The HGH Debate, 2 videos 2 views, thoughts?

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    Saw these 2 very different opinions on HGH, interesting as they are, they both seem right or somewhat right. I am interested to see what you guys think thanks
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    I go with the later of the two. I've done Pharm grade and generics and I don't notice a difference at all.
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    I think for people like us that are on the boards regularly and have are ears to the ground so to speak , the difference between pharm and generics are pretty over exaggerated. Not trying to sound pretentious like im some super insider because im not by any means, but Im on the boards everyday and see what is testing well or what is garbage at any particular time . So when I buy generics I know more or less im buying a quality product , maybe a variance of a few % under or overdosed but never garbage . On the other hand 99% of people buying underground gh arent spending the same kind time on digging through the shit , and 9 outta 10 times are buying things because they heard from a buddy that buysteroids (dot)com has some super fire bestgh-tropins (obviously sarcastic but you get the point)....

    There are absolutely quality generics around but the amount a trash on the market just makes it hard to sift through to find them sometimes , and when someone does find a good generic people arent super inclined to share it with anyone because you dont want to end up with a meditrope situation where they cant even keep them in stock for a week after they restock ..

    But are the very best generics going to be as good as US pharma ... No , probably not consistently atleast . Thats that trade off though , cheaper kits , but you my end up with a 20% variance from kit to kit ...
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    This right here. I ageee all day long with this.

    First video I’ve listened to him before and it was posted by another member. Stated then, this guy doesn’t have a freaking clue.

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    Yeah he has another video where he claims all ugl gear is extremely underdosed , and if you dont buy pharma grade you dont have any way to know what you are actually taking lol .. Like as if pharma grade isnt highly counterfeited or anything as well smh ...

    It seems like alot of the guys dont understand the strides made in testing capabilities recently . If anything chinese raws purity is just getting better and better because with easy access to hplc testing they have no choice but to produce quality raws or the free market will devour them and a better source will take there place ... Hell 2 years ago ever single person ud talk to would say how primo was faked 90% of the time blah blah blah , but ive never seen a single hplc yet on AL or independently that showed primo being outright faked ..
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    Well I'm glad to see that everyone on this board are on the same page.
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    Ameen has some carved in stone credentials prepping IFBB pros for competition at elite level back in the day - and was their plug/source for all the good shit needed to get there.
    But seems like he's a little out of touch with current trends
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  8. Crackdown on human growth hormone instead leads to record sales

    Agree with all here. And unfortunately there is little motivation for a laxity in the regulation of pharm-grade as the pharmaceutical industry has been ‘cleaning-up’ with ‘legitimate’ HGH sales. The above is an interesting read, albeit from 2012, for those interested
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    Ameen says that is has to be refridgerated from ”the minute it’s made to the minute it’s used” or it would be rancid?

    Is this true?
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    I understand if you transport hgh through a desert it will be no good :)
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    If that were true every single gh serum test / igf1 test posted here and other boards would come back bad because all these kits are traveling here from china, russia , Ukraine ect. Under less the perfect conditions. ..

    Gh in lyophilized form is probably alot more stable than people give it credit for given that alot of good test pop up on these generics and even pharma coming from overseas... they definitely have the potential to degrade some from point A to Point B , but I dont think its anywhere close to what Ameen is trying to claim. Blood work and quantitative testing just doesn't back his theory up..

    Ameen is smart dude and has alot of valuable info worth listening to but this is just him talking outta his neck ...
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    There are basically 2 generics on the market worth using. Other than that, pharm grade is the way to go. If you have the money, then use pharm grade. If you don't then use one of the 2 generics that are good. I switched back to Serostim, and Norditropin Flexpro after using Greys, and blacks for quite a while, and from now on I will use nothing but Serostim or another pharm GH. I think the Greys were close to being as good as Seros, but then switched back to Serostim and Nords and feel way better, dropped water, much improved sleep, more energetic during the day, fuller, etc. I think the fillers have something to do with it, but no way of knowing for sure. I also feel there is a difference in potency from vial to vial in each kit of generics. If you look at the powder in a kit of generics, the pucks are different sizes, shapes, etc. Pharm grade, each and every single vial is the exact same, unless a puck broke in half, etc. This is my experience, I understand everyone is different, but for me and my body pharm grade is the way to go.
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    Hmmm I know at least another one
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    There’s one factor that often tends to make or break GGH quality and that is THE SOURCE.

    And by source, I’m not referring to the labeling, forum, board, community, or some gym friend “you” know and trust but rather ONE individual who is a part of, understands, is capable of and is willing to provide credible information about that GGH being sold.

    Of course many of these source qualifiers are relatively worthless unless the buyer possesses the fund of knowledge required to interpret the data being used to sell product.

    And since a reliable source takes several months to develop, novice inexperience and impatience has enabled “bunk” GGH sites to thrive.

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    powder is about 30 days with room temperature ok..