself and my fiancée are all friends.
    (Crazy as hell I know) but whenever I see her I can't take my eyes off her even when I'm with my beautiful future wife. These damn women take a part of us with them and they will always have it. You just have to learn to manage those feelings and know you split for a reason. Remember the good times and not the bad.
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  13. Beast11

    Beast11 Member

    Yeah, I definitely feel like a part of me is missing. I don't really feel like myself. i feel like I settled for my current gf just to take my mind of her. I can't really be alone with my thoughts anymore.

    On the bright side I've made the most gains in the gym this past year ha.
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  14. BBC3

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    Ahh, the Glory of the basking of the pain. A necessity as proof of we are not happy being happy. I got a pretty good idea Caesar did not start to truly enjoy slaughter until he had beat his own pecker BLACK AND BLUE...!
  15. eminem93

    eminem93 Member

    I would say women have caused me about as much problems as drinking.. I tend to get involved with psychopath hoes so my perception of women is fairly distorted.
  16. eminem93

    eminem93 Member

    One thing I learned though.. ur not really over a girl till u think of them one time and realize u havent thought about them in months, almost forgot that person ever existed. Than ur past it.
  17. BBC3

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    This is known as EFFECTIVE TIME TRAVEL MY FRIEND. Indeed... Warp speed and ahead Captain...!;)


    MANWHORE Member

    my son can always make me feel better
    and my sisters and mother but pussy is what I turn to for support..

    by pussy, I mean women of course..
    affection, sex.. sexual affection

    I like hugs and closeness..
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  19. BBC3

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    DITTO.!!!! And the best fucking drug on the planet.

    Also proof of the DEVIL. As why in the fuck would a woman EVER deprive us of this, and knowing the importance as to our family's success in life. MANIPULATION??? Maybe. But why not manipulate with some hot wet lovin. You know. The Kind they knew SNARED US...!

    The Devil walketh amongst us. Beware my friends...

  20. eminem93

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    You would like alex jones