The hunt for a new lab for testing

Discussion in 'Steroid Lab Testing' started by Logan44551, May 9, 2018.

  1. Logan44551

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    Since analyzer is missing in action. I thought maybe we could start a thread, share ideas and possibly find a new lab for our testing needs. I've been searching on Google and haven't had much luck. Has anyone else found a lab for testing?
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  2. Steve84

    Steve84 Member

    I've inquired to Jano actually....

    Have a source that uses him for raws. I think I might send him some orals and oils.

    I know he's been criticized here, but he's actually pretty knowledgeable on testing.
    Just that trust that is the iffy part.
  3. Logan44551

    Logan44551 Member

    Yea I'm not sure I could trust him after reading about that whole debacle. He is also going out of his way to discredit a different lab energy control. Hopefully something will come around. Good luck with the test.
  4. Steve84

    Steve84 Member

    Where did you find he's going out of his way to discredit Lab Energy Control??

    I'm not sure what to think... It's kinda a hard one
  5. Logan44551

    Logan44551 Member

    Alibaba HGH just commenting on what I read. Check it out
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  6. Steve84

    Steve84 Member


    I'll be looking it up.

    I don't know how Jano can rebuilt trust but I can say one source used him to question Analyzer and it helped in validating some test results.
    I was overall very impressed with what he did and how he questioned Analyzer.

    But it's that lucrative thing, on what he did on meso and how he can fix his mistakes
  7. Logan44551

    Logan44551 Member

    Which source?
  8. Millard Baker

    Millard Baker Member

    For good reason. I would not trust energycontrol (at) tuta (dot) io because it is fraudulently using the company name of a well-established and respected analytical drug testing service in Spain in order to deceive customers and attract business.

    The real company is:

    Energy Control de la Asociación Bienestar y Desarrollo (ABD)
    Carrer de Quevedo, 2 bajos,
    08012 Barcelona

    Tel: +34 93 289 05 30
    URL: Energy Control

    Drug Testing Service | International Energy Control

    Email: info (at) energycontrol (dot) org
    international (at) energycontrol (dot) org
  9. Logan44551

    Logan44551 Member

    This means much more coming from you. Thanks for clearing that up
  10. Steve84

    Steve84 Member

    Pareto uses him for raws.

    He seems knowledgeable when questioning Analyzer that lead to the sample being retested. He has made mistakes though which is undeniable.
  11. Oldman.

    Oldman. Member

    Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice...... jano is a no. You get one chance not to be a lying piece of crap in this comunity. I won’t use him because he is the only one out there. I have three life rules and don’t get desperate is a big one. Every time I break this rule shit goes sideways.
  12. ickyrica

    ickyrica Member Supporter

    please excuse my confusion but can you elaborate for me? Is this jano that is using this or another testing facility? I feel like I am missing a component to this story.

    Thanks MB
  13. Logan44551

    Logan44551 Member

    It's a different lab. Jano has been attacking them for using a graph from a study and passing it off as their own.

    Energy control has it's own thread now as well. They claim to never say they were affiliated with the above mentioned lab in Spain.
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  14. ickyrica

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  15. Logan44551

    Logan44551 Member

    No worries!
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  16. Logan44551

    Logan44551 Member

    So looks like lab4tox is another option for lab testing. Pretty expensive though I didn't realize how spoiled we were with the analyzer.
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  17. Den84

    Den84 Member

    at lab4tox 100 eur for tab or oil
    And 300/400 eur for hgh. Price good in my opinion
  18. Eagle973

    Eagle973 Member

    Maybe I’m not reading the website correctly using a web translator but the two prices I see for non blood and body fluids are either PLN (polish) 325.91 or 184.50 which would be $88.12 or $49.89. That doesn’t seem too bad and the site also says full anonymity, which isn’t guaranteed true but it’s something. Not sure what shipping is.
  19. Logan44551

    Logan44551 Member

    I sent them an email asking about HGH testing specificly and they quoted me 403 usd
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  20. Eagle973

    Eagle973 Member

    Holy shit!