The Negative Effects Of Winstrol??

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by Wanderlei, Mar 14, 2009.

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    Wanderlei Junior Member

    I've been out of the game for quite a while (Approx. 10 years) and have been spending the last few weeks trying to reacclimate myself and research modern day advancements. I bought Ananbolics 9th Edition in an attempt to facilitate my efforts, to much disappointment, concerning the above subject. I've recently read on a number of boards that the use of Winstrol and its degenerative effects on tendons have been well documented, yet, it is not cited in the book. In fact, I was extremely disappointed to find that the side effects segment of each steroid profile was terribly generic - and lacked in compound specific side effects. The old school Anabolic Reference Guides and World Anabolic review were much more comprehensive in that respect!!

    Anyway, does anyone have any additional information on whether Winstrol compromises the integrity of tendons?? And would you be as concerned if taking HGH, as it has positive effects on collagen synthesis?!
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    bigbench Member

    Winny increases collegan synthesis, but doing so at the rapid rate, the body fights back by making the bigger tendons more brittle and stiffer. Thats why other compounds (such as deca and EQ) are better. They promote PROcollegan synthesis and does the opposite in fact. Now GH does have the ability to strengthen joints so they do offset each other nicely, but that is very dose dependant If you have just started GH, then you will still get stiff. If you have been on for several months, then you might not get any pain whatsoever
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    mugzy Member

    Haven't had any issues with tendons however what do you care if your going to get used steroids anyhow? Lets face it steroids are hard on your tendons as they tend to take longer to catch up to strength gains from the steroid use.

    Also in my opinion winstrol sucks and your real worry should be the effect on your liver. It also has a real uncomfortable feeling when you inject it.
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    KeepinMyGains Junior Member

    Winstrol is one of the worst on your lipid profiles.
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    steroid500 Junior Member

    Tell me about it, it feels like bigbench took an a-rod swing with a crobar at my leg!
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    groundNpound Junior Member

    BigBench summed it up well.

    In my experience Winstrol didn't make my joints hurt any worse or less. But I don't lift heavy when on it. I also have never played baseball while on it which I believe Winstrol could add to damaging tendons as far as over use injuries are concerned like pitching/throwing.
    Winstrol does give me ridiculous pumps; even when jogging/running so much that I have to stop and walk because if feels like my calves are going to explode.
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    MrSen08 Junior Member

    I agree with Big Bench. I have run EQ with every cycle just as I have ran Test with every cycle and I have not had a problem but I also increase my sodium intake while on Winny to offset the decrease in synovial fluid.
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    Wanderlei Junior Member

    Great post bro!! Thank you.

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