The destruction the US created in the Middle East

Discussion in 'Political Discourse' started by Roco Bama, Apr 16, 2019.

  1. Roco Bama

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    How great Iraq was under dictator Assam Hussein

    How great Libya was under Gadaffi

    How peaceful Syria was before under dictator Asssad

    these 3 Arab countries were free of terrorism before the US invaded them.

    You can clearly see that the USA and alqaida/Issis are 2 sides of the same coin
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  2. T-Bagger

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    I’ll agree with Khadaffi and Assad but not Hussein. He was a tyrant and an evil man to his own people and his sons were even worse.
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  3. johntt44

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    A woman I know couldnt even go to her 92yo grandmothers funeral in Syria and neither could her dad. They were heartbroken. She showed me videos of her family from 12yrs ago and Syria was beautiful. They were all happy, funny, and laughing all the time. Now most are fucking refugees and she sends them money all the time to help. The human toll in these wars is just sad no matter what anybody says. Shes half German, half Syrian and one of the nicest people I've ever met.
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  4. Roco Bama

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    Sadam held Feuding tribes together. Only a dictator can keep the Middle East stable.
  5. Sp2.0

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    It's great to be an American.
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  6. rpbb

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    Yeah, be even better when we stay the fuck out of other people's business
  7. Sp2.0

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    I'd prefer we did but the fact is we don't. Since we didn't I'll shead no tears for the dictators we killed.

    Us being compared to alquaida? Fuck that noise. Im sure they were beautiful places and they all lived in gingerbread house until we showed up. I doubt the ones being gassed or killed because of their tribe shared the views of joy.
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  8. master.on

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    Arabs were constantly fighting each other even before the middle ages, long before the USA even exist as a country.

    They keep each other at bay, kinda microbes in your gut.
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  9. rpbb

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    Try reading a history book dipshit
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  10. What day are you moving? Or should I make travel arrangements for you...
  11. TenPin

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    No point ... it’s a war torn wasteland devoid of any basic standard of living , healthcare or commerce since they were “liberated” .
  12. Jspd

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    I wonder if the Americans who view themselves as freedom bringers, actively engaging in other countries realize they’re terrorists in the same regard but they’re fooled into fighting for oil instead of religion.
    By the same token I wonder if all the Americans clamouring about immigrants and migrants realize that these countries suffered from US foreign policy destabilizing their countries for profit under the similar guise of “helping their people”

    We all pay for our sins... you can’t call it terrorism because what went around is finally coming back around and now the blood is being spilled on your soil.
  13. Jspd

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    America: the land of Freedom of speech ...unless someone says something that makes you feel uncomfortable about your bullshit political views so you cry like a little bitch.
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  14. Jspd

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    gingerbread houses lol... flint Michigan, Detroit Michigan, parts of the appalachia, and mass shootings every other month: United States is no paradise. We’re living in a “s-hole” country too.
  15. Pretty cozy with my feet kicked up, dont give a fuck who I stepped on to get here. You want it come take it, the view's nice. Otherwise there is the door :)
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  16. Jspd

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    It’s usually this smug attitude that’s followed by something extremely fitting as far as karma goes. I love that once confronted with the truth (that it’s actually just greed, power grabbing & doing whatever it takes to benefit ones self) that Americans drop the altruistic freedom fighting Christian front they’ve been putting up to the rest of the world.
    Americans have no line. There’s no scrapping the bottom because you people continually define a new low. Enjoy this attitude while it lasts. Like I said- everyone pays for their sins :D
  17. flenser

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    Ha, if only that were true.
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  18. Roco Bama

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    The thing is that the US spent triple the amount of money they stole from the Middle East by funding isis/ rebel groups to destabilize the Middle East. I don’t even understand anymore what is the US agenda in the Middle East.
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  19. Jspd

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    thats the thing about greed: sometimes it clouds better judgement- but mostly they weren’t counting on the groups they funded to fight their wars for them to turn on the US and start fighting them as well.
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  20. T-Bagger

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    To destabilize it and provoke them all to unite to start the ultimate jihad and usher in their Mahdi, which leads to a one world government.
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