the man arms that blew up

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by NOLOVE, Jul 15, 2006.

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    NOLOVE Junior Member

    looking for that video will someone please post it
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    Jaboom84 Junior Member

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    mr.nitro Member

    not that goof valentino again. mr.synthol.
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    abbott737373 Junior Member

    for a good resource for stuff like this(music videos, tv slips, and this related) ther is a great site called you tube. you just type in what you were looking for and a long list of similar videos appear. It is amazing and great for so many uses. You are all welcome
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    SprintR Junior Member

    A typical New York knucklehead is Mr Valentino :D
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    cinnabar8521 Junior Member

    That the one?
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    NOLOVE Junior Member

    Yes it is, thank you sir
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    Bob Smith

    Bob Smith Member

    Im a NYer and I resent that. Valentino is a complete douchebag. "It was the steroids that made my arms blow up." Suuuuuure. And I took my most recent vacation to Mars. :rolleyes: I dont understand why he gets any attention at all.
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    tanker913m1 Junior Member

    Valentino has some severe psych. problems. Just watching his home videos its obvious he craves attention either good or bad. Its despicable he went on tv to try to convince people it was aas that made his arms so big and disgusting then to tell the obvious truth he ruined himself with synthol which is by no means a steroid. The media gave this loser an oppurtunity he could not resist in his pathetic life. All he accomplished was to make himself look more like a fool and embarass the rest of us....
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    SprintR Junior Member

    Hey bro, chill out, I was just joking!!

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