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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by eminem93, Nov 8, 2014.

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    Yea believe it or not I never even heard of the guy tile Denoyez posted a pic in another thread recenty. He is a man who has apparently successfully expanded his consciousness and risen to great heights. I do like him...!

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    Since having a baby last December only pussy I get is at night. Sure it's nice waking up to blow jobs a couple times a week but it's def not how of used to be. The addict in me says I'm ready to seek other women but the rational me knows the insanity that comes
    With that. Fucking women. Love to hate them
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    And while I am on my soapbox, I will offer that WEAKNESS manifesting in not KNOWING how to be MEN anymore. Is simply a result of TIME. All the hating Devil possessed women that want to be men. Have now successfully CONFUSED US into now NOT KNOWING WHAT A MAN IS SUPPOSED TO BE...!

    Dig deep my friends. We are in dire times.. Indeed. The time is now to AWAKEN..>!
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    Look into "The Red Pill".
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    Is that a fucking PONY TAIL IN YOUR AVTAR..!!!!

    GOD DAMN...!!!! What is that some kinda fucking twilight zone for women that THINK they want a penis!!! You cant read that shit. Just gazing upon is a glance at the abyss and you know what that means...

    I am not that strong. i KNOW damn well that the ONLY Thing in the universe that can potentially kick a man's ass on the WRONG SUNDAY, the the DEVIL WOMAN/ESTROGEN. Cause she had play in our making.

    They do NOT operate by MUSCLES, but WILL ALONE. Thats is all you need to know abou them. IF YOU HAVE READ ANY OF THAT HORSE SHIT YOU ARE DAMAGED..

    God damn. I wonder if my wife has been going there.. That would explain a lot...!

    God Damnit



    Satanic SOB fuking SITE...

    Wheeewhh.... Just a peek hurt me bad. just a peek...

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    At Wings... I am not done with you yet..

    First, Which is it. you male or female. I apologize I see a lot of posts round here and really do not know..?

    So tell me please WHAT is your agenda..?

    Is there something you want from me?

    You will have to tell me what you are after before I could comment...
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    I am going to say this ONCE. i dont give a shit WHAT that site markets to be. It is designed to SUBJUGATE MEN TO THE WILL OF SICK WOMEN...>!!!

    Case closed...!
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    You know FIRST I want to apologize for that "off the charts response". Perhaps I did not understand where you were going.?? Either way it was over the top and my bad.

    I researched the Red Pill and wound up at a site called Reddit. I quickly somehow discerned as extremely dangerous and subversive negative programming designed to belittle men. Did I miss? Was the the right place.? Did I just see a couple of the wrong threads as an opener and not give it a chance.?

    Sorry, but a spade is a spade so I ALWAYS called em QUICK. And just my first impression of that site. But I also realize maybe you were not ever referring to this.

    Please explain for me the concept of "The Red Pill" and what I am missing.

    You have most my sincere and humble apologies... Fer now...!!! :D:D:p;):):)

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    First means first, get back on your meds man. I don't know who let you off them, or why but you certainly are oblivious to the stupid shit you say, and while your rants tend to be at times humorous, you should understand that
    I laugh not at what you're saying in your typed out vomit, but I laugh at you and all your stupid beliefs that are so far off it is almost sad. Insofar as my AVI, if you need to know it is of an Aztec warrior, and since I descend from the natives of Mexico I'm proud of it no matter what shit may flow from your facial orifice or what you think of the . But in the same vein, I could ask you why you have that sick Russian piece of shit 'monk' as you're avi? I mean the guy was as far away from God or goodness as he could get yet called himself a Christian monk lmao.

    As far as the red pill goes, while there tends to be lots of negative energy there, I know for a fact that a lot of the shit they say is absolutely %100 true. I have seen women treat me like shit, and I have seen how my mother treated my father once she broke his will and confidence. But of all the things I take from the red pill, it is that we have to create our own paths as men , and literally learn how to be men, since most 'fathers' themselves don't know how to teach their sons to be men in this day and age. And because no matter what you're mind wants to believe in regards to love and women, ultimately the fairytale of love is just that, a fairytale. You and you're wife were no exception to this rule, and neither will you're son, or his son be an exception to the rule...
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    again, your really either extremely sick and likely have slight autism ala Jason Genova or your just seriously fucking stupid and worthless, much the same as you guessed it, Jason Genova.

    But yeah, you're not sure whether I'm a 'man' or a 'woman' yet I have pictures of me on meso, as well as videos of some lifting PRs and yet all you have is a sad picture of that sick and deranged cunt Rasputin...maybe if we are all lucky you'll get killed off like the sick son of a bitch did, and they cut your dick off too, just like your Ruskie idol Rasputin..lmao :D
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    Well then .. I see apology not accepted.. Did that make ya feel any better.

    So you are what I KNEW YOU ARE>

    That information over there IS POISON. You are poison. A spade is a spade. Just enough please.

    I will offer you one bit of important advice That POISON OVER THERE IS THE MOST POWERFUL BRAND. It fools you to enter under a premise. It presents as slightly OFF, obscure, or different, BUT IT FROGS YOU IN THE ARSE OF THE BACK OF YOUR MIND ALL DAY LONG.. Next thing you know you are strapping your cock back with duct tape and wondering what just happened. IF... YOU Are lucky...

    Good luck to you and yours...! Apache I wager. My wife being Comanche I have seen this brand of SCORN...!


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    I have a headache this morning and you have no idea what you are talking about so go fuckoff.;)
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    Ok, Ok fellas, take a deep breath. Relax a minute. This thread is suppose to be about helping people with depression. Were getting of the subject a bit. Depression is a serious matter. I'm diagnosed with depression, anxiety, and PTSD. I really recommend seeking professional help. Trust me when I tell you, it does get better. It just takes some patients on your part. Good luck, and if anyone here ever needs to talk, please pm me.
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    Lol you two are a couple of fucktards for real....and bbc it finally makes sense. I mean I've had a feeling you were a closet homosexual from all the woman hating in you're threads and going on and on about how your wife, your dearly beloved wife was slobbering all the knobs on your block except yours lmao bruh you love the dick and so you projecting it unto me to make yourself feel better. Lol tell me bbc do you have your cock strapped back with duck tape? Wait I already know the answer haha damn queer

    How bout this little gem
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    LOL - Well I can stand the Criticism...

    After all, we are a TOLERANT, kinder, folk over here @ MESO...

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    @ WIngs. Really - I did not intend to hurt your feelings. I WAS expecting somebody else..! Honestly, I have been a bit paranoid lately, and my initial response to you was multi-pronged as test and probe sorta speaking. I have been TOO BUSY around here lately. I was thinking what not turned out to be. So that was all that was. I am serious about my business in "Anti-Sedition". I thought other. I missed bad. MY BAD. My powers are diminished these days under heavy moments of SPIRITUAL TAXATION incurring.

    It really does not sit well with me to have ANYONE out there with that much negative feeling about me. ( I just play rough some timez is all). I am bigger than that at this point in my life. And UGLY only begets ugly, Pain passes around like poison. It was a tool is all. Don't get sucked into that Demon which I summonzed PLEASE. I realize now that I DO NOT KNOW YOU. So really brotha. It don't make a hill of beans in the REAL World if ya want to run around with hate over it. But don't do that to yourself. I will not be responsible for bringing anymore HURT into this world.. To ANYONE. YOU - Are Spiritual Youth as detected. TAKE THIS ADVICE IN GOOD FAITH IS ALL I ASK...

    So that is as Sincere as the BBC3 gets. I do hope you will accept.:)

    What you picked up from the negative remarks I made at the site and You (In my probe), was not "Sexual" in a concrete sense. I see you have been reviewing some of my work here. You WILL FIND I am an open book as I believe an OPEN DOOR POLICY is always the best. At least as open as we can AFFORD the RISK in today's insane world.! I DO USE Sexuality in a LOT of contexts, however, and to each his own really..! It is not only a HOT Topic. But a RELEVANT TOPIC as the ROOT of LIFE/SPIRIT/SOUL - This REALITY... The concepts which I referred are of context FAR BEYOND as persons physical sexual preference - And to each their own there.;)

    FYI, it is true though, I DO NOT LIKE the initial vibe I get from that site. Don't know how else to say that. The Association I made TO YOU was part of the PROBE. I did mean that it does have some kind of ultra-subversive feel that I detected. Also I see there are other vectors leading in there these days which I realize somewhat POSSIBLY debunk my spider senses. So thanks for the lead. I will keep it open in mind as to what comes down the road as I do any. I will let YOU KNOW should there be some legitimized reason that I ever intersect the place again, and fell like my the negatives I picked up were correct. I really don't know though. There are not many other places that I spend much "Quality Time", at least as compared to here.


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    May be some fucktards correct among many other names but dont have to get all fagtech and get the butt puckerd up and all... just say"Hey" ! FuckOFF Too ! And grin..and have a nice day.
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    Well I am trying to be bigger theze days. So I realized I was a bit hot early on that one. I did try. That's all I can do..

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    So true we call that a functioning addict you learn when you take the kpac exam that's a certificate that you can help any type of addict there are so many most ppl don't know there addict clepto depression drugs most are addictive to making are bodies reach and break our peak potential
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    Yo this thread aint about arguing.. focus of the thread is depression support and gettin toward happiness.