The lefties are coming for your pets next

Discussion in 'Political Discourse' started by tenpoundsleft, Aug 3, 2017.

  1. tenpoundsleft

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  2. MindlessWork

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    That's the wackiest notion I ever heard! Someone needs to put the crack pipe down.
  3. johntt44

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    Wouldn't turning all humans and their pets vegan create more gas? Duh, stupid libs. If you're eating fiber 90% of the time you're also flushing away more water from the toilets also.
  4. tenpoundsleft

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    Yeah, and they conveniently forget that veggies use huge amounts of water, and require considerable logistics effort to transport and cool in transit.

    But these are the same idiots who think a Tesla has a "zero carbon" footprint. Sadly they have the right to vote.

    Getting my cat and dog to eat salad.... good luck.
  5. XKawN

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    Libtards, especially Hollywood libtards, want laws passed, but think they should be exempt from said laws.
  6. Big_paul

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    Does anyone really believe this?
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  7. RealET

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    Veganism is stupid but you guys are dumb as fuck if you think vegetable production consumes more water than meat production.

    Meat production literally consumes 50x more water than vegetables.

    Cows pigs and chickens eat vegetables you know that right.

    Please find ANY study by any university that shows vegetables leave a bigger footprint than meat.

    Nobody is coming for your pets. If you read the study, they even said that if vegans are so concerned about meat consumption, then they need to switch to vegetable eating animals such as birds
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  8. flenser

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    There are sustainable farming methods that return and reuse most of the water consumed, but those methods are poorly suited for the subsidized mass production of both the meat and crop industries.
  9. tenpoundsleft

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    Edit : you mean like the corn farmers getting paid to grow a lot of corn for the ethanol fuel (gas plus ethanol blend) boondoggle?
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  10. ickyrica

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    I don't know about all of the stuff you guys are talking about but I do feel they are coming for my pets. There's large scale discussions going on in regards to banning multiple bully breeds locally. Out side of the safety of the few people in my inner circle under no circumstances would I let anything happen to my dog. I'd eviscerate the eastern seaboard before anyone take him.
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  11. tenpoundsleft

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    Just move away from blue states - and stay away from large bodies of water - moronic busybodies are concentrated there.
  12. ickyrica

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    I love that dirty water dude.
  13. flenser

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    Ethanol is one way, yeah. Sugar tariffs another. The corn lobby is very powerful.

    But I was referring specifically to water usage. If the government didn't "own" most of the land under which that water is taken, the cost of using the current highly wasteful methods would make them economically impractical.
  14. tenpoundsleft

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    US sugar tariffs go back to the founding of the nation, bad as they are.

    Water use subsidies? Not following? If you are want the feds to get rid of most public lands, ok, I'm with you. The price of water outside cities is fairly arbitrary, what specifically are you concerned with?
  15. Dw725

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    Cats, along with several other animals, are obligate carnivores. They CAN NOT SURVIVE on anything other than a meat based diet
  16. tenpoundsleft

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    Yes, it's cool isn't it? Cats are among few mammals that can survive, and thrive, on exclusively raw meat - they don't even need water, their kidneys are insanely efficient. Thus their stinky piss and shit I guess?
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  17. Dw725

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    Well, raw meat being around 70% water , makes sense they don't need much more water supplementation on that diet.
  18. tenpoundsleft

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    Well, yes, I didn't imply they don't need H2O - just that they don't require any external water source as long as they are fed raw meat.

    And no, it doesn't make sense at all to nearly all other mammals, we'd suffer renal failure if we tried that approach.
  19. flenser

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    The water under most of the Midwest is being depleted rapidly and permanently for all practical purposes. No one owns it, so no one protects it. You are correct in that the price is arbitrary, largely determined by government or its proxies, and manipulated for the benefit of those with political influence.

    If the price were set by the (non-existent) owners, the demand for permanently depleting the water would justify a much higher price. Whether it could prevent depletion is arguable, but it's certain a rising water price would make sustainable farming methods more attractive.
  20. tenpoundsleft

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    Yep, the tragedy of the commons - you need to get all the public land in the hands of private ownership, then the pricing mechanism will sort itself out.
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