The most effective GH protocol you have used

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  1. Mbell4377

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    Insulin can increase visceral fat accumulation also...
    One, two punch to extended gut...
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  2. Jaxino

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    1iu HGH pharma grade or 2iu HGH generic (Greytops) + 2-3iu Humalog before every meal.

    This is best protocol that will never give you insulin resistance or igf1 issues.
    It's pulsatile like how our body does.

    Another decent one is:
    Half HGH dose first thing AM
    10-15iu Humalog prewo
    10-15iu Humalog postwo
    Half HGH dose before bed

    Stop slin every 4-8weeks to lower insulin resistance and run Igf1-des prewo igf1-lr3 postwo (optional I will never spend my money on those crap peptides)
    Keep Dyazide on hand to get rid of unwanted water, use it max once a week.

    HGH without insulin is like wasting money.
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  3. jJjburton

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    How can you say that HGH without insulin is a waste of money?
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  4. I believe it's super high GH, tons of insulin and igf too. There's plenty of evidence that GH & IGF taken together cause potentially permanent organ enlargement. The intestines have way more igf receptors than everywhere else so when you couple that with 10-15,000 calories and enough insulin to force it into your organs, well do the math.
  5. amar7

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    EXACTLY my though. Also HGH increases the risk of insulin resistance, which than also can lead to extended body fat accumulation.

    @OT: My most effective GH protocol, was a replacement dose actually. 2-4IU and I had good results, but probably because I was deficient in the first place.
  6. JackTorrance

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    It's not good just for getting big though. It's good for anti-aging (even for younger guys long-term), maintaining good body composition, and for using WITH steroids to get better results from a cycle. I don't think many people educated on GH would use it solo to try and gain size, as you can get way bigger way quicker for 1/100th of the cost using AAS. I think people using HGH are mostly using it for benefits other than adding mass.
  7. master.on

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    Unless you're following a GH15-like approach to get onstage as fast as you can,
    I think a -relin peptide, even MK-677 might be a better, safer and cheaper choice at this early stage.
  8. JackTorrance

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    Yes mate quite possibly. I'm looking at peptides myself, simply because I only need effects equivalent to around 3 to 4 iu of exogenous HGH per day, and I believe peptides can do this safely. Black market HGH is iffy, too much fakery. I don't find the cost to be much different though, some peptide sources are very expensive... About the same price as a few supposedly real Genotropin pens (those imported Turkish ones)!

    Do you not recommend GHRP-2?
  9. master.on

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    IMO the first step is GH/IGF1 bloodwork to see where you stand.
    Second step: If you don't mind injecting, then GHRP2 is actually the best peptide. Leave MK677 to aging yuppies scared of needles.
  10. musclemoose

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    I wake up every day at 6am and blast 5ius fasted. Then an hour later i drink my whey protein & PB w/ prewkts supps shake and hit gym an hour after that. By 8am i am warming up at gym and then by 10am im home having my post workout shake. In 4 more months i plan on lowering the morning HGH dose down to 3.75iu and then taking another 2.5iu shot post workout. I think its really important if you workout in morning or early afternoon to time you GH blasts around your workout for optimal utilization with your shakes/supps.
  11. master.on

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    I say yes
    split GH dosage to 2 and preferably 3 times a day.
  12. amar7

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    Can you explain your rationale for this? I use 4 IU and sometimes am on the fence wether to inject at once or split, someone recommended to split even at 4IU. I have to add I weigh 180 pounds.
  13. A lot of people split/multi-dose for fat loss effects I think.
  14. musclemoose

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    Ive been just taking my 5iu dose in the mornings upon waking for past 8 months and have had excellent results (went from 10% bodyfat to 7% even with an increase in dietary calories and no change in actual bodyweight). Starting next month i will be lowering that morning dose to 3.5iu and then plan on taking another 2.5iu around 7-8 hours later. Going to see how that works out and will update the board on how it goes.
  15. 3ml

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    What brand of gh?
  16. musclemoose

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    Been using 5IU Meditrope Black Tops HGH in mornings. Will be adding in Kefei Biotech Blue Tops 2.5IUs in afternoons.
  17. 3ml

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    I love blacktops but they are almost impossible to get in Canada now
    Never tried the Kefei how come you don't just use more of the blacks?
  18. musclemoose

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    I had the kefei's as backups if the blacks ever ran out. Doesnt look like the blacks are ever running out and i dont want the kefeis sitting in fridge too long so going to just add them in and see what happens.
  19. 3ml

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    Roger that.
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    Brother are you planning to run slin workout days for 12+ weeks straight?!? You need to take time off the slin. Are you experienced with slin? I ask as i am and i notice substantially reduced insulin sensitivity even after just a few days of consecutive use. This is why alot of guys only pin slin 3x a week, and only fir a few weeks before taking time off, ideally using metformin hcl during the time off to help re-sensitize the body.

    Everyones different though but damn i get resistant fast it seems. I can judge my insulin resistance based on how it feels in my eyeballs. I know that sounds strange but whenever i pin humalog i feel it inside my eyeballs. I have no clue why. But i can tell how resustant i am by how intensely X iu of insulin feels inside my eyeballs.

    My resistance rises like this:
    Day 1 5iu
    Day 2 8iu to feel the same eyeball effects as day 1
    Day 3 10iu to feel the same eyeball effects as day 1

    If on day 3 i pin 5iu like day 1 i will not be able to feel it in my eyeballs at all. If i take a few days off and then pin 5iu i will feel it in my eyeballs again.