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    Whatcha got guys? And for the point of this how did you overcome it (rehab techniques) to get better. Hoping this helps for people with injuries to skim through and see if anyone here had something similar and can talk what works best.

    Got a shit ton myself and will add more later in the thread but I’ll start with the ailments of my everyday.

    Dislocated right ankle torn tendons that never got reattached, lots of dorsiflexion work and graston on the calve and the sole of the feet helped the most.

    Fractured 3 thoracic vertebra, not a whole lot helps with this besides decompression and rhomboid work to stabilize the vertebra.

    Torn right lateral quad, 5 months of rehab 5 days a week 6 hours a day. Did a squat everyday program after focusing on speed and slow linear progression till I was squatting what I did before the tear worked great would reccomend a squat everyday rehab program for anyone who needs to bring there squats back up after a quad injury.

    Current injury left knee blow out. Mcl&pcl damage and lots of associated injuries in the knee. Only 7 weeks out from injury date but currently trying to get the range of motion to pedal a bike and recently started to be able to walk without a cane in an immobilization brace for up to 250 steps and can walk 20 steps without the brace before I get too shaky. If anyone has had to go through a total knee and leg rehab hit me up would be interested to learn how you deal with the atrophy and how you retaught your muscles to fire again cause I can’t make my medial quad fire at all it’s been dead since injury and has gotten very small because of this
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    I had my left foot reconstructed and fused 4 yrs ago. I have about 15pcs of metal in it. My soleus is atrophied because my foot barely supinates or pronates anymore. Good news is I can walk/run normal and have no pain. A lot of physical therapy helped but it took a full year to be pain free.
    I had a knee(right) replacement 2 yrs ago and have full function and mobility after 3 mos physical therapy.
    I also have 3 pins in my right hip from a dislocation when I was 12. The funny thing is that this has NEVER hurt me. I have a slight loss of range of motion when rotating my leg out. None of these affect my lifting.
    My sacroiliac has been hurting for 2 mos and I haven't deadlifted, squatted, or done bent over rows since, which sucks. Im getting an injection in it this upcoming week. Ive been doing stretches and going to the chiropractor and it seems to help temporarily.
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    this is a time thing unfortunately. It has to heal more. I'm convinced mine would only do what my body could handle. I drove the pace with estim and lots of therapy but time was the biggest factor. Healing sucks because it's a time thing. Waiting is always sucky but muscle memory doesn't.

    Here is mine lol
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    Appreciate it man, I’ve been trying to be incredibly patient and I’m doing all the right steps. Not looking for shortcuts just wanting to get back to work so working hard at my Physio so I can get off of disability and back to the things I love. I’ve forgone the surgery for now in lue of Physio, I don’t have an MCL anymore but the surgery would make deadlifting impossible in the future and I don’t want that. How was cycling for you? Any troubles pedaling or hitches after the knee replacement? That’s my biggest worry with getting the knee surgery is a friend got it done but can’t smoothly pedal or ride a bike anymore which the idea of scares me
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    You had an accident of some sort, right? I think you posted about it. Thats much more grisly than my knee was!
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    Torn rotator cuff and bulging disc c3 and c4 if I remember correctly.happened last month on the 13th from a car accident. Shit is depressing to be honest.I can't work,I can't lift weights or even do cardio.can't even sleep from the pain so now i have insomia.also i get tingling and numb feeling in my fingers,elbow and also in my bicep
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    My cardio game has been destroyed. Any type of repetitive impact and the inflammation gets otherworldly. I can bike well, row well. That's about it. I was running half marathons prior to it and I can't get a 1/4 mile out before I'm hating life.

    Squating took a while to feel somewhat normal and I'm still battling issues up through my hip because of it. You're much more mobile than I am, way more in touch with stretching and being loose. I let myself get into a very tough position because I wasn't rehabbing correctly so that's why I have additional issues. I anticipate that you'll never get to that point.

    My rehab time was significant and I wasn't able to use any real weight or do more than minor stuff at PT and estim for around 6 months. That demoralized me. I got very depressed and soft. Wicked fucking soft lol.

    My take on it is surgery is a pretty tough thing to deal with but if you need it, you need it. Try to rehab it and avoid the knife but dont waste a bunch of years chasing something that is past the point of no return.

    folded the leg backwards at the knee, ripped the bottom cartilage off the femur. Assorted other damages but the lions share was the femur
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    Appreciate the info man really helpful. Ya I’ve given myself 6 months until I pull the pin for sure whether I’m going to be able to make life work without the knee surgery or if I’m going to have to give up deadlifting and sprinting for a stable knee. Worried about jogging too but good excuse for me not too it’s my least favourite physical activity
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