The good, bad, the ugly of AAS.

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    Well, I am about 4 months off my last cycle of Test e, primo, deca, and Anavar. Had amazing results and now I got results of my blood test and my test level was 320. Before my first pin it was 560 at 35 years old. This is my 5th cycle and never did crazy amounts but trying to keep a competitive edge.

    So, 1 thing I have noticed that my sex drive has never been the same since my first pin. Having sex without a bunch of test in my system isn’t nearly exciting. No problems getting hard, just don’t enjoy it as much.

    2nd thing is when I am off I am generally not as happy as when I was “on”.

    3rd is weight gain when you have low test.

    4th is what are going to be the repercussions of my actions in the long run. Is it worth it? What’s the end result? Am I doing irreversible damage to my body?

    5th is workouts are never the same when off and when you’re on.

    In conclusion these have been the effects of my PED use. Wonder if I do another cycle if will be the one that my body says it’s not going to heal again? @hurricane has had a horrific story about his use and I feel many of us deny the negative affects it has had on us. When do the risks out weigh the benefits? Is it just that I am that vein I have to play this game? What will there be to show for it at the end of game? Just some random Monday thoughts...
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    What do you mean by heal? You have nothing to prove there’s been damage done besides testosterone on the lower end, and depending how many years ago you started there’s a possibility that your age may be responsible for the drop in T not just the AAS use.

    All 5 of your points are just comparing a lifestyle of high test vs low test.
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    When I say heal, it’s pct. It has pushed me to want to start TRT. I don’t like the feeling of being below 500T. Now I miss and dream about my next cycle everyday. No one could convince me it’s not addicting. Nobody wants to feel there age. Just got bloods and wonder if I have pushed my body to the limit. I’m glad I didn’t start at age 20!
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    I think your test levels start declining in late 30's (possible earlier if genetically predisposed)

    That's part of it man, it's our responsibility to know what could/will happen when we start this shit. Not everyone does but that's their fault for being naïve about life, these are the consequences of your/our actions
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    Maybe you were stressed, lack of sleep, or crap meal before you test (should be early AM for peak levels).

    It is after all a single test.

    Otherwise points are all valid. Some seem more mental than physical and a bit ignorance is bliss (ie never knowing what PEDs felt like). At the end of the day we all make our decisions and are held accountable.
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    Exactly! I wouldn’t think twice if I wasnt wondering if I was shortening my life. Question is, how do I take test and increase my quality and longevity of my life? Can it be done? is it better than drinking, smoking, or doing other drugs? When I am eating healthy and training 2 hours a day I feel like a god. Am I just fooling myself?????
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    You go to a trt clinic and get a script for American pharmaceutical grade testosterone and you work with them to find a dose that results in a high enough TT reading that you like/are comfortable with and don't look back
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    What happened?
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    Well you’re intelligent in the fact that even if you had naturally levels of 1000 vs being on cycle at 3500: going back to 1000 you will still notice a difference.

    Like you said training isn’t the same libido isn’t the same etc. I don’t think a lot of people think this deep into it. I wish I was one a them because I know exactly what you’re talking about. Regardless I couldn’t give a fuck if libido isn’t the same. Training however is a different story. But even off cycle now my pumps are wayy stronger than before I ever cycled.
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    I assume it ain’t your first time running deca being its ur 5th cycle but nandrolone is notorious for killing your system. Shits in your blood for 1.5 years. The metabolites atleast. I think if you aren’t blast n cruising u should only use test dbol Anadrol but I’m still knew to this game it’s only been a couple years so who knows
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    Understandable, however my brother in law is a very reputable Dr. He has an idea of what I am up to. He has spoke to me about the liver damage and Ventricular damage he is seeing in patients that have abused these substances. Both my parents died in there 50’s from smoking so I always been a health advocate. Just wondering what complications has some of the individuals in the Meso community has dealt with from AAS use?
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    Deca is not ideal for someone who is cycling. Agree! I use it at 300mg per week as that is what I have found to give me great results from it. I believe less is more and have had amazing results with my cycles. Never shot over 600 test but I run my primo at 700.
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    He has a thread on it. Quite a lengthy ordeal but to shorten it up, heart failure.
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    No offense to you hurricane if you see this but @BigNattyDaddy look at his pic, he's a big boy.
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    @tengtren post some pics so we can compare and contrast
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    Of me?
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    Yes I think I have you beat. Look at these wheels!
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    I’ll keep this simple. 1-5 excluding 4 of your list is easily solved by trt. In regards to 4 of your list. bloodwork during the cycle and after. Gots to check your liver, wbc, gfr, lipids, metabolic panel during runs to see how hard your body is taking the hit. Then recheck 5-6 weeks after the run because of the heavy anabolic/androgens. To insure recovery of flagged items from mid cycle bloodwork. I’ve had my liver enzymes close to the 400’s but thankfully recovered in 35 days after rechecking. Long ago I saw a member here check and was in the 1000’s! Dude was oblivious and dr. Jim jumped down his throat, we all did for him to stop! Doesn’t hurt to stay on top of things cuz you only get one race car.

    As we get older we must be careful with oral stair rods or harsh oils. If you know it ramps the liver and kidneys. Keep watch.

    If your parents have heart problem be even more careful. Sucks to say but most folks with heritary heart problems pass them down the blood line. At 35 or 40yr Old never hurts to run a stress test on the heart and even a possible echocardiogram. I’ve been using for awhile off and on and my efraction(pumping out blood from the heart is a little low) was discovered during echo I believe. No blood line of heart attack for me. Can be solved by more cardio workout from what I was advised by the cardiologist but of course he blamed the hormones.

    Short version. Check your heart and health decently if your run anabolics. troponin Is a good enzyme to check as well. Indicator of heart damage or heart attack.
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    You've got my upper body beat too bud
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    Yeah I have always been a deep thinker. Reason why I don’t smoke weed. I am commercial real estate developer. When I am on and feeling great it’s crazy how much more shit I get done and deals I close. Or is it just a placebo affect?

    It would be interesting to here the struggles that many BB’s have had to go through because of there dope regimen.
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