The HAMMER strikes again....

Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by biggerben69, Oct 26, 2016.

  1. biggerben69

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    Well....Hammer has struck again. Another poor soul is sitting in the hospital as I report this with a ruptured cyst. It's playing out on ASF. I've gained a measure of respect for Heavy Iron as a mod. He smashed IA for faking SIMEC reports and he has his mods about to jack up Hammer for being a scum bag.
    Hammer is putting the onus on the user of his shit gear. Says the guy has no business running gear. Told the injured party that his being a recovering drug addict is half the problem. Says the tren mixing with the 10 to 20mg of methadone is what caused the infection? WTF?
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  2. Same Hammer same dirty gear . Hopefully guys here will trash anything they got from him . Thanks BB69...;)
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  3. Les

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    The unfortunate thing is guys will still order his dirty gear. It is good to see the mods getting more actively involved over there. Sherks on the front line calling his bullshit.
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  4. CeymoreButtz

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    Good Looking out Ben.

    All of you guys sitting on the sidelines reading everything we write to make decisions on their orders should think about this. There is a reason we give sources like Hammer so much shit, they are harmful to our community. It may seem like guys are going overboard at times, this is why. We have seen the harm fly by night GREEDY sources cause.

    Hammer was a red flag from the start.. And then those fat, stay puff biceps.... Whew.. What a fuck up..
  5. MindlessWork

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    About time there are people over on other forums waking up to Hammer the scammer. Sucks that user got bitten by this and hope Hammer gets hammered on every board.
  6. benchyourmom

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    He needs @Throwback and @Ironball over at ASF to defend him because I'm sure His gear is g2g! SMFH!
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  7. Casca

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    I keep forgetting not everyone ventures out, I do to have a broader understanding, half the time coming acrossed fucked up shit.

    He has been a sponsored source there for QUITE AWHILE.

    It is important for membership to b made aware of such things.


    The Green Machine
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  8. ickyrica

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    Ass clown. giant fucking ass clown.
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  9. Ironball

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    Never ordered his shit and only heard about this lab a few days ago cause iam never really on this thread anymore. But nice try man. I use reputable sources like darius, and only 1 ugl. Your bashing the wrong dude. After all you and everyone else fell for this scam not me. SMH
  10. ickyrica

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    I didn't :D
  11. He's just saying, that based on a few of your posts and "likes" in the hammer thread, you gave the impression that you're sympathizing with sources like hammer. If I recall correctly, you also support the notion that one must try an UGL before having an opinion? Is this correct?
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  12. Spooby

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    I was enjoying the back and forth between him and @CdnGuy lol

    Hammer is a fuckin psycho
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  13. desertwarrior

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    Reading through that thread shows what a lying, condescending piece of shit hammer is. In the same 5 hour span he claims to be 280 14% bf and then claims to be 270 10% bf. claims that bicep photo was taken at 14%, are you kidding me lol. said it was 20 inches here says it's closer to 22 inches there. Dudes a lying little fuck.
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    HIGHRISK Member

    I have some free hammer gear if anybody wants it ;) its fire:D
  15. MassTurk

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    Send it to throwback he doesn't discriminate lol, he even likes his sons wife !!!! no limits homie right there
  16. MindlessWork

    MindlessWork Member Supporter

    That made my night alright. Good times!
  17. MindlessWork

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    And oh so FAT!
  18. Savagesteve

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    @biggerben69 good looking out brother! That pos needs to be brought into the light once again seeing as how his crazy ass came back to keep trying to sell dirty ass gear.
  19. benchyourmom

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    Literally start your leg on fire after quad injection! You can claim the puss infested wound is gains like Hammer does!
  20. CdnGuy

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    Thanks Ben appreciate the supporting evidence as to why many solid Meso members "Bash" the fuck out of these fools! thxs again ....
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