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    I don't often forward many general links to other sites this limited to our topic, but I found the site very informative, as well as OBJECTIVE and MITIGATORY in nature. Their intent appears to be to educate drug use as pertaining to recreation, as well as medical use to some degree, as it pertains to SAFETY & HEALTH. What impressed me is the number of links they provide and ranging from other similar sites to clinical drug studies.

    Featured Drugs Articles - Drug Use, Famous Users, History, Myths, and Experiences
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    I was actually thinking in these modern days - the old "this is you brain on drugs" poster could be readily replaced with a short clip from the "Can ya Quack Like a Duck" video found around here somewhere.. ( I dare not watch again as I think it might be a perma buzz kill - LOL)....:)

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    this is a really good read with lots of links.
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    Are we talking bout the same thing. Cause my White Cat is looking at me kinda strange as I read on...?? LOL

    I tossed out some AMATEUR NIGHT OUT "Quasi-Drug Awareness" / Pretense to safe use - To clairvoyance in "Being Good Guide", and HEBSIE FIRED A NUKE...! :D;) The names look the same but/// So I am just being sure you see what Hebs Posted.. ??? Its some strong mojo...!

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    I just got back round to this...:eek:

    OK - So I am getting a look now and NOT even sure if I can HANDLE IT (just skimming the /peekin thru the door.....) That's some pretty hard core NOTION.. Now if you could send me so-O-DAt-4-MI-KadderAKz... I will be much obliged.. This will take a while... And the bad news is that I My BRAIN CALLED the other day and informed me IT MAY BE LOCKED....

    I would like to know more of the premise if you have any links to some primers. The scope is just too broad to efficiently uptake in time avail... It has the flavor of something I stumbled on a few years back/ and its amplified now if so. Maybe not. I'm kinda tired now and not firing all cylinders... But good stuff indeed..

    I'm SO Painfully SIMPLE....>!

    I MEAN - IT READS LIKE A CYPHER ENCRYPTION which I Guestimate that If I read each page in order correctly, would very well UNLOCK something in my brain. If it were possible. Like some sort of CODE with a mission MORE THAN Hypnotic..?!? A few pages and sets of words from each and I just really cant explain what it is I am sensing... The writing is EXTREMELY ESOTERIC In nature I suspect - I fear I am not worthy...

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    youre a smart guy. and i like to think im a smart guy, but sometimes your writing confuses me :).
    the links are pretty interesting. theres a lot to read. the project seems ambitious and im not sure of some of the implications.
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    This will keep me occupied for a while, Thank you :drugs:
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    the question seems to be which drugs. and it goes beyond just drugs.
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    As long as you are clicking on the LINK which he provided - this is the profound one. I was merely making sure you did not see mine first and then apply his POSTED ITEM to the context of your review and discussion. They are apples and oranges...:) Its some hard core stuff..:)

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    they are both good links.
    hebsie's link is on a different level though.